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API Filstar XP Canister Filter by by API

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  • $253.99
  • (55%)
SKU: AP720
UPC: 017163007203
MPN: 720
  • $327.99
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SKU: AP721
UPC: 017163007210
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SKU: AP722
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Product Description

API Filstar XP Canister filters (formerly Rena XP Canister Filter) offer whisper-quiet operation, provide highly efficient 3-step filtration, and are ideal for many types of aquariums, including fresh and saltwater systems. 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Includes canister filter, tubing, motor, impeller, Chem-Stars, carbon bag, foam pads and micro-filtration pad
  • Efficient 3-step filtration: chemical, biological and mechanical

This popular canister filter features a wide range of benefits to the aquarium enthusiast including a multi-stage, by-pass free system and guaranteed self-priming, unique "anti-airlock" system. It features strong flow rates, a large media capacity and elegant design.

Easy Installation:
- Inlet tube with adjustable height
- Modular outlet system allows customization to any set-up
- Inlet/Outlet can be used together or at opposite ends of aquarium.

Filstar XP Filters provide Maximum Performance:
- Large area for filtration media with separation grid allows for three stage filtration:
Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical
- Bypass flow through design ensures optimal flow through unit, not around it.
- Low speed flow through filter allows maximum contact time with media
- Unique sediment collection chamber for removal of solid wastes
- Anti-Airlock automatically expels trapped air in the filter when starting unit

API Filstar XP S - (Formerly Filstar Rena XP1):
For aquariums up to 45 U.S. Gallons
Flow rate output to 250 GPH
Maximum Water Head - 47" (1.2 m)
Power Consumption - 18 Watts
Dimensions - 9.5"L X 8.5"W X 10"H

API Filstar XP M - (Formerly Filstar Rena XP2):
For aquariums up to 75 U.S. Gallons
Flow rate output to 300 GPH
Maximum Water Head - 55" (1.4 m)
Power Consumption - 23 Watts
Dimensions - 9.5"L X 8.5"W X 14.75"H

API Filstar XP L - (Formerly Filstar Rena XP3):
For aquariums up to 175 U.S. Gallons
Flow rate output to 350 GPH
Maximum Water Head - 63" (1.6 m)
Power Consumption - 28 Watts
Dimensions - 9.5"L X 8.5"W X 17"H

API Filstar XP XL - (Formerly Filstar Rena XP4):
For aquariums up to 265 U.S. Gallons
Flow rate output to 450 GPH
Power Consumption - 31 Watts
Dimensions - 13"L X 9"W X 20"H

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Customer Reviews

Thomas, Orange CA on 2017/02/21
It finally broke!!

After only 9 years! What a great purchase! I had the large size on my 135 gal tank. Worked better than ANY OTHER canister filter I've owned. Quiet running and does an outstanding job. I purchased another one, can't argue with success. My only hope it that the new one will last another 9 years ... yeah right ... LOL !!

Carole, Hugo MN on 2015/07/14

I purchased an API Rena Filstar XP Canister Filter in July 2015 for my 75g tank. The delivery was amazingly fast. I had 2 other filters (not an API) that had taken hours to set up due to crazy directions. I assumed this filter wouldn't be any different. I was pleasantly wrong. The API was a breeze to set up. The directions were right on and easy to follow. The filter runs so quietly I'm not sure it is even running without feeling it. I am very happy with it and would buy another if I needed a canister filter.

Scott, Gallatin TN on 2015/06/23
Great so far

So far really good. I could not find any more benefits in the higher priced units. I just wish Pet Mountain was a little more competitive on the price as opposed to Amazon. It seems to be built very well, just hope it holds up for years. I ordered extra gasket sets cause on any canister filter they will eventually leak.

Bob, Estero FL on 2014/12/16
Better than expected

The Rena Filstar XP was ordered for a turtle tank. I had been using multiple filters prior to this with poor results. I replaced 2 filters with the Rena and the results are excellent. The Filter was competitivly priced with free shipping and delivered in a timely fashion

Carmine, Staten Island NY on 2014/08/28
Highly Recomended

Very happy with the performance of this filter. I had brown/yellow water. This filter in 24 hours cleaned my biocube 29 gallon tank. I am very happy with this purchase. PS...this filter truly is very quiet.

Jessica, Dexter MO on 2014/07/29
Great XP3 Filter

The XP3 Filter made my red eared slider tank look so clean. It cleared the water up within an hour of being plugged in. Setup comes with everything needed to get started. The package does not come with the spray bar. The jet was not used in my tank, because it was too strong on the surface of the water.

David , Lancaster OH on 2014/06/29
What a Filter!!

I purchased the Filstar XP M canister filter. I was able to look at directions, and in 1 hour I was up and running. This is the quietest filter I have ever heard. In fact, as I actually like to hear the waterfall sounds, I left 1 of my hang on back filters on just to hear some splashing. I have had no problems with leaking, and the unit is keeping the 55 gal tank sparkling clean. The water is very clear and is testing out great. The only thing I would have like to have had in the box is a spray bar. I understand they used to be included, and for the price of the unit I believe that should still be a part of the plumbing. A great filter, my first canister, as I have been through a lot of hang on the back ones, trying to find the filter I liked. Well folks, I have found it! None of the horrible things that people said they have experienced in using this filter is true, I think most of the problems I read about in reviews were operator error! Thanks API!

