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API Bio Chem Stars by API

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API Bio Chem Stars Description

API Bio-Chem Stars quickly establish the biological filter in aquariums, with 4 times more surface area than ceramic rings for rapid, massive bacterial colonization. They never need replacing and provide biological filtration to remove toxic ammonia and nitrites from your tank.

  • 4X more surface area for massive bacterial colonization
  • Quickly removes toxic ammonia and nitrites
  • Never needs replacing, will not break down or clog filter

Bio-Chem Stars are safe in fresh and saltwater and should be used for aquarium start-up and/or maintenance. Its never too late to start a robust biological filter and get your tank healthy! Specially manufactured from space-age polymers with a 50-70 micron internal pore network, they allow rapid oxygen and water transfer for maximum growth and health of beneficial nitrifying bacteria colonies.

Why Bio-Filtration
Biological filtration utilizes natural nitrifying bacteria to convert toxic ammonia into nitrate, a process known as the nitrogen cycle. These beneficial bacteria grow as your fish produce waste, establishing colonies on top layers of aquarium gravel or in biological media such as Bio-Chem Stars. Providing these bacteria with plenty of surface area on which to grow is an essential part of maintaining a safe and healthy aquatic environment.

Directions: Remove Bio-Chem Stars from plastic bag and rinse thoroughly to remove any dust. Place in the last compartment of your filter. Bio-Chem Stars will become colonized by bacteria within several weeks. Using API Stress Zyme will help with the establishment of the biological filter.

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API Bio Chem Stars Customer Reviews

Sky, Alexandria VA on 2015/11/13

As expected

Richard, Stockton CA on 2015/07/29
Should have bought more

Great bio media, should have bought several 20 packs, so I did. It filled the basket and helped get the ammonia down in my 75 gallon turtle tank, stays between 0.0 and 0.25. Beats ceramic media and bacteria populates quickly.

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 2014/01/07
I like these stars.

I use these in both my Rena XP3 (Filstar L) canister filters. In my media tray I use 35 of them on the bottom and then I load the top with fluval ceramic rings (500g). The combo works well together and provides a ton of beneficial bacteria for my tank. I have seen mixed reviews on these stars but I personally like the shape of them even though they are very lightweight, almost weightless.

George, San Angelo TX on 2010/06/22
Well established products

Pet Mountain is by far the best location for supplies for my aquarium and always have the best prices and quick deliveries.

Dean, Gustavus AK on 2010/05/24
Great product Good service!

My 50 gal tank is very clean .The Bio-stars work great. We can see the change it made in the tank. Rena is the best filter We have seen ever. Thank you for your fast service.

Ron, Trenton GA on 2009/10/09
Very Satisfied

This item(Filstar Bio Chem Stars) and the Filstar Micro-Filtration Pads both arrived as promised. Same with the Rena XP-1 filter which I ordered about a week or so earlier.Thanks to an excellent representative by the name of Denise. You're a good company to do business with. Both me and my fish are happy.