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API Filstar XP Filtration Pads by by API

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Product Description

API Rena Filstar XP Filter Foam is a Stage 1 mechanical filtration media that removes coarse debris and solid wastes before they enter the chemical and biological filtration chambers. Filtration Foam helps remove suspended debris, ammonia, medications, dyes, and other contaminants from your aquarium water.

  • Mechanical filtration media for Filstar XP canister filters
  • Open cell design allows free flow of water without clogging
  • Removes suspended debris & harmful chemicals
  • Installs easily & helps reduce aquarium maintenance

30 PPI (Pores Per Inch) pads provide finer filtration for removal of smaller debris, and may be used in conjunction with 20 PPI pads. To use, place 30 PPI pad in the lowest part of the bottom basket in the filter, above 20 PPI pad. Rinse every 2-4 weeks and replace every 3 months for optimal filtration.

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Sky, Alexandria VA on 10-16-2016


Sky, Alexandria VA on 11-13-2015

As expected

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 01-07-2014
Work great

Rena XP3 (filstar L) Canister filter. Double these up and they work great. I use (2) 20ppi and (2) 30ppi in my bottom media tray and get great results.

Ricky, Mulberry FL on 05-25-2013
l like it

I like this product, I have used it for a year now.

Judy, Fords NJ on 01-20-2011
Works great!

My turtle is messy messy messy. Since I switched to the Rena filter, it has been so clean. This foam works great!

Michael, Lake Saint Louis MO on 08-09-2010
Great filter

I love this filter system. It is really not as complicated as some people would have you believe. The filters made for it, such as those I purchased from Pet Mountain, are very high quality and made my water crystal clear within the first 24 hours I ran the filter.

Jerry, Meridian ID on 05-11-2010
Great for Replacing worn out Foam, or simply speeding up the canister refresh process!

I use this foam in my XP2 and XP3 filters. the 30ppi foam is on bottom, followed by 20ppi foam as the next layer. This enables the cartridge to filter larger products first, extending the service time between cleanings of the 20ppi foam. While the foam can be easily rinsed/squeezed/refreshed time and again (until it wears out), I've also found in a pinch, having spare foam on hand makes the cleaning process a cinch! In the XP3 canister I utilize two pads of 30ppi followed by two pads of 20ppi and have found excellent service life in my canister filter. For the XP2, I utilize just one of each to allow the ceramic biological bed to be placed above. Having two pad sizes definitely helps! Just make sure the larger diameter pores are on the bottom!

Jason, Sevierville TN on 02-24-2010
Good stuff

Great pads they do the trick and I buy a bunch at a time so I don't have to pay for multiple shipping. Either way great price and great product.