Dave, Oakmont PA on 2014/06/06
Good filter

Wish I had bought this filter instead of wasting my money on a Aquaclear 110 & a Fluval C4. Those filter very poorly as there is too much bypass of water. After 1 hour of use I noticed a vast improvement in water clarity with the Filstar. My only complaint is that they don't provide enough foam pads with the XP-L model. Only provide 2 & it holds 4. Also only 5 biostars & holds 30. Also did away with the spray bar.

Steven, Naples FL on 2014/05/27
My fourth one

This is the 4th Rena XP-XL I have purchased and I have had good luck with all of them. They are easy to set up and run very quietly. It may be overkill but I run a pair on each of my 75 gallon tanks. Both tanks remain crystal clear with my weekly water changes. If one does go down I already have a second up and running. They come with a very small amount of bio material so I have ordered more balls or bags of ceramic rings to make up for the deficiency. Relatively easy to disconnect for cleaning every 4-8 weeks without making a big mess. I rotate cleaning so I do one every two weeks. I had stopped using the charcoal but developed a fishy odor to the water, but now use one bag per pair and all is good again.

Sarah, Mountlake Terrace WA on 2014/05/24
RENA XL canister filter

Great product, parts are interchangeable with other RENA canister filters, works very well, simple set-up, and I am completely satisfied with this filter for my turtle tank.

Mike, Wilmington CA on 2014/05/11

With all the bad reviews I read about this filter, I still took the chance on the Rena XP XL. Setting it up was very's actually easier to set up than other canister filters. It is very quiet and very efficient. It's keeping my flowerhorn very happy! XL has 4 media trays which which I couldn't ask for more. It comes with filter pads, carbon and 5 pieces of biochem stars. I wasn't impressed considering how much the filter is. BUT! I have my own medias to put anyways, so I got over it heh! All in all, this is by far my favorite canister filter. Priming the canister was very easy as well! Also, I bought Purigen by Seachem along with my order and wow, my water has never been so clear, lol. I know there are a lot of negative reviews about the leaks and all that, but I think that is all user error. Been running my filter for 3 days now and so far everything is perfect. Lastly, Pet Mountain ships fast!! Incredibly fast! Ordered Thursday and received it the next day! Thanks Pet Mountain!

Brian, Perkasie PA on 2014/05/07
Quiet and Easy

These filters are so easy to setup and prime. The are super quiet and allow a lot of room to pick and choose your own media. The power is great. I have one of these on my 29G Cichlid Tank and my 46G bowfront reef.

Todd, Muskegon MI on 2014/04/02
Awesome deal!

This filter is amazing! I saved almost $90 compared to a similar filter at my local pet store. When I first saw the price I was convinced it was a used product, but to my surprise it was brand new. After my old turtle filter had been broken for a week, the tank was filthy, and this new one had my 100 gallon tank crystal clear in a matter of hours. Shipping was swift and right on schedule too. Needless to say, I'm very happy I found this site, and will definitely purchase from them again. :)

Chris, Union City CA on 2014/03/13
Great value!

Got my tank cleaned up and cleared up in a day.

Ahmed, Riverside CA on 2014/02/22
Best Value

After shopping around for the API canister filter I found the best price to be at Pet Mountain. Petsmart and Petco sold the same unit for about $60-80 more. Once ordered, the unit came quickly and I am pleased to say that I am very satisfied with it. In addition to not hearing it make any noise, the cleaning and maintenance is simple and quick once you have the procedure down. Other than that, the filtration is great, water is clear and the canister filter delivers on its promise.

Jim, Brentwood CA on 2014/02/21
Easy Setup

Happy owner of two models of Filstar Canister Pumps from RENA/API. I recently purchased the L model for my 56-gallon aquarium, yes that might be a bit of an overkill for the size, but the depth of this model necessitates a higher cross tank flow rate than what I could achieve with the M model. Did I put the M away or sell it, absolutely not, it is now driving my UV sterilizer and doubling as special purpose filter with multiple chemical filtration media in its baskets. These pumps are super easy to start, easy to maintain and quiet beyond belief. Well made, excellent choice of materials and a quality design throughout. Quality plus. Following the setup described I have never had a problem with leaks. The quick disconnect feature makes servicing an easily accomplished task.

Steve, Floral Park NY on 2014/02/18
Good product 3 weeks in.

The filstar XP. M is replacing a hang-on back type filter. The water is very clear with good water movement. The noise level is very low, at times cannot even hear it. Disconnecting the water supply and return line from the canister is a simple lift of a lever. The only down side I can see is the canister is a little heavy when filled with water so easy access to the filter is a must for the few times per year it needs to be cleaned. There is plenty of room for filter media. Unfortunately I received a damaged filter that was easily replaced with a phone call and was received in a short time . Very happy with Pet Mountain customer service.

Kaiser, Houston TX on 2014/02/11
Excellent product!

I changed our 189 gallon Eheim filter to the Rena Filstar for a 265 gallon aquarium. It is amazingly easy to set up and use. The Eheim filter was very cumbersome and not user friendly - a real hassle to maintain. This Filstar filter by Rena is very easy to maintain and move around. The instructions are straight forward. Pet Mountain has very good prices and they delivered the product. I have already ordered more aquarium decor and food from them. Thanks for an excellent service Pet Mountain!

