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API Filstar XP Micro Filtration Pads by API

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API Filstar XP Micro Filtration Pads Description

API Filstar Micro Filtration Pads provide ultra-fine water filtration and polishing for a remarkably clear aquarium. These cotton filter pads remove extremely fine waste, particles and sediment from your aquarium water, preventing cloudiness and maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.

  • Microfiltration pads for Filstar XP aquarium filters
  • Polishes your aquarium water to help make it crystal clear
  • Fits API Filstar XP1 Small, XP2 Medium, and XP3 Large canister filters

Filstar XP Micro Filtration Pads satisfy your fish tanks mechanical filtration needs.

Maintenance: Replace the cotton pad every time the water is changed or at least once a month.

Instructions: Place a cotton pad into the top filtration compartment.

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API Filstar XP Micro Filtration Pads Customer Reviews

Bob, Cincinnati OH on 2018/03/29
Essential Maintenance Item

I replace these every 4-6 weeks in my two Rena XP3 filters that I run on my 80g high tech freshwater planted tank. Best price on the web and highly recommended!

Todd, Austin TX on 2016/09/13
Best prices and service

Great prices and selection. I really like my Filstar XP pump.

Sky, Alexandria VA on 2015/11/13

As expected

Javier, Bethlehem P on 2015/01/27

Nice filter pad rinse it to clean it out and put it back in the filter again

Javier, Bethlehem PA on 2015/01/27
Nice filter pad

Nice filter pad. Leaves my water clean and you clean the pad and re-use it again. Just rinse to clean it out and put it back in the filter again.

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 2014/01/07
These work great!

I use these in both my Rena XP3 (Filstar L) canister filters (75 gallon tank). I load two of them in the top tray in both my filters and they keep my water looking great and prevent small particles being released back into the water. I rinse them out in a bucket of aquarium water every 30-45 days and they work good for at least 6 months. I have not tried the "super" micro filtration pads yet due to the price diff, but these seem to do the job just fine when I double them up.

Scott , Cocoa FL on 2013/12/05
Does all the tiny,tiny dirty work

This sponge is a great part of your filter - a must have. If you don't own a Filstar filter, the Rena media does fit other canister filters. Buy them, you will be glad you did.

George, San Angelo TX on 2012/05/15
Great purchase

I am using it together with the Rena filter pads that normally go on top of the unit and I have found that the filtering unit does a much better job of keeping my 75 gallon tank crystal clear.

David, Lake Villa IL on 2011/08/30
Great and Easy to use

I have used the Filstar Micro-Filtration Pads in my Rena XP3 since I bought it. This is a great and easy to use product that promotes a healthy environment for your fish.

Jerry, Meridian ID on 2010/05/11
Micro-Filtration keeps my water polished!

I've found these pads to be indispensable. I use two in each of my XP3 filters. On one top of each of the Middle and top baskets (following the biological and Chemical filtration respectively). The pads do an absolutely outstanding job of filtering fine particles from ever reaching my tank. I ran my system without them for about 3 weeks once when the pads had worn out and I didn't have replacements... The particulate matter in the water was definitely noticeable. If you're interested in keeping your water crystal clear, a micro-filtration pad definitely is a great choice. I've found the pads can be rinsed and re-used about 3 times before needing replacement (about 4-10 months of service). To save time, you can also simply toss the old ones and put new ones in. Since noting the visible difference, I keep these on hand always!

Kristen, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/02/17

This is a great filter and even better that you can get the parts for such a good price!

Wendell, Cave Creek AZ on 2007/05/26
Easy to clean

I have 2 Rena Filstar filters on my 110 gal tank..They do a great job keeping the tank clean..They are very easy to clean. I clean the filters about once a month

Pat, Coolin ID on 2007/04/05
Filtering Made Easy

We have used the Rena FilStar Canister filter system since we set up our aquarium. The system is very easy to use with very little mess. The Micro-Filtration pads and Bio Chem Zorb keep the water crystal clear. We are very happy with the system.