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API Test Tubes for Use with API Liquid Test Kits by API

  • $56.99
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SKU: AP032
UPC: 317163010327
MPN: 32

API Test Tubes for Use with API Liquid Test Kits Description

Replacement box of 24 test tubes and caps by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. For use in all Aquarium Pharmaceuticals water test kits where the original tube has been lost or damaged.

  • Includes 24 glass test tubes and caps
  • Use for Aquarium Water Test Kits
  • Use when original tube has been lost or damaged

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API Test Tubes for Use with API Liquid Test Kits Customer Reviews

Scout, Atlanta GA on 2020/09/06
Identical to the tubes that come with the API master test kits

It's good to have these, because with more than one tank, it was getting to be time-consuming to test each tank individually rather than collect water samples from all and test each tank's samples at the same time. I also found a pretty good hack for holding these, making sure the samples don't get mixed up, and drying them when done: I found an acrylic lipstick holder with a drawer underneath the lipstick compartments. They are 4 rows by 6 rows, and work perfectly for my 6 tanks which require 4 water samples each time I test. How perfect! The lipstick holders prevent me from accidentally knocking the samples over, which happened often when I was trying to line them all up on the table. If I knock one that's been placed in a lipstick holder, it merely tips inside the confined area and doesn't spill a single drop. When I'm done, I rinse the tubes and caps and put the tubes upside down (tilted) to dry, and the caps all go on a paper towel in the drawer to dry. So far I haven't broken any, but at this price, I'm considering grabbing a second pack of these.

Lee, Auburn IN on 2015/03/03
Must have

This is a perfect replacement or set if you need extra test tubes.

Liz, Richmond VA on 2013/11/01
A Necessity

i always have to extra supplies when dealing with the tank.... this was a great idea

Glitched, Independence MO on 2012/12/31
Awesome for multiple tanks or replacement tubes

These tubes are the exact replacement for the API test tubes included in all of there test kits. I ordered these to replace a few tubes that I broke. BTW you will break tubes at some point in time its only a matter of time. The amount of tubes included also allows you to take multiple tank samples and conduct tests on them faster. Great buy!

Scott, Jesup GA on 2012/12/03
Was exactly what I needed

I ordered these since I dropped my original tubes on concrete. I was not sure if they were identical but when they arrived, they were. These, hopefully, will last me for quite awhile!

Robert, Syracuse NY on 2012/02/18
Great Service - Fast - Well packed!

I bought these for various duties around my several tanks. They were brand new, packed in 3" of bubble wrap, and in an oversize box. They are glass tubes so in my opinion they were well insulated from shock and mishandling. My order shipped the next day. Couldn't be happier!

Al, Portsmouth NH on 2007/06/11
API Replacement Test Tubes

I use the API liquid pH test solution for my aquariums. The only problem is that I drop the test tube and they break on the cement floor. If you use any API liquid test you must have extra test tubes. The API Replacement Tubes apply to all API liquid tests.