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True Lumen True Lumen Pro LED Strip Lights - Diamond White

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True Lumen Pet Products Aquarium Fluorescent Bulbs, High Output Bulbs, and Light Fixtures

True Lumen bulbs for aquariums and terrariums are brought to you by the world renown Current USA brand. True Lumen bulbs bring quality and performance to any aquarium light fixture or terrarium light fixture. Buy True Lumen bulbs for any Current USA light fixture or comparable light fixture!

True Lumen LED lighting strips replicate the inherent qualities of the natural light given off by te sun and moon, providing your aquarium inhabitants with the life sustaining wavelengths of light they require all in a sleek, low profile and easy to install lighting system. True Lumen offers high intensity, low heat and energy LED light strips in a variety of colors to suit any aqurium setup.

True Lumen High output Fluorescent lamps provide superior color rendering, replicating the sun's natural light at depth to stimulate optimum plant and coral growth. T% Hihg Output fluorescent lamps provide more light than T8 or T12 bulbs, with incredibly high color consistency and lumens per watt ration (that means more light for less energy!). Trust True Lumen's T5 High Output lamps to provide your aquarium with the very best lighting available.

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