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API Freshwater Master Test Kit by API

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API Freshwater Master Test Kit Description

API Freshwater Master Test Kit is a complete test kit for testing tap and aquarium water. Tests five different potentially dangerous water conditions.

  • Water Test Kit for Freshwater Aquariums
  • Tests: pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and high range pH
  • Includes: computer-analyzed laminated color cards, instruction booklet, 4 test tubes, a holding tray and test tube rack.
  • Over 800 tests per kit

The Freshwater master test kit is a fast, easy, and accurate test kit. It provides information on how to perform each test, how often to perform the tests, what the test results mean, and how to correct any unsafe water conditions that may be detected.

The kit is complete for testing tap water and aquarium water. It includes pH (6.0 to 7.6), high range pH (7.4 to 8.8), ammonia, nitrite and nitrate tests. The kit also includes an instruction booklet complete with information on water testing, water resistant computer calibrated color charts, test solution bottle for the five freshwater tests, and four glass test tubes with snap-tight caps in holders.

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API Freshwater Master Test Kit Customer Reviews

Erica, Richmond VA on 2018/01/18
Very accurate

I always rely on this for an accurate testing of my tank's water, the strips don't feel right to me. I also love that the instruction booklet tells you how to make your water perfect if it isn't already.

Andi, Modesto CA on 2016/05/23
API Products Are Awesome!

Wonderful! If you love your fish!, this is the king of all test kits. Highly recommended! You get a lot of individual water tests for the money.

Suzanne, North Ridgeville OH on 2015/07/02
Great Value.

This testing kit is very valuable - you need to keep that water tested, especially for ammonia levels. Rarely do I have a fatality in the tank, and when I do, it's due to "old age" :-).Seriously, everyone who owns a tank, be it fresh water or salt water, should invest in this product. Healthy fish are happy fish and this is the way to keep them that way. Great value, which is what I always receive from PETMOUNTAIN.

Tracy, Thousand Oaks CA on 2014/02/11
Useful kit

It has been useful to see what stage the aquarium is in during cycling. I have read that using the liquid drop kits is more accurate than the paper test strips. The price is lower than the local pet store, so it's a good investment if you have fish that require particular water parameters.

Mac, New York City NY on 2013/12/24
No excuse for not having this Test Kit

The API liquid test kits are an absolute MUST for anyone who keeps an aquarium. Don't waste your money on paper tests, they are inaccurate and cost more in the long run. PetMountain's price is about half what you'll pay in a retail store too. And it's fun to use, like being back in Science Class at school.

Mary, Linden NJ on 2013/12/15
Love it

I have used this and it works fine

Ni, Laguna Niguel CA on 2013/10/01
Love it

Just get this, the price is right and it helps a lot, more accurate than strips and easy. I use an eye dropper from CVS to quickly adjust the water level in the test tubes rather that having to dump and refill a thousand times, just a word of advice. It's a solid purchase, was worried about it being old, the expiration date was 4 years from now so it is a fresh product

Karen, College Park MD on 2013/06/13
Best price for this product

Make sure you order this online rather than at your local pet store. Online it's half the price. Great testing set, easy to test, and results are very clear to read. Everyone should have this testing set.

Danny, Chicago IL on 2013/06/06
For master fish keepers

This stuff is really easy to use. I use it because I have discus and they are harder to keep than most fish. If you have basic fish store fish (mollies, guppies, platys, tetras) and are doing water changes you really don't need this. Great price, about $10 cheaper than the price at my local pet store.

Samuel, Lexington NC on 2013/06/04
Everybody needs this

Loved it! Being able to test my aquarium water anything is great. I think everybody should have one of these. Whether if they have fresh water or salt water...

Sue, Pinedale WY on 2013/05/01
Very easy to use!

This is my first test kit. It is easy to use thanks to the booklet and laminated color chart. It will last a long time, the expiration dates are years away!

Zobie, Sarasota FL on 2013/04/10
Great product

Great product, price and shipping. Thank you.

Clarice, Vine Grove KY on 2013/01/29
Excellent product!

This is a must have item for anyone who owns an aquarium. It is by far the best to test your water that is more accurate than anything else I have used. Well worth the investment!

Wei Mei, Chicago IL on 2012/11/17
Why Are My Fish Dying?

Well, crystal clear water [purigen] is not a sign of good quality water. Taking care of fish is a variables game; all variables good, fish are good. This test is great, the test tubes have an indicator to tell you how much water, the test solutions are numbered. One wish is that they included a pipette for drawing water from the tank.