Mike, San Antonio TX on 2014/01/23

Item was packed well and arrived fast. Unfortunately it did not work out of the box. Nice sized media baskets, build quality appears good. Lots of complaints online with leaking power cord hole. I could not get mine to work, unit primed fine, but would not pump. I also absolutely hated the Quick Connect valve on this model, coming from previous Fluval Canisters, which have all been excellent and reliable, the quick connect on this product is horrible. It feels flimsy and is difficult to use, feels like you will break it every time you use it, and you must do a little "back and forth" wiggle ritual every time you use it. None of this is required with Fluval products, it just works. I think this product would have been a pretty good deal, as it is HALF the cost of the equivalent fluval model, and I could have lived with the shortcomings, but never got to experience the working product. I'd stick to fluval from now on, more expensive, but you get what you pay for. I've also used Eheim ECCO, and do not recommend it either, rigid hard plastic that cracks easily, and difficult to service and maintain. I hear their Classic's are excellent, but I never tried one. I do prefer the plastic fluval uses over both the Eheim and API Filstar, hard, brittle plastic vs softer more "rubbermaid" like plastic of the fluvals. Pet mountain gets an A+ for support, they sent FedEX out with a prepaid label to pick the product up.

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 2014/01/07
Good filter, but has flaws.

I purchased two of these filters (XP3) for my 75g freshwater tank. Right out of the box the filter was lacking media, filtration pads, no prime funnel, and has a very short intake tube. It only comes with 5 bio-stars when you need 30+. Also it comes with only 1 of each filtration pad when you need 2 of each one. I also had to purchase a small funnel to prime the filter and an API intake tube extension kit so it would work with my 18" tall tank. After buying all the media and additional parts I needed the filter seems to work great. BUT WAIT.... the filter has a major flaw when it comes to "air" in the filter. Each time you prime or do a larger water change the filter retains air and causes tons of micro air bubbles. A quick fix is to quickly release one of the lid handles to let air escape and close it real fast before water comes shooting out everywhere. It's rather annoying having to do this multiple times to get the air out of the filter, but the filter does a good job with keeping my water clean.

Randalll, Oakland CA on 2013/12/28
Well executed design with simple features

These filters offer great value, as they have a large media volume, high flow rate, and are priced right. They also are one of the few filters that have a translucent/transparent canister where you can monitor the water flow and quality. Compared to a round canister with the equivalent footprint, there is more volume for media as these filter's bottoms are square. I have 3 (L) and 2 (M), one for about 4 years. Compared to Fluvals where impeller replacements are commonly necessary, these Rena impellers run quietly (but not silently). They have kept the same simple design for years rather than changing models like car manufacturers do. Cleaning may be a bit cumbersome due to the size and weight of a full canister, nevertheless cleaning is simple and quick. The Rena is not "the ultimate" in canister filters, but for reasons mentioned, the Renas are still near the top of the list of filters for even the very serious hobbyist.

Ruff, Vista CA on 2013/12/24
Best Filter Yet

Bought API XP filter to replace fluval units. Pro: Easy set-up, smooth hoses, quiet operation. Con: Doesn't come with enough filter materials. The directions claim to replace hoses when very dirty, but long brushes clean them nicely. Recommend this make. Also, no flow strength control.

Kimberly, Oakland CA on 2013/11/05
Peace of mind

This canister is so powerful the water stays clear and sweet enough you'd think you could drink it! Very simple to clean. Very effective. The filter media are pricey and hard to find except online. That's the only downside. Highly recommend!

Rob, Rsm CA on 2013/08/20
Excellent Filter

This is a great, great canister filter for someone looking to get into 30-50 gal. saltwater for the first time with relative ease. You don't have to get a skimmer, refug., etc. I have a 46 gal. bowfront and the medium Filstar and it does a fantastic job. Very easy to prime and clean. Very easy to setup and install media. Great option for the beginner. Extremely quiet and smooth. Only thing to watch are the intake and exit tubes, they are weak/fragile plastic, so be gentle installing everything.

Skylar, Alexandria VA on 2013/08/13

Awesome, quiet and efficient! Very easy to set up and maintain!

David, King Of Prussia PA on 2013/05/23
No more parts tray

This is my third XP Canister filter & I love them! However, API has cut way back on the Accessories Tray, which used to contain a spray wand, gph limiting valve, extra intake line spacers...etc. Now you get a loose bag of parts with only a few pieces in it. I was very dissapointed!

Terry, Ft Hood TX on 2013/05/21

This is the quietest, most effective and easiest to maintain tank in the almost 20 years I've had my 110 gallon tank running.

Sue, Pinedale WY on 2013/05/01
Quiet and powerful!

It takes me a few tries to get it primed but no big deal. The API Filstar XPL is quiet and powerful. My 75 gallon turtle tank is crystal clear. The tubing that comes with it is very nice. I do wish they would make the intake and output pieces better, they are a little cheap feeling. The instruction book is easy to understand. I also like how you can customize the filter media. Pet Mountain's price on this was awesome, less than half the price at a pet store.

Jim, Boise ID on 2013/04/08
Made a good choice on XP3

Last year I setup my first salt water tank. After reading a zillion reviews, and comparing the designs of various canister filters, I settled on the XP3. This thing is always primed, is more than super easy to clean, you can put whatever filter material combination you want and change it just as easily, and it just runs quiet and great. There are also replacement parts readily available online. I'm a happy customer and would buy a Filstar again in a heartbeat!

