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Seachem Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt
Seachem [11442-512306]

Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt

Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt is a chemically-sound blend of salts designed to replicate the natural environment of cichlids. It contains all physiologically essential elements such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, as well as trace elements such as iron, aluminum, and iodide.

  • Chemically sound blend of salts 
  • Replicates the natural environment of African Cichlids
  • Contains all physiologically essential elements

Contains no harmful or unnecessary ingredients such as nitrates, phosphates, arsenic, lithium, or cadmium.

Dosing: (by fish origin)

  • Tanganyika - 1.5 tsp. per 10 gallons (250 grams treats 160 gallons)
  • Malawi - .75 tsp. per 10 gallons (250 grams treats 350 gallons)
  • Victoria - .5 tsp. per 10 gallons (250 grams treats 500 gallons)

Directions: (All doses given for 10 gallons [40 L])

  • Tanganyika: Use 11 g (1.5 teaspoons).
  • Malawi: Use 5.5 g (3/4 teaspoons).
  • Victoria: Use 3.6 g (1/2 teaspoon).
  • pH Buffering: Seachem’s Tanganyika Buffer™ (pH 9.0–9.4) and Malawi/Victoria Buffer™ (pH 7.8–8.4) should be used to adjust carbonate hardness and pH.

Tips: Use when setting up an aquarium and when making water changes. To add salt to an established tank, base dose on water being changed. Do not use salt when simply replacing evaporated water. It is best to dissolve the salt in freshwater before use.

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