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Tuff Collar

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Tuff Collar Tuff Collar - Hunter Green

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Tuff Collar Pet Products Dog Harnesses, Cat Harnesses, Nylon Collars

Tuff Collar pet collars by Coastal Pet Products offer a wide variety of collars and harnesses for every pet size and need. Tuff Collars are made of durable nylon and feature easy clip buckles for your total convenience. Coastal Tuff Collars are durable and are made of quality materials designed to last for life.

Tuff Collar knows that you need total confidence in your pet's restraint, and every one of their collars and harnesses is built to provide it. Tuff Collar nylon harnesses are among the most durable and resilient in the industry, providing you with the best possible options for keeping your rambunctious pet under control. Collars are essential for any pet; luckily Tuff Collar has designed a full line of collars that will not come loose, wear out or decay, while still staying comfortable for your pet.

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