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API Phos-Zorb by by API

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Product Description

API Phos-Zorb for the API Nexx and Rena SmartFilter selectively removes ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It also removes phosphate, a by-product of fish metabolism and decaying organic matter and an additive in some tap water supplies, aquarium products and filtration media.

  • Easy to use filtration media
  • Eliminates cloudy water caused by phosphates
  • Will not remove trace elements & will not affect pH

Size 6: Aquariums up to 55 Gallons

Directions: Each pouch is effective for up to 2 months. Change regularly for maximum effectiveness.

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Peter, Colorado Springs CO on 07-01-2011
Better than Rena

My 11" Red Ear slider is a messy creature. I tried RENA's carbon bags that go with the XPS Canister systems, and the water never cleared up. I tried going outside the RENA brand with this and the water looks drinkable. It's incredibly clear and odor free.

Peter, Portland OR on 05-06-2010
Fast Phosphate reduction, but not for long

Phos-Zorb rapidly reduced phosphate levels in my 30 gallon saltwater system from 2 ppm to less than .5 ppm nearly overnight. However, PH plummeted and had to be corrected several times. However, the media provided only about 2 weeks of service before phosphate levels began to rise - much less 1-2 months cited on the package.