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API Aquarium Salt Promotes Fish Health for Freshwater Aquariums by API

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API Aquarium Salt Promotes Fish Health for Freshwater Aquariums Description

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Salt is an all natural salt, made from evaporated sea water, promotes healthy gill function, reduces stress and loss of electrolytes. Used to improve the efficiency of medications and reduce the harmful effects of nitrite.

  • Promotes fish health
  • Improves gill function
  • Adds essential electrolytesFor freshwater fish

As a General Tonic and Stress Reducer: Add 1 rounded tablespoonful for every 5 U.S. Gallons (19 L), or 1/2 rounded teaspoonful for every U.S. Gallon (3.8 L) of aquarium water.

To Enhance Tropical Fish Disease Treatment: Add 1 rounded tablespoonful for every 5 U.S.Gallons (19 L) of aquarium water. Note: Aquarium Salt does not evaporate, and is not filtered out so aquarium salt should only be added as directed with each water change. Treats up to 107 U.S. Gallons (404L) of fresh water.

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API Aquarium Salt Promotes Fish Health for Freshwater Aquariums Customer Reviews

Scout, Atlanta GA on 2020/12/09
Trusted to help sick fish

API is one of the brands I trust most for aquarium products. I keep this salt on hand for quarantine tanks, and always add this at a concentration of 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons, along with whatever other medicinal treatments I'm doing. I use a small jar to shake up the salt with some QT tank water before adding. I have plants in all my tanks now, and I no longer use salt regularly. Instead, I watch my parameters, particularly my GH, TDS, and KH levels, and only use added salt as medicine.

Erica, Richmond VA on 2018/01/18
Great for mollies

I always put a little bit of this in my tank for my mollies, they seem very happy. I haven't had any fish get sick yet but if they did, I would definitely use this.

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 2014/01/07
Great for my quarantine tank!

I have used API's aquarium salt for years and it has never let me down. I only use in my quarantine tank since my main tank is planted and salt will kill my plants. I use salt for its healing properties and also to naturally treat external parasites such as ich (with increased water temp). Make sure you have proper tank aeration when using since it can lower the oxygen levels in your water. This is a great product for freshwater tank onwers!

Kim, Atlanta GA on 2013/11/12
Great for ill fish

This is the 1st item I use when appear ill.

Amber, Cincinnati OH on 2012/07/20
Salt for a healthy tank.

I have Rainbows and a Molly. They like a little salt in their water so I use a teaspoon per gallon of new water when I'm cleaning and re-filling the tank. Check to see if your fish prefer salt though before adding it on a regular basis to your aquarium. This stuff can also be used for all types of fish as a treatment when they are sick.

Osiris , Bronx NY on 2012/02/21
Aquarium must have

Works perfect for water changes and treating fish diseases.

Thierry, Gaithersburg MD on 2011/10/04

Nice item

Christina, Keno OR on 2011/01/13
Works Wonderful

This heater was a really great price, the best I have EVER seen. It works perfectly! I am highly impressed.

Sharon, Pottersville NY on 2010/09/21
This stuff is great!

I breed fish and use this product all the time! It's great for repairing tattered fins or open sores and for distressing new fish. I highly recommend it!

Lloyd, Ypsilanti MI on 2010/08/05
Must Have Salt

Highly recommended for proper tank maintenance, don't even think of owning a tank without it.

Laura, Harrisonburg VA on 2010/05/28
Aquarium Salt - Great, but a warning for newbies

The API aquarium salt really helped me through a tough period with tank nitrites when I was cycling. One warning about salt - it can actually "recharge" some freshwater ammonia absorbing crystals/products. I made this mistake starting out. It caused the ammonia crystals to purge ALL of the held ammonia into the tank.

Barbara, Martinsburg WV on 2007/02/23
Excellent Product

I have used it for years, great for water changes, all my fish have loved it!

David, New York NY on 2007/02/13
Good product

Very good product to use for all fish water changes