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API Ammo-Carb Activated Carbon & Ammonia Remover by by API

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UPC: 017163016809
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UPC: 688713087572
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Product Description

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammo-Carb activated carbon and ammonia remover mixes Ammo-Chips and Activated Filter Carbon to rid aquarium water of dissolved organic materials and ammonia, reducing dissolved toxins from fish waste.

  • Activated carbon and ammonia remover for freshwater aquariums
  • Keeps aquarium water crystal-clear and ammonia free
  • Helps promote fish health by improving water quality

Add Ammo-Carb to help reduce dissolved toxins from fish waste in your tank water. Ammo-Carb is phosphate free and works in any filter.

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Steve, Pensville NJ on 05-09-2013
Ammono Carb Great Price

This was the best price I could find on the net. My shipment arrived promptly and the product was exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend this vendor.

Jerry, Meridian ID on 05-11-2010
Great Product for Controlling Nitrates and Odors

This product has enabled me to significantly reduce the nitrate levels (end product of the biological cycle in aquariums). It does so by absorbing the Ammonia before it is cycled by the good bacteria in your tank. I have found my biological cycle stays intact, even with this product. The result is a healthier ecosystem requiring less maintenance. As an added value of removing the Ammonia before it can be converted, the reduction of nitrate build-up in the freshwater ecosystem results in a significant reduction in algae growth between water changes. For those who enjoy carbon in their filtration systems to remove odors and staining, this product provides a nice blend of Carbon and Zeolite. While it's certainly possible to run two types of media (carbon and Zeolite) I find this product simplifies media changes by combining both into one product. Also, the carbon contained in this product is of fairly high quality, and doesn't significantly dust like cheap charcoal based carbon products would. (Note: the nature of this product does NOT provide benefit in Salt Water tank systems)

Andrew, Brooklyn NY on 02-17-2010
Great item

I received this item timely, had it in the past, great item!

Geoff, Henrietta NY on 02-04-2007
Works great and good price

Ammo card gives me clear water and removes waste and ammonia