Michael, Gallatin TN on 2013/04/07
Good filter but...

I was supposed to receive my filter on Friday and was very happy to hear I got it on Wednesday. Bringing it into my apartment I began investigating this filter. First I will start with my first impression: unboxing. The packaging by Pet Mountain was fantastic. However MARS seems to think that shippers treat their equipment like fragile glass because they had NO styrofoam holding the filter in place. Their styrofoam parts kit was replaced with their parts tossed into a ziploc bag!!! This is an issue since the two port connectors are hanging out naked waiting to be slammed by a shipper. MARS also discontinued their original intake/output ports removing any chance for a spray bar. They cheapened an excellent product. I was lucky enough to say that I received my filter without broken intake pipes. I configured mine as follows: first container 2 20mm and 2 30mm filtration pads. second container : Biohome red and gray. This is an excellent filter media that removes not only Nitrite but also Nitrate! On top of that I put a dual-density fine filter pad. finally in the third I used the resin bag and cotton candy filter pad that came with the filter. SETUP: First thing I did was measure the distance to the top of the aquarium to ensure I"m inside the required range of the water column. I then got Vaseline and q-tips and wet down the o-rings removing quite a bit of oxidation on the rubber. The Vaseline removes the oxidation, prevents further oxidation, and provides a seal that keeps the o-ring from fusing to the plastic of the filter canister when closed. Next I hooked up the tubing and used the water from my old filter to partially fill and begin population of my new filter material. (the Biohome came from the old pump so it was already filled with bacteria) Next I opened the disconnect valve which shuts off water flow to the filter. It took only 2 cups of water to fill up the tubing with water and then I replaced the cap on the intake and snapped the valve open. It took only minutes for the unit to fill up and I've been running this ever since then. No noise. No air bubbles in the output valve. No problems and no leaks. Everything works just great. The best thing about this filter is that all of that material filtration is needed to make certain that the Biohome is getting only clean water flowing over it. I'm giving this filter a 5 stars but would give it 4.5 due to the packaging and loss of the spray bar.

Kathy, Junction City WI on 2013/03/30
Very Happy

I love these filters and will always buy them and recommend them. I will always order from Pet Mountain from now on. Not only are they very reasonable but the shipment was very fast. So, one very happy customer.

Andrew, Amelia VA on 2013/03/17
Great filter

This filter is great. Wish it came with four foam pads and more Bio stars. Had to buy them separate but other than that, great product!

Minh, Minneapolis MN on 2013/03/13
Cheaper than local pet stores

Works great, fast shipping, great deal online. I will come back. Thanks.

Natalie, Southside CA on 2013/02/27
Great filter! EZ setup! Had my last one 7 years.

This is my second filstar. My first one lasted about 7 years. The clip on the housing broke so I replaced it with the newer model. There have been some good design changes on the new model. I also have a Fluval which I would not buy again. The Filstar is far superior. I have a 125 gallon cichlid tank and the filstar is a workhorse. Pet Mountain had the best price and free shipping. The service was great. Had my order in 2 days with the free shipping due to my close vicinity.

Daniel, Olney IL on 2013/02/23
Very Nice

I have had this filter (large) running for about a week now on a 50 gallon. So far it is working like a champ. I love the large media bays, and the self-priming design. Cons: only comes with 6 chem stars, where even API recommends 30. All included accessories are actually tossed in a ziplock bag (which API even states is normal) and no spray bar unlike the older xp series.

Sophie, Grants Pass OR on 2013/02/22
Night and Day

I inherited a 40 gal hex tank with an 11" pleco. Wrong environment for such a big guy, but soon he will have a nice tank upgrade. The original hanging filter couldn't keep up with his mess and the water stayed dull and greenish. With the Filstar and a 50% water change, the tank glitters like a jewel, and pleco is actively swimming about. He does barrel rolls in the outlet stream. Filter is silent and I couldn't be happier with the beauty and health of this tank. The Filstar will be right for the new larger tank too.

Gustavo, Visalia CA on 2012/11/29
Rilstar XP XL

I upgraded to a canister filter from a HOB on my 55 gallon fish tank. So far I'm liking this filter because I can choose what to put in my baskets. It's a quiet unit and I don't hear it during the day but during the night I wish it was a bit quieter. In comparison, it's probably makes the same noise as a Tetra Whisper 40/60. Make sure you buy your bio media with the product because it only comes with five (5) bio chem stars. It does however come with an API Bio-Chem Zorb to help absorb "organic waste, toxic gases, water discoloration, foul odors and phenols in fresh and saltwater aquariums in the water". My biggest disappointment to me of this unit is that the Filstar XP XL is rated at 450gph (US), but they lack to mention that the flow rate goes down to about 190gph once it's filled with all you media. It's understandable so other than that, I love it so far. Inside media: 1x 20 PPI Foam 1x 30 PPI Foam 5x API Bio Chem Stars 1x Progressive Microfiltration Pad/Foam 1x Bio-Chem Zorb Size 6 10 oz. Treats 55 gallons.

Justin, Jasper AL on 2012/09/28
Filstar xp

I have been using these for years and have never had a problem. The quick disconnect is so easy to use and there is more than adequate space for certain types of media. Reliability is the name of the game. It is a breeze to clean.

Gwen, Simpsonville SC on 2012/09/20
Still Running Strong!!

