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8in1 Pet FerretVite High Calorie Vitamin Supplement by 8in1 Pet

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8in1 Pet FerretVite High Calorie Vitamin Supplement Description

8 in 1 FerretVite High Calorie Vitamin Supplement is a delicious daily supplement that is fortified with Taurine to help stimulate appetite and increase weigth gain for a healthy, happy ferret.

  • Delicious daily supplement for ferrets
  • Great taste ferrets love
  • Fortified with Taurine

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8in1 Pet FerretVite High Calorie Vitamin Supplement Customer Reviews

William, Moberly MO on 2011/05/06
Good Deal!

Good deal on the Ferretvite High Calorie Vitamin Supplement and my order arrived on time!

Bruce, Windsor ME on 2011/04/12
Reasonable Pricing

Very reasonable price for this product. Locally it was twice the price. Good company...good product at a fair price. Others (businesses) should take notice!

Cheryl, Apopka FL on 2010/08/15
My old guy likes it

My guy Sarge is 5 plus yrs old which makes him about 70yrs our age and he likes this a lot. He has adrenal disease and he gets this to help him stay nutritionally balanced, everyday he will come out and meet me for his ferret Vite he gets 1/2 tsp at 7am noon 5pm and 10pm as well as eat his normal food as much as he can. But it is the cutest thing to see when he comes and sits by me and looks up like come on I'm ready. Best thing for him and Ive seen a great change in him body wise and perkiness. Cant keep enough of this stuff in my house as my other 2 get it just as a keep me healthy.

Kat, Gig Harbor WA on 2010/05/28
Saved my ferrets life, seriously!

My ferret has lymph problems and has terribly swollen glands in this throat. The vet did what she could but surgery is not an option due to the age of the ferret and the size of the glands. He was losing a lot of weight and went down to about 1.5 pounds (from about 3.5 or more)--we started giving him this nutritional past twice a day and he loves it! Whats even better is that he has lived for almost a year now with a condition that should have killed him in 3 months or so. We use the paste as a booster to his regular food and have noticed that if we give him the paste first it stimulates his appetite and he will then eat his kibble. And, the paste is great to hide medicine in--he gobbles it up so fast that he does not notice he is getting dosed. I 100% recommend this product.

T.b., Charlotte NC on 2009/09/24

Our little fuzzies love the 8-in1 Ferretvitte so we knew we (they) would be happy with the product. However, it is the COST that urged me to order from L-N-T! I have found some of the BEST deals on the website (especially on pet products). I plan to let as many people as I can know about the great prices at L-N-T online!

Jennifer, Jackosnville FL on 2006/11/07
Great Ferretvite!

Ferretvite from this store is not only at a great price, but the little ferret guys love the taste. My pet was losing so much weight, but after having ferretvite as a supplement everyday for 6 weeks, she is now healthy and not a little bag of bones.