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API Marine Saltwater Master Test Kit by by API

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Product Description

The API Saltwater Master Test Kit for marine aquariums contains everything you need to measure the most important levels in your water with scientific accuracy. Professional-grade droplet tests are fast, easy to use, and the most reliable way to measure your water's chemistry.

  • Measures the most important aquarium levels
  • Tests high range pH, ammonia, nitrite & nitrate levels quickly
  • Scientifically accurate for professional results

Testing your tank water regularly is crucial for protecting your valuable fish from toxicity and other dangerous water conditions (especially ammonia and nitrite). This kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform each test, how to interpret the results, and how to correct unsafe water conditions.

Made in the USA.

Kit Includes:
6 Test Bottles for:
-High range pH (7.4-8.8)
-Ammonia (NH3/NH4+)
-Nitrite (NO2-)
-Nitrate (NO3-)
Instructions (in English, Spanish & French)
4 glass test tubes
Color charts

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Jay Roese, Macedon NY on 12-03-2013
good quality

Good kit with consistent test results. Not quit all inclusive but covers the 4 important tests.

Jasmine, Ames IA on 06-29-2012
It was great!

Exactly as described, exactly what we needed...thank you.

Jorge, Lamont CA on 04-19-2012
Best test kit

Test kit with a price that can't be beat. Thanks.

Keith, Kaneohe HI on 09-08-2010
best test out there

this kit saved me a lot of time and money.

Ted, Slidell LA on 07-13-2010
Great product!

This kit works well. I've had mine for about 3 years and love it.

Andrew, Hollywood FL on 07-02-2010
One of the best test kits for its price.!

This is one the best test kit i've owned, easy to read cards, really good tester for the money $

Karen, Lakeland FL on 06-19-2010
Must have testing kit

You cannot have a saltwater set up and not have the proper testing equipment for water stability. I use this item almost daily on the cycling process.

Steve , Vallejo CA on 05-27-2010
Awesome test kit

First off, kudos to Petmountain for having the best price on the API kits. I am very pleased with the test kit. It is as accurate as my friends higher end test kit.. It is user friendly and it didn't burn a hole in my pocket to get it. Thanks

John, Boston MA on 04-08-2010
A Necessity For Any Serious Aquarium-Keeper

If you're using the "quick-dip" type testing strips, stop. They aren't very accurate. Sure, they are super easy to use and give you results in seconds, but they may be wrong. This test kit uses liquid and test tubes. It does take longer and is more labor-intensive, but you can rely on the results. Plus, this kit contains enough for hundreds of tests. The only con I can think of is sometimes it's a bit difficult to match the color of the water to the result color cards. But this does not happen often.

Scott, Lake Worth FL on 01-19-2010
Good Product and Great Price

This is a very good starter test kit by API. It is simple to use and interpret. I wish it included a Phosphate test though.

Justin, Enderlin ND on 12-21-2009
This is a good test kit!

I have received this test kit and like it and would buy this test kit again. There is one draw back some of the colors are very close and hard to tell which one it is at.

Danny, Los Angeles CA on 09-29-2009


Jeffrey, Kc MO on 08-16-2007
Great Value!

I bought this test kit as a substitute for the expensive Salifert tests. I have checked the Results of these AP kits against Salifert kits at the LFS and they are right there with them. Some kits can be hard to read (pH), but most are very good. Not quite as good as Salifert, but definitely acceptable for half the money, a great deal.

Nga, Orlando FL on 07-19-2007
Salt water Master Kit

I find this product is great.This is my second purchase.I give it a thumb up.

Alicia, Armada MI on 05-17-2007
Awesome Product!

Very good product, works fast and very accelerate results!

Brian, San Diego CA on 05-14-2007
Easy to Use and Very Efficient

This Product is great. Easy to perform test, results in under 5 minutes. Would buy again.

Alexa, Boston MA on 03-07-2007
Excellent Product

This test kit is nothing short of amazing!! It is accurate and easy to read and understand. It makes you feel like you are a professional chemist!!! I would reccomend this product to anyone!!!

Alexa, Boston MA on 03-07-2007
Amazing Product

This is an absolutely amazing product!!! I have been using it for years!!! It is clear and concise!!! This kit is easy to understand, and it gives you accurate results every time. I would recommend this product to anyone anytime!!!