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API Nitra-Zorb by by API

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Product Description

API Nitra-Zorb for API and Rena Filters is a convenient pouch of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins that selectively remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from freshwater aquariums. Completely phosphate-free and ready to use!

  • Removes toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Provides chemical filtration to support a successful aquarium startup
  • Ready to use pouch for freshwater fish tanks
  • 1 large pouch treats up to 55 gallons

API Nitra-Zorb filtration pouches are scientifically proven to remove toxins in aquarium water, including NH3, NO2-, and NO3- to support the health and longevity of fish and plants.

Instructions: Easy-to-use pouch works 2 months, change regularly for clean and clear water.

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Customer Reviews

Raymond, Bakersfield CA on 2016/03/30
Fish doing awesome - Good water = Happy fish = better growth

I have a 200 gallon fish tank for quadraphonic gardening inside a green house. I was going through API Ammonia Lock quite extensively. This product really works well and is less expensive because one can regenerate the pads with API salt. I really appreciated the lower cost (in bulk) - the free shipping - and the quick delivery. On a scale of 10 with 10 being an A+ - I give Pet Mountain a 10 and this product a 10.

Javier, Bethlehem PA on 2015/03/16
Nitra Zorb

Wow finally I found something that really works - my nitrates are at zero. l tried other products to lower nitrates, did not work, I ordered two pouches and they keep my water crystal clear and my nitrates at zero. I will be ordering more. The service at PetMountain and fast shipping are the best and the prices are way better than any other store.

Thomas, West Chester OH on 2013/04/03
Cheep filter median for nitrates

Fits like a glove in my API filter. Dropped my nitrate levels down 4 points in just 1 night so far. Good stuff for busy people like me who can't do water changes as frequently as we would like.

Dixie, Athens GA on 2007/12/11
Works Great

I have Pearlscale and Oranda Goldfish. This stuff has greatly improved the water quality for longer periods of time.