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API Marine Reef Master Test Kit by API

  • $45.99
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UPC: 317163134023
MPN: 402M

API Marine Reef Master Test Kit Description

The API Marine Reef Master Test Kit tests the most important aquarium levels. Tests Calcium, Carbonate hardness, phosphate and Nitrate levels quickly and accurately. Calibrated specifically for reef aquariums keep your reef thriving and beautiful.

  • Test Reef Aquarium water levels quickly and accurately
  • Test Calcium, Carbonate hardness (KH), Phosphate and Nitrate
  • Include 7 liquid test solutions, Instuction booklet, 4 glass test tubes and 2 color charts

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API Marine Reef Master Test Kit Customer Reviews

Jasmine, Alton IL on 2012/06/29
It was great!

Exactly as described, exactly what we needed...thank you.

Bob, Ashley PA on 2010/12/18
good for a starter

Everything seems to read fine, can be a bit finicky to match up depending on the light in the room. The phosphate test seems a bit hard to read, it was still pretty clear unless you look down through the tube to get an idea of the color. I would like to see a version of this kit with PH, Ammonia, nitrite and alkaline added to it.

Margie, Auburn GA on 2010/10/30
API Reefmaster test kit

Great price!

Naomi, Kennesaw GA on 2008/11/22
Easy to use and read!

This is everything I need to test the main parameters in my 20 gallon nano reef. It's accurate and easy to read. I use the high pH solution from the freshwater kit to test pH.