I am back to update my inital review. I still have not changed my mind about the Rena filters, they are the best still!! I don't regret investing in this filter, just regret not buying sooner. I now have 2 saltwater tanks as well, & one is my quarantine tank, that has the Rena Filter. So, if you have any questions about fresh or salt, it works great for both. WORTH THE MONEY IN MY OPINION!!

Allan, Woodbridge VA on 2012/09/06
Rena Filstar XP2 great filter

The only negative I have is there was not enough media in the box. The Bio chem stars were too few for the size of the filter and I had to purchase 20 more to fit the filter size. Other than that it is a great filter. Simple to hook up and plenty of power and really quiet.

Glenna, Harrisonburg VA on 2012/08/14
Rena XP Filters

I recently purchased the Rena XP2 to replace a Rena XP1. The XP1 has been great, I've had it 5 or 6 years and it worked fine. I think the impeller went bad on it and since it was borderline for the 44 gallon tank that I had it on (rated for a 45 gallon), I decided to upgrade to the XP2 rather than replace the impeller. So far I have no complaints about the XP2. It is quiet (as was the XP1) and I really don't even know it is running. The tank stays as clear as a bell. Hook up was a breeze, but I didn't have to change hoses, connections or anything from the XP1 so that was nice. I would have no hesitation buying another XP filtration system if I were to set up another aquarium. Oh, the one bad thing is that my local pet stores have quit carrying the media for the Rena filters. While I buy most of my filter media from Petmountain (much cheaper), I did like knowing that I could buy locally if the need arose. So if purchasing one of these filters, you may want to check whether or not filter media is available in your particular area.

Mel, Plattekill NY on 2012/04/18
Rena Canister Filter XP1

I have used and LOVED Rena's XP series canister filters since they first came out. I currently purchased and installed an XP1 on a friend's freshwater aquarium. Though only a 16 gallon tank and the XP1 is rated for 40 gal., this tank is waaaaaay overpopulated and waaaaay overfed. She was changing her whisper cartredges every week, spending a small fortune. With the great pricing and free shipping at Pet Mountain, she'll save time, money, and greatly improve the quality of her water. When I convince her to move to a larger aquarium, the XP1 will go right along with it. You have to LOVE the Rena XP Series. It's practically silent and a breeze to maintain - no fuss, no bother. (PS, used one on a 16 gal saltwater nano for years.... changed the media every 3 months or so, and that tank THRIVED. So it's great for salt OR freshwater)

James, Cranston RI on 2012/03/31
The best

Rena filstar xp3 hooked it up to my 75 gallon american cichlid tank, the next day the water was crystal clear. I ran three filters before the Rena, never with results like this.

Ken, Bangor ME on 2012/03/23

This is my 2nd Rena Xp canister filter. They both replaced HOB filters. The Rena Xp filters are very user friendly. Easy to set up, easy to clean, easy to prime. My only complaint is that they color code the inlet and outlet pieces. The intake is pale blue which makes it really stand out in the tank. I paint mine black before installing.

Gwen, Simpsonville SC on 2012/03/20

I have always been leery about canister filters, but the Rena XP3 has cleared my worries. I wished I had gone to this filter sooner. The assembly is time consuming, but taking the time & following the instructions, everything will be great. The hoses are hard to put on, you can use a little bit of cooking oil, to help on this. I have had this filter for over a month, my tank has never been cleaner or clearer!! I have this filter on a 150 gallon tank with goldfish, & it keeps up with the mess that goldfish make. I bought a Fluval for my 60 gallon, BIG MISTAKE, the water is staying cloudy, & my tank is not over stocked. I will be getting a XP for this tank for sure. I will be getting it from Pet Mountain, they have the best pricing I have found.

Ron, Sarona WI on 2012/02/09
Easy install

I felt so good when I set this thing up an it worked right away! I had been fighting with a Fluval for months, and I'd replaced that with an Aquatop that didn't work after spending more than an hour setting it up. I really liked the funnel priming system on the Filstar. It worked so slick compared with the chinzy little pump priming systems on other tanks that don't work half the time if at all.

Michael, Toms River NJ on 2011/11/02
Amazing Difference!!

Bought the Filstar XP3, had it for 2 weeks now and the water has never been this clear. I have a 90 gallon tank with many large expensive fish including a 1'1/2 Arowana and the water quality has made them more active than ever!:) Took almost 2 weeks for saver delivery, filter was easy to assemble, very quiet and WORKS GREAT!! and this website has awesome prices..

Charlene, Redding CA on 2011/10/29


Herb, Ny NY on 2011/10/25
Great filter!

This is a superb product! Easy to use and maintain while providing excellent mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.

Kelly, Lexington KY on 2011/10/24
Love the filter!!!

Love the XP3 filter! Just moved my juvenile red ear into a 55gal & this filter actually keeps up with turtles! Can't wait to save up and get another for my new hatchling RES!!! Great price & great filter!!! Thanks :)

Scott, Torrance CA on 2011/08/24
Best Filter

I have tried a lot of different filter and this one is the best that I have used. It is very quiet and very easy to set up and clean, and it keep my tank looking great.

Alyce, Liverpool NY on 2011/07/14
Excellent Product!

Love this filter, it has so many features!!

Ig, Cle OH on 2011/05/27
Best price

Found it about $40 dollars less than any other on-line retailer that included free shipping!

William, Tenino WA on 2011/04/03
My wife loves it!