Chad, Clark NJ on 2012/07/21
Master Test Kit

Fast delivery, it was better than what I expected.

Corey, Chula Vista CA on 2012/05/03
I am totally happy with my order

I loved the fact that I got my item in two days when I feared it would take eight days according to the plan I purchased. The product is simple and quick to use. I think that the pet shop where I go in town has the same test equipment for the aquarium water and that makes me feel secure. I will order from Pet Mountain again.

Jake, Mexia TX on 2012/04/10
Great price on a good product.

This site had the cheapest price for this product. Excellent shipping.

Ryan Waite, Cookeville TN on 2012/01/10
Good Kit

This is an excellent test kit. Provides all of the basic test for a freshwater aquarium. Test are easy to perform and easy to read with the supplied chart and instructions. I consider this a must to anyone with a freshwater aquarium.

Lois, Fort Worth TX on 2011/11/13
Great Deal!

I needed a new test kit. A fellow aquatic frog enthusiast recommended Pet Mountain. Great deal on a basic everyone with a tank needs.

Amy, Hot Springs AR on 2011/10/18
Great Value!

I saw this same test kit in the pet store for TWICE this price, and that was still cheaper than buying each type of test separately, so this is an AWESOME deal! Comes with detailed instructions for each test, a water-resistant card to check your results, and each bottle has a bold number on it that lets you know how many drops you need to use. The kit also comes with enough vials that you can do multiple tests at the same time, and they have flat bottoms so you can stand them up on a flat surface or use the spaces in the test kit base to hold them if you prefer.

Jessica, Texarkana AR on 2011/09/04
Great buy at a great price ^.~

I've read that liquid testing kits were the way to go in the long run. They're more accurate than test strips and cheaper overall because you get more tests from the liquids than you do the strips, therefore you have to buy strips more often. Everywhere I've looked, they've had the kit at around $30 and of course it's even more with shipping if you order it off of a website. I found this when it was on sale ($17.90!) so even with shipping it was still waaaay cheaper than anything I've ever seen. The only problem I have is the way the box is designed. It has an instruction manual and a thing to compare your results off of. You put it on the sides and the lid goes over it.. Usually when I open or try to close the box, the papers on the sides end up falling over for lack of support. It's not hard to close, it's just obnoxious. Otherwise, the kit works VERY well and should be recommended to any fish/aquatic owner, especially for someone who has a tank large enough to support the nitrogen cycle. So it's not the product that has problems, it's just the design- thus giving it a 4 star rather than a 5. Otherwise, it would've been perfect.

Jen, Plano TX on 2011/06/27
Fabulous Product and Service!

I ordered this text kit on 6/22/11. I was so excited because this kit is 30+ in stores and after shipping it was 23.99 from pet mountain. I received it today 6/27/11 from my mail man! I could not be happier with the product (I love API)! Not only did pet mountain save me at least 6 dollars plus a trip to the store, but the processing time was incredibul! I used the saver ground which is 5-8 buisness days and received my product in 4 days including the day I ordered it! Thank you Pet Mountain! I love the freedom to test my water at home instead of taking it somewhere!

Jim, Flushing MI on 2011/03/31
Must have Fresh Water test kit

Excellent Fresh water test kit, very glad I bought this. Has all tests needed for establishing and monitoring a fresh water tank. Easy instruction and easy read result chart. Test kit is great for monitoring water cycle at start up and monitoring existing tanks. Bottle has child safety lock caps (TIP- easy adult open if you read the instructions on bottle ) Pet Mountain had a great price and very fast standard shipping.

Rick, Portage IN on 2011/03/08
Not bad, if you follow the directions, theyre pretty accurate.

It tells you to shake the bottle of test solution for the nitrate test vigorously for 30 seconds before adding the drops to the test tube... But ALL the bottles the test solutions come in, leak. ??? Can we design a better bottle/cap?

Chris, North Bend WA on 2010/12/15
Better thean strips!

Strips are hard to read with that little dot to compare. The vial test is is a lot easier to compare and there are A LOT more tests per container than a pack of strip tests! PS:Wash out vial after use! It might stain the glass up a bit causing you to need replacements.

Carole, Brookings OR on 2010/11/01
First Time Owner

This is a totally convenient, easy to use kit. Makes taking care of the tank easy and you smart!

Leeanne, Binghamton NY on 2010/07/25
Great Test Kit!

The API Fresh Water Master Test kit is an invaluable resource to fish keepers. Know exactly what's going on with your water fast! It helps me stay on top of water changes, and takes the guess work out of testing. No more test strips for me!

