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API Bio-Chem Zorb Filter Media Cleans and Clears Aquarium Water Size 6 by API

  • $26.99
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UPC: 317163011089
MPN: 108A
  • $96.99
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UPC: 681541441592
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API Bio-Chem Zorb Filter Media Cleans and Clears Aquarium Water Size 6 Description

API Bio-Chem Zorb (formerly branded Rena Bio-Chem Zorb) is the most scientifically-advanced filter media available. Use Bio-Chem Zorb for sparkling clean water and healthy fish!

  • Removes organic waste, toxic gases, water discoloration, foul odors and phenols in fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Removes toxic heavy metals in freshwater
  • Bio-Chem Zorb will not release phosphates

Bio-Chem Zorb is a blend of 2 research-grade scavenger resins, 2 pharmaceutical-grade ion-exchange resins and high porosity activated carbon in a convenient filter pouch.

Directions: Easy-to-use pouch works three to six months, change regularly for clean and clear water.


  • Size 6 - Can be used on any aquarium filter including the API XP Canister Filter up to 55 gallons

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API Bio-Chem Zorb Filter Media Cleans and Clears Aquarium Water Size 6 Customer Reviews

Margaret, Waupun WI on 2016/01/19
Great product

Have used this product for years. Makes my aquarium water very clear. Really works!

Robin, Tucson AZ on 2014/09/30
Fish Filters.

I have 5 big fish tanks that are up and running. I have beautiful fish that my husband and I take care of. A LOT of work, but worth it. I had ordered $76.21 worth of aquarium filters for Fluval filters, Aqueon overflow filters, API filter media system (A lot of replacement filters for maintenance). That night my husband and I went to two other stores to compare prices on everything I bought and I was SHOCKED how much money I SAVED. Each store, I saved $65.00 on the same EXACT brand and quantity. I will always get my fish supplies now at Pet Mountain. Thank You. Robin

Scott , Cocoa FL on 2013/12/05
The best with the best

The best filter media (carbon) with the best filter equals clean tanks. If you do not own a Filstar Rena Canister the media fits other canister filters.

Deb, Mt Pleasant SC on 2013/05/21
The best

I have tried everything, but now I will never buy anything but bio-chem sorb because it is the best!

Ben, Owens Cross Roads AL on 2010/05/26
Makes the water nice and clear

This is the first aquarium I've had where the water barely even has that "aquarium" smell. Nice and clear water. One pouch lasts about 1 month in my 55 gal freshwater.