We have had a Rena XP for over ten years. I bought it for my wife because she enjoys an indoor fish tank and she loves how easy it is to clean. I just had to buy her a new one, and the quality remains the same.

Mara, Wasilla AK on 2011/03/23
Perfect Perfect Perfect!

The filter works perfect! The packaging was excellent and the shipping was fast. One of the only companies that will ship to Alaska. Thank you so much! I will do business again for sure.

Ken, Toms River NJ on 2011/03/09
Awesome Little Filters

I already have an XP3 and XP2 filter. The XP3 is on my 75 gallon and the XP2 is on my 55 gallon. I picked up a couple of the XP1 filters, one for my 20 gallon long and one for my 34 gallon Red Sea that I am using as a freshwater planted tank. These filters are awesome. I use to have a HOB filter on my 20 gallon. It was always clogging up and the splashing noise was driving me nuts. The XP1 is super quiet. On my 34 gallon Red Sea, it has a sump area on the back of the tank. I put the intake pipe in the last chamber and left my bio-media in the middle chamber. I removed the two red sea pumps and added the outflow pipe right into the main tank area. The water has never been clearer.

Tommy, Tuscaloosa AL on 2011/01/02
Very Quiet

I bought the XP3 just days before Christmas and it arrived on the 23rd!!! Great job Pet Mountain!!! This filter is UNBELIEVABLY quiet and it works perfectly!! I am writing this review 8 days after it has been running. All the reviews I read convinced me that this was the way to go and they were right.

Tom, Lawrence KS on 2010/12/07
A great filter

The Rena xp3, So far so good, setting up the filter was longer than expected, about 45 min. The hoses are quite difficult to get on but soaking them in hot water helps. Cleared up the cloudy water fairly quickly and it is super quiet. It would be wise to buy more of the Bio Chem Zorb or some bio media because they do not give you a whole lot with the filter. Overall I am very happy with the Filter.

Jimmy, Fishers IN on 2010/10/29
Second XP3 awsome!!!

I like the XP3 so much I'm buying my seconded one for my new 90 gallon freshwater. I love the filter and Petmountain has the best price anywhere

Sean, Valparaiso IN on 2010/10/23

I will never buy another Rena filter ever again, it just altogether stopped working while i wasn't home came back and had a dead stingray in my tank. then once i got it working again i came home from work and the power cord is leaking water.

Brent, Laplace LA on 2010/10/20
Mixed Feelings

The first filter I received was cracked along the top edge. This was causing it to leak. As the box didn't appear to be damaged, I fault the manufacturer. A quick call to Petmountain and a new filter was on its way. The 2nd filter appeared to be in good shape. Unfortunately, it too began to leak. A recheck of everything showed no signs of cracks, so we reconnected everything back up. So far it appears to be working fine. I have a drip pan underneath just in case it does start leaking again. I'm still not 100% sold on the quality, but only time will tell.

Mark, St. Louis MO on 2010/10/14
good filter

I now have two Rena filters, an XP2 and an XP3. Both are great. Water hoses are better quality than most canister filters. Control valve and option for spray bar or jet nozzle are nice touches. Quiet.

Greg, Norwood MA on 2010/10/13
Best canister for your money

This is by far the best canister filter for your money. Easy to assemble, easy to prime, easy to maintain. PetMountain has it for cheaper than ebay, amazon, and drfosters.

Warren, Union City TN on 2010/09/18
XP3 I love it

The Rena Filter is the most superb product you will buy for your aquarium whether it be for freshwater or saltwater fish. This is the only filter I will buy!

Walker, Des Moines IA on 2010/09/08
Great filter, great value!

I bought this filter to replace a Fluval 305 which had been nothing but trouble for years. The Fluval was always extremely difficult to prime and was loud in comparison to this filter. The Filstar is super quiet and EXTREMELY easy to prime. Comes with both a concentrated spray nozzle and a spray bar which is nice. The only difficulty is attaching the rubber hose to the fittings. This was tough and I was afraid I would break the plastic fittings. Best result was to push as hard as possible which would result in the hose sliding on 1/8 - 1/4 inch then let the hose sit and stretch a little and try again - you're supposed to push it 2" onto each fitting so this took awhile. The clamps (which don't really do anything because the hose is so tight) are too small - barely fit around the hose and require pliers to tighten even slightly. Petmountain had the best price by far and overall I am very happy with the filter and the buying process.

Judith, Troy IL on 2010/09/02
I Am Pleased!!

I received my XP3 a couple of weeks ago. After my experiences with two defective Emperor 400's, this canister is a dream come true. I was impressed with the fast delivery. This canister is very quiet. I am impressed. After my nightmare experiences with the Emperor 400 I have learned to truly appreciate this canister. The first Emperor 400 was missing an end piece & blew water everywhere. The second 400, was very noisy and after two and a half weeks I still had very cloudy water. The XP3 had the water clear in three days! To be fair, I had heard nothing but good things about Marineland products and maybe just had some bad luck. I am running a Marineland filter in a 29 gallon. That filter is very quiet and does a good job. Nonetheless, I will be buying Rena products in the future.

Ed, Ridgecrest CA on 2010/08/26
Quiet and Effective

Have 4 RES turtles that create an awfully dirty and smelly water environment. It was getting tiresome to continually drain water and refill tank. With this filter XP3 for a 50 gallon aquarium I can go between 2 to 4 weeks until it the filter needs to be cleaned. Does a tremendously great job in keeping water clear and the smell to a minimum. I might even step up to a XP4 when this XP3 wears out to possibly lengthen the time even more. Bottom line this is a great product that is well worth the cost.

