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API GH and KH General and Carbonate Hardness Test Kit for Freshwater Aquariums by API

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API GH and KH General and Carbonate Hardness Test Kit for Freshwater Aquariums Description

The API Freshwater Hardness GH and KH Test Kit tests tap water and freshwater aquariums for general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH). Keeping these factors properly balanced creates a more healthy, natural environment for your freshwater aquarium fish.

  • General and carbonate hardness test kit
  • Monitor GH and KH to create a more natural habitat
  • For freshwater aquariums

The Freshwater Hardness GH and KH Test Kit helps detect stress on fish caused by rapid pH shifts, which result from low KH levels and helps aquarists duplicate the natural habitat of their fish.

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API GH and KH General and Carbonate Hardness Test Kit for Freshwater Aquariums Customer Reviews

Tom, Saint Paul MN on 2018/06/10
Great product!

Api liquid water testes always works. Easy directions and procedures to perform test. Also pretty accurate if follow directions.

Raymond, Hot Springs AR on 2014/05/31
Petmountain comes through again...

If you keep shrimp, you need to know both GH and KH of your water for healthy shrimp. API has both in one kit and Pet Mountain has that kit in stock. A winning combo...

Scott, Mansfield NJ on 2013/10/23
Really a bargain

The kit allowed me to expose a local pet stores "Reverse Osmosis " water scam. Their RO water had 150ppm kh and 200+ gh just like tap water! They get $2.00/gallon for it.

T, San Jose CA on 2011/12/17
I love it

Good product, accurate liquid test kit but also a bit expensive.

G, Griffith IN on 2011/07/30
hard to find product

I was having a problem finding any hardness kits on the internet, while my LFS prices were absurdly high. I've got a 150G Malawi tank and need to test on a frequent basis. This product fit my needs.

Sarah, Colorado Springs CO on 2011/05/13
Too Often Overlooked!

Testing your pond water for kH and gH is very important, especially in areas like ours with very "soft" water. Low levels of these "buffers" can lead to a pH crash pretty quick. These test kits are quick and accurate, and this is an excellent price!