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Acurel F Aquarium Clarifier by Acurel

  • $10.99
  • Save $5 (49%)
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UPC: 842982000063
MPN: F50
  • $7.99
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Acurel F Aquarium Clarifier Description

Acurel F Aquarium Clarifier clears cloudy, polluted water within hours. By removing suspended particles that make your water dirty, it not only gives aquarium water that "just polished" look, it also greatly improves filter efficiency.

  • Clears cloudy and polluted water within hours
  • Greatly improves filter efficiency
  • Safe for all cichlids, freshwater fish and plants

Acurel F is made with organic extracts from renewable natural resources, and is safe for all cichlids and freshwater fish and plants. By removing suspended particles, it helps combat the harmful effects of overfeeding for better fish health. Enjoy clear water at all times!

Made in the USA.

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Acurel F Aquarium Clarifier Customer Reviews

Melissa, Moreno Valley CA on 2017/06/02
This stuff is amazing

I decided to try this to use during water changes since the water gets cloudy due to stirring up the gravel and when I clean my filters and change media. It says it clears the water in a few hours, however this cleared my water in minutes. This stuff is amazing, I'll never go without it!

Katie, Hope ME on 2016/02/20
Super Item

I love this item. Works as it should. Will purchase many more.

S, Gresham OR on 2014/05/06
Excellent Product

I bought this product for twice the price at a local aquarium store for my fish tanks. I used it after I removed algae/cleaned filters/did water changes. After all that, the water ends up really cloudy. You put the recommended amount of Acurel F in the tank, wait about 1 to 1-1/2 hrs and it makes the water crystal clear. I'm now using it in my turtle tank weekly when I clean/do water changes. Turtles are a lot dirtier but this still works well to keep the water as clear as possible.

Julie, La Grange NC on 2013/04/20
Works GREAT!

In 3 hours it's as clear as I have ever seen it. Great product, turn water a little purple then crystal clear!

Judy, Columbus OH on 2013/04/02

This product WORKS! I used it in my 75 gal tank. Cleared it up within an hour. I highly recommend it.

Kim, West Fargo ND on 2012/12/18
Greatest stuff around

I bought a used 75 gal tank, that had been sitting in a shed for a couple years. I cleaned it up, and then set it up. It was cloudy with in a few hours. It din't seem to clear up just get worse, even after water changes. I got some different things from the pet store, and it continued to get worse, I even took it completely down a couple times. People at the pet store couldn't figure it out. I was told I would just have to live with a cloudy tank. "Oh no I won't I will get rid of the tank first." I search the internet, studyed I couldn't find any answers as to why I couldn't clear up my tank. Finally I came across Pet Mountain and found ACUREL. I ordered a bottle. After using the recommended dose, I could at least see the back of my tank, I figured another dose would clear it up the rest of the way. It stayed the same. Again I ordered 2 more bottles. Since It is all natural I was able to use half a bottle the next time and finished the rest of the bottle the nest morning. My tank HAS BEEN CLEAR ever since. Now my daughters tank that has been set up for years got cloudy, but now I know what I need to do. Order more of course. There is no question on this great stuff. Thanks Pet Mountain for haveing the right stuff to help get my tank crystal clear with ACUREL.

David, King Of Prussia PA on 2012/12/10
Superior results

I don't use this product often but when I do it really delivers unparalleled results. I always keep a bottle around and so should you!

Castro, Newlondon CT on 2010/11/03
I have being using this for years, it woks wonderfully

We love it its the best in his category now my fish tanks are always sparkling clean.

Carol, Oakland CA on 2010/10/14
Love Petmountain site

I just recently came across the PetMountain site and I love it. I ordered two separate items and they were shipped promptly. They have excellent customer service and their products are superb. I will continue to shop from Pet mountain and I have told my friends that have pets to check it out.

Phil, Glenmont NY on 2010/06/22
Best Product I Have Ever Used

I cannot believe how well Acurel-F works! I have had a 46 gallon freshwater aquarium for almost a year and have constantly struggled with water clarity issues - my tank never looked like the ones in a competitor website website and they recommended one product after the other, some of which improved the situation but none of which completely cleared it up. One day, one of their employees took me aside and told me that there was a product named Acurel-F that they dont sell but if I could find it, he was absolutely sure it would work. I found that the a competitor website store in my area carried it so I went and got it - it was only about 4 bucks, much less than I had been paying for the a competitor website website brand water clarifier. Within two days, the water in my aquarium was crystal clear - seriously, it looks as good as any tank I have ever seen and the only difference in what I did was to use Acurel-F instead of the other clarifying products. It does exactly what it says it will - after almost a year of frustration, I cant believe that it was this simple. If you are having water clarity problems, I hope you will try this product - it is fantastic.

Jon, Allen TX on 2007/01/22
Works great!

We have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium. Being the novice I am, not exactly sure what types of fish we have.. other than 2 angel fish, 2 plecostomous (sp?, known by other novices as "sucker fish") and several "starter" fish (possibly lower aggressive Ciclids (again, sp?). We use a Marineland Emperor filter with dual bio-wheel. Unknown why, but our tank always develops an algae growth that clouds the water. Seems this type of growth is too fine to be caught by the filter and you may need some sort of clumping agent to make the growth thick enough to be caught. I tried several "fixes" (including chemicals, tablets, etc) that never worked well before finding Acurel. Acurel does the trick every time! I would recommend using the dosage as directed, but there have been times I've just put a few squirts in the tank and the water is all clear in a matter of hours. I have not witnessed any negative effects to the fish.