Ben, Corinth TX on 2010/08/23
Rena XP4

I bought a new 150 gallon aquarium and did not know what filter to use. A fish store recommended this filter canister. I found this site where it sells them for a cheaper price so I bought one. At first, I was not sure whether I made the wrong choice since I saw some bad reviews on XP4 on the internet. I have attached the XP4 to my new aquarium for almost a week. So far, it has been excellent. It is quiet and outflow is good. Price was excellent too.

Darrin, Smithfield UT on 2010/08/21
Awesome Filter XP2

Setup was simple and quick, good instructions and materials. Works very well clearing up the water. have this on a 55 gal and works very well. Also Petmountain, way to go, shipping was very fast, will definitely order from again

Jon, Homer Glen IL on 2010/08/18
great for turtles

easy to use and powerful for turtles. i highly recommend the xp3. very quiet.

Ted, Grand Rapids MI on 2010/07/28
Soooo Quiet

After a year or so, my Marineland C350 canister decided to blow as much as air as water thru my 70 gal marine setup. It chattered and was reluctant to restart (after cleanings) and wore my arm out trying to use the prime button. So after a great deal of research, I decided on the the Rena XP3. They guaranteed self-prime starting and quiet running. So far, its met/exceeded expectations on both points. Sooo quiet, in fact that my paranoia over the former filter has me checking periodically to ensure its working, although the crystal clear tank tells me that. Absolutely no leaks at the canister lid or the hose connections. Hoses were adequate and flexible. Hint: a small amount of vegetable/corn/olive oil on the fittings make getting the hoses in place much easier. I debated the XP4, but didn't have the under-tank room. The XP2 might have sufficed, but am passing outflow thru a chiller and UV filter and needed the extra power. I really like the discharge options. Overall, I'm pleased, but was a little disappointed that the filter materials included are NOT as shown in the manual (ie bio Zorb carbon bag and no ceramic rings). It made the initial setup a little confusing.

Christy, Vacaville CA on 2010/07/28
Love it!!

I love this filter!! Easy to maintain and easy to put together

Cam, Castle Rock CO on 2010/07/25

I've had a turtle tank for 1 year and already had to get 2 new filters. Finally i switched to the xp3 for my 55 gallon aquarium and people have asked if there was any water in it, that's how clear the water is. Its also very silent.

Eve, Brenham TX on 2010/07/23
Wonderful but....

I purchased an Xp2 for my 50 gal tank and it was wonderful and so easy to use. I purchased an Xp1 for my 30 gal tank and it has not been wonderful. It is very, very difficult to get the lever down and in place. My husband has to do it and even he has a hard time getting it t seat properly so the lever can be pushed down. I know it must be this one unit but I can't afford to replace it so I have one wonderful unit and one not so much. Also I found the media pretty expensive.

Cristin, Jacksonville FL on 2010/07/21
Great price

Best price I could find on a canister filter recommended by one of my favourite fish forums. Pet Mountain was also speedy in their responses to me when I had questions, too.

Patrick, Huntington Beach CA on 2010/07/05
Great Price, Great Product!

I bought the XP 2 about 5 months ago. It is the perfect filter for my 29g. At first I thought it would create a river in my small tank but it is perfect! The spray bar is awesome and the flow control is convenient during feeding. I was deciding between this and the Marineland C-220 and I am very happy that I want with this one! I am using 2 20 ppi pads, 2 30 ppi, Seachem Matrix and Seachem Purigen. Perfect!

Joanne, Scranton PA on 2010/07/04
xp3 filfer

very easy to clean and a great quick disconnect system. I'm buying another one because i have a huge aquarium

Rich, Bridgewater NJ on 2010/07/03
Excellent Product-Rena XP3

My son came home from college with a turtle and a 100 gallon tank. Do not know about flow rate, but seems turtles are dirty and recommendations were to get a filter to handle twice the size of the tank, so the XP3 seemed to fit the bill. The XP3 was easy to setup and runs quiet. Would recommend the product and I am anal about product quality. They could make it easier or change how the hose connects to the filter. I could NOT get the tube more than a 1/4 of an inch over the connection, only just enough for the clamps. I even tried using pliers to push the tubing more, no dice. Seems solid but still concerned about one coming off and dumping 50 gallons of water on my hardwood floors. Plan to order more parts and try again at first cleaning. HOWEVER this is still an excellent product and I highly recommend it.

Rich, Mesa AZ on 2010/07/03
Rena Filstar 3

I've had one of these hooked up to my 55 gallon tank for about 5 years and was always impressed with the easy of maintenance and how well this filter worked. We recently moved our fish to a 150 gallon tank and purchased another Rena Filstar 3, not to replace, but in addition to the other filter. I used 2 “Tee” fitting to allow both filters to feed off one line for in and out flow of water. This provided awesome circulation and filtration of water in the 150 gallon tank. As for service and price, I could not have asked for faster service or better price for this purchase. I highly recommend them Pet Mountain and will be using them again. Regards

Drew, St.clair Shores MI on 2010/07/02
The best I've ever owned!

