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Four Paws Allens Spring Action Scooper for Grass by by Four Paws

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SKU: FF18230
UPC: 045663182304

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Product Description

Allen's Spring Action Scooper for Grass by Four Paws is the final word in pet cleanup. Made of durable plastic with a wide handle for a comfortable grip, this revolutionary scooper allows for one-handed, sanitary pick up of animal waste.

  • Revolutionary spring-action scooper
  • Pick up waste literally single-handedly
  • Durable plastic construction with wide comfort grip

This model features a jagged edge for easy pick up in grassy areas.

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Michele, Bethlehem PA on 09-30-2015
All the prior reviews were dead on

Our order came quickly and with 3 70+ lb dogs it certainly has stood up to the test! My fiancee calls it the best present I ever got him!! LOL!!!!! Good quality & works perfectly.

Annie, Highland Village TX on 11-17-2012
My favorite scooper

It picks up the best of all the types I've tried over the past 10 plus years. Only problem is the curved handle breaks frequently. I use a torch to melt it back together and usually get a few more months use out of it, but the down side is that is a weak point in the construction. I keep hoping the makers will fix that, but if they do, maybe that will interfere with sales.

Michelle, Brentwood TN on 06-23-2011
My son thinks this is an AWESOME invention!

We got one of these to help with yard duty for our son's new puppy. It's easy to use and does a great job getting poops out of the grass. He is thrilled that it makes clean-up such an easy task. So far it's been durable, easy to operate and cleans with just a quick rinse of the garden hose.

Laura, Setauket NY on 10-03-2010
one handed poop scoop

I like to walk around the yard (2 acres) with a bucket in one hand and the "claw" in my other. The side with the teeth easily gets the poop out of the grass. The dogs are fascinated by this. This is a 1st one lasted over 6 years.

Rick, S E KS on 03-24-2010
Great tool

Great tool for dirty job!

Rick, Southeast KS on 02-04-2010
Does the job!

I purchased my house and previous owner left one behind. I began using it and was thrilled at how great of a tool it is for a not so fun chore. Easy to operate. Easy on my back. So once the old one got a crack in the handle (I didnt take the best of care with it) I had to get me another just like it. Great tool. Not real expensive. And durable enough. I am happy with this tool and its design.

Ellen, Floral Park NY on 01-21-2010

I have gone through better than a dozen of these...they do the job but unfortunately they don't last...they are constantly breaking.

Ed, San Jose CA on 11-25-2009

The one-handed Allen's Pooper scooper is a winner. One hand for the plastic bag; the other for the scooper. Our first one lasted three years - was always outdoors and exposed to wind, rain, cold, heat, etc. Finally a spring rusted through and we had to replace it. No problem. One inexpensive pooper scooper every three years is a good deal.

Bobbie, Houston TX on 11-11-2009
pooper scoopers

I love these items. You have fast shipping and the prices were cheaper than I can buy them for at Petco in Houston.

Don, Saint George UT on 11-06-2009
This Scooper is Great

A Friend of mine lost his dog and decided not to get another one; he gave me his (scooper). At first I thought that it would not work as good as a shovel, but I was wrong. This little scooper works great; I give this item 5 stars.

Silvia, Springfield VA on 02-24-2007
Really Good Price & Good Scoop!

this is a really good scoop for a good low price.

Robert, Southern Pines NC on 01-31-2007
Well Worth Buying

I am ordering my third Four Paws Pooper Scooper. Mine gets plenty of use both as a Pooper Scooper and as a great tool to pick up the hundreds of large Pine cones which cover my yard. The Pooper Scooper has been left outside with no weather protection. Once a year I put a light oil on the springs to help resist rust. Both of my scoopers have lasted 5 years, then somebody not paying attention runs the car tire over it. I can honestly say the tool is very reasonably priced, is a long lasting low maintenence tool. Even I, reported owner of two hands each of which have 5 thumbs can not mess up with this tool.Total comments: low cost, low care, long lasting and performs its intended job perfectly. The one I am ordering today should last until 2012, and then I'll be back to order again.