Jason, Rockford IL on 2010/07/13
The trusted standard at a great price!

This is likely the most highly reviewed and recommended test kit, and covers almost every test you'll need (should definitely cover all the testing needs of the beginner to intermediate freshwater fish owner, though you may wish to also purchase water hardness or one or two other individual kits separately, depending on your aquarium needs).Add to this that the price of this one item alone is so low that even when combined with the cost of shipping is still cheaper than picking the same kit up at my local stores, that makes this an unbeatable deal for me. I'll save myself some time and gas money and order from Pet Mountain!

Nl, Bergen Cty. NJ on 2010/02/04
Great kit for price

Great kit for the price. Very accurate. Carefully follow instructions to ensure your NITRATE test is accurate (requires vigorous shaking). Currently fish-less cycling a 60gallon so this kit is used daily. Quick, easy, accurate. Two thumbs up!

Robert, Bayonne NJ on 2010/01/17

Awesome, easy to use, MUST buy for healthy water!

Naomi, Kennesaw GA on 2008/11/22
Accurate and great price!

Takes longer than test strips, but definitely more accurate. The Pet Mountain prices are the best deal on this test kit! I gave it 4 stars because the regular pH test solution needs to be shaken extremely well because it precipitates heavily on the bottom, and tend to make all my initial readings run very high. I wasn't able to get it to give me the same readings as the LFS, which uses a similar test, until about the 4th time I used the solution. If it weren't for that, I would give it 5 stars! I have freshwater and saltwater tanks and have been able to successfully use this kit on both tanks. The only thing is the salt causes some of the solutions to precipitate a little in the test tubes, but the colors are still easy to read. Mainly, I just use the high range pH for the saltwater tank with no problems because I have a Reef Master Kit which takes care of my other needs.

Netty, North St Paul MN on 2008/02/18
great prices

I have found some great deals on many items!

Monica, Tampa FL on 2008/01/21
So easy and accurate too!

This kit is so very easy to use. A lifesaver when cycling a tank and just for ongoing tank maintanence. I use it weekly to help me know when i need to do a water change. I like my fish to thrive not just survive!

Charlie, Maspeth NY on 2007/09/14
it was greeeeeeaaat

good site

Susan, Lawrence KS on 2007/09/03

The Test kit is just want I was looking for. This test kit is so easy to use. I love that on the back of the test cards there is "how to do the test"Great Test Kit!

Lexa, New Orleans LA on 2007/08/31

very good value here - I've seen the same kit for $30 and more in pet stores. It has all the most important tests for your aquarium. several more test tubes would be good, though.

Scope, Los Angeles CA on 2007/08/29
Great Product!

This is a great product! It lasted me a long time and seems to be the only one that can measure ammonia, essential for cycling info. Thanks!

William, Binghamton NY on 2007/07/29
Good Overall

A good test kit, it comes with all the tests you need to start a freshwater aquarium. However the nitrite test can be kind of finicky and one of the test tubes leaked.

Bob, San Diego CA on 2007/07/23
its great

Awesome, easy to use kit. Highly recommended

Kt, San Francisco CA on 2007/06/13
Accurate and easy to use

This testing kit gives accurate results and provides clear, easy-to-understand instructions for use. In addition to the more detailed instructions written in the booklet provided, illustrated directions are included on the back of each color card for quick reference. This kit was also the least expensive testing kits I could find.Highly recommended!

Willis, San Francisco CA on 2007/04/24
Best for Less test kit

This kit is very affordable and very complete for regular people like me. It's very easy to use and accurate. It tests the most important parameters for your freshwater tank.

Stacey, Anchorage AK on 2007/04/07
Two tests are a bit ambiguous

The ammonia andNitrite are spot-on each time and almost identical to the colour cardssupplied so they get used all the time. The 2 I have a problem withthe high-range pH because the colour it displays is unlike any ofthose on the card. Similarly the spectrum of colours on the Nitratetest card are so similar it's impossible to tell if your reading isanywhere between zero and deadly!

Chris, Manhattan KS on 2007/03/28
The Best Solution, Period!

Whether you use test strips or chemicals, API's Master Test Kit for Freshwater/Saltwater is the best by far. Check any good fish forum for consistently-validated superiority. The cheapest and the most accurate.

Travis, Ellijay GA on 2007/03/13
Most accurate!

This is the best and most accurate you will find anywhere. It's very easy to use and gives awesome instructions.