The Rena XP3 is by far the best filter on the market today. I've had aquariums for over 30 yrs. This is the quietest I have ever owned. And I've wasted a lot of money finding this out so don't have to. It's color coded inlet/outlet tubes even make it idiot proof. Along with several options on what and where you can put your chosen filter media. I highly recommend this filter.

Jeremy, Simpsonville SC on 2010/06/30
Better than I expected!!!

I just recently purchased the XP2 model for my 55 gallon Cichlid tank. I love it! I have never owned a better filter. It is whisper quiet and cleared my tank up in no time. I had read some bad reviews before about this filter. They were way off. The quick disconnect works like a dream. It was a little tricky getting the hosing together. Other than that, I don't have anything negative to say! It also was shipped sooner than expected!!

Fernando, Dublin CA on 2010/06/28
I'm loving it!!!!!

This is a great filter and very quiet. It was very easy to setup and get running. I was also very please with how quick I got the filter and the GREAT price.

Drew, St. Clair Shores MI on 2010/06/23
"The best I ever owned"

The Rena xp3 has to be the quietest filter on the market.It's ease of use and color coded inlet /outlet tubes,make it fool proof.I've been into aquariums for over 35 years and I'm very impressed with the many different capabilities this filter has.Through the years I've owned dozens of filters.I've seen them come and go.The Rena xp3 is by far the best!

Preben, El Dorado AR on 2010/06/23
Great Product

A great product at a great price

James , Naples FL on 2010/06/22
Awesome Filter

This is an awesome filter that is every bit as good as filters costing twice as much. Save your money for more fish or accessories, this filter is the one.

Sarah, Kirkland WA on 2010/06/16
solid product worth the money

I find that this is an excellent product and was glad I purchased it. Only complaint is that the bottom of the intake tube has a screen to keep chunks out of the filter but mine gets surrounded by small pieces of plants and detritus. I am not sure how to keep this area cleared.

Larry, Fleming CO on 2010/06/05
Rena XP2 Filter

I have had this filter for two months and I love it. It is quiet, keeps the water clean, is very easy to set-up and is easy to clean. I would highly recommend this filter. I'd give it 6 stars (if they had six stars).

Richard, Mcallen TX on 2010/06/03

fantastic filter the best bang for the buck!!!

Joe, Bayonet Point FL on 2010/05/28
Excellent Product!

I bought the Rena filter for my 75 gallon tank. I was running two Fluval underwater filters and just not getting good filtration. After hooking up the Rena, my water cleared up in two days! I highly recommend.

Mark, Boise ID on 2010/05/27
Awesome Product and Price!

I have searched all over the web for the Filstar XP2, but not with this price! This is an awesome product and you can't beat the price here!

Scott, St. Louis MO on 2010/05/18
This Filter is Awesome

I have been using this filter for several years, and I love it! I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank and it is crystal clear, I would recommend it to anyone!

Bexskin, Lauderhill FL on 2010/05/13

The Rena Filstar XP3 definitely meets my needs when it comes to a canister filter. Quality is good and you can't beat the price!! I would recommend this filter to anyone!

Tara, Mclean VA on 2010/05/05
Quiet and easy to maintain

I bought an xP3 for a turtle tank, which has a heavy waste load. It has kept the water very clean, even without using the included bag of activated carbon. It's very quiet, and easy to clean. I like the ability to custom tailor the media in the 3 baskets. My only gripe as a turtle owner with a low water line is that the outlet pipe doesn't extend far enough down. It would be great if it had additional pieces to allow it to extend further into the water, like the inlet pipe does. I had to do some creative workarounds. Otherwise, I'm very happy with this product.

Todd, Fishersville VA on 2010/04/25
Outstanding filter, worth the money!

Excellent filter; water quality much improved over that achieved with traditional filter. Easy to maintain, just disconnect, clean, and replace filter media as needed. More expensive than traditional filters, but worth it.

Stephen, Rexburg ID on 2010/04/25
Works like a charm!

I have been running a Rena xP2 in my 75 gallon aquarium up until now, but I felt that my expanding fish population could use more filtration. I added the Rena xP3 in combination with the Rena SmartHeater, and the water clarified very nicely. I am pleased with the result, and I am pleased as always with Rena products.

Minh, Dallas TX on 2010/04/18
xp3 great filter

This is my first xp3 and it is working great so far. This is the first purchased from PetMountain and the experience is awesome. Shipping is super fast and great communication too. Will buy again. Thanks

Good Times !!, New York NY on 2010/04/07


Devin, Auburn WA on 2010/04/06
Pretty Good Business Transaction

I just recently bought a Rena XP2 filter for my discus tank. The price was $70 less than the competitors and they shipped it pretty fast. I am very satisfied with my transaction and highly recommend Pet

Brian, Siler City NC on 2010/03/24
Love this product!

I replaced a MagnumPro HOT filter / bio-wheel and power head on a under gravel uplift tube on my 70 gal tank with this Reva. Very impressed with how quiet it is, the power, and the ability to use a variety of media in the trays. Only problem is it is too tall to fit on the shelf underneath my tank, so its on the floor to the side. So far at least, my 18 month old has ignored it...

Jessica, Pensacola FL on 2010/03/18
Graet filter

I love this filter I think it is one of the best out there. I have owned two different models. One I had in my 105 gal fish tank always kept my tank clear and clean. Now I bought another for my turtle tank. Turtles are very dirty and need a good filter system we have feeder fish and shrimp in there with them. After installing the filter the water is so clear... its clearer then the tap water!