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API Pond Accu-Clear Quickly Clears Pond Water by API

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API Pond Accu-Clear Quickly Clears Pond Water Description

API Pond Accu-Clear quickly clears floating particles and helps clarify cloudy and murky water to help maintain a crystal clear pond. Accu-Clear helps filters function more efficiently by causing tiny suspended cloud particles in pond water to clump together.

  • Clarifies murky or cloudy water
  • Helps establish a healthy pond
  • Clears floating particles

Use Pond Zyme Plus or EcoFix along with Accu-Clear for unmatched cleanliness in your pond. Safe for all fish, plants, pets and wildlife when used as directed. For ornamental pond use only.

Made in the USA.

Directions: Add 1/4 cup (60 ml) per 600 gallons of pond water. DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdosing will result in less effective results. Wait 24 hours before adding a second dose, if one is needed. Dose weekly to maintain water quality. 16 oz treats up to 4,800 gallons. 32 oz treats up to 9,600 gallons. 64 oz treats up to 19,200 gallons. 1 gallon treats up to 38,400 gallons.

Important: Before use, make sure your pond has plenty of aeration (i.e., fountain, waterfall, air pump, etc.), especially during the hot summer months. API Pond Accu-Clear effectively removes unwanted organic matter, which produces high volumes of oxygen during the day. When using Accu-Clear, it is crucial to provide a vigorous source of oxygen to avoid fish death.

Note: Formerly known as PondCare Accu-Clear.

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API Pond Accu-Clear Quickly Clears Pond Water Customer Reviews

Diana, Highland CA on 2018/08/05
As always outstanding!

As always outstanding! Arrives quickly, no problems and it is always exactly what I needed and I don't have to go searching all the pet stores, aquatics stores for what I need for my Koi pond! Thank you!

Kevin, Grove City OH on 2018/06/17
Works Wonders

06/15/2018 04:45 pm PDTThis product worked wonders on my 4000 gallon pond. Totally made my water clear enough to see the 3.8' bottom with using the recommended dose in one week of treatment. I was skeptical, but no longer. Had to clean my filters daily, but did exactly what it said it would do. Thank you.

Spike, Vallejo CA on 2016/04/12
Great service

What an easy site to use...Great deals!

Patty , Murfreesboro TN on 2015/10/14
Clear pond

Our koi pond had "floating dirt" all in it and nothing helped. Accu-clear worked great! The next day the pond looked so much better. Very happy with this product.

Elizabeth, Smithtown NY on 2015/08/05
Loved this...

My pond was very cloudy and we couldn't even see the bottom. After the first dose there was a noticeable difference. After the third the pond was 100% clean and clear. Now I can see the fish! This product is amazing and I would highly recommend it.

Fran, Prospect CT on 2014/06/24
Great Product

Product stands up to its claim, clearing murky water within 24 hours depending on how unclear the water is. However, when I received this product the bottle did not have a seal under the cap, why I'm not sure because when you buy it in a store it does. With that said, it leaked all over the inside of the bubble wrap it came in. That was disappointing.

Alla, Pine Hill NE on 2014/05/03
It works

IT works. Only you need to filter the water using bio-filter or something similar to speed up the process.

Rip, Gresham OR on 2013/07/02
It works!

After strong winds and anytime the pond water is cloudy, Accu-Clear cleans it up. Doesn't appear to bother the fish. Only problem is that the clear water invites the Blue Heron to visit.

Kathy, Millsboro DE on 2012/03/31
Works Great!

We buy it by the gallon to help clear the water in our 7000-gallon koi pond. Works well after using algaecide or whenever water begins to look green or murky. We keep our chemical use to a minimum, but this is definitely one we keep on the list!

Anita, Prineville OR on 2011/10/05
accu-clear and algaefix

These 2 products work great, have not found any other products that would clear up the algae in our pond, we have been trying for 3 years to find the right products, these really do a great job, we can see our fish and they do not have to swim blind.

Sheila, Morganton NC on 2011/08/26
Great Product

Every Pond Care product I have used delivers what is promised. My pond is clear and healthy!

Debbie, Canton OH on 2010/10/01
Great Product!

We have used this item since we've had a pond - we won't use anything else!

Myla, Deland FL on 2010/08/05
It works great!

My pond was so cloudy I couldnt see the bottom. After one treatment with accu-clear it started clearing the next day. In two days it was crystal clear. A great product.

Sandra, Fairfield CA on 2010/08/04
PondCare Algaefix is great!

I have used PondCare Algaefix for years and love it. I can tell when I have neglected to used it, my water starts to get algae. Once I put my first dose in the water is clearer within 24 hours. I would not change this product for anything. I have worked hard on my Koi pond and nothing is more enjoyable then to see my Koi fish swimming.

Ivy, Winlock WA on 2010/07/12
Swear by this product!

I have been using this product for years, and have nothing but rave reviews for it. I spend my time enjoying my ponds instead of cleaning them. This is my first time to use this site, but so far can see the savings.

Jamie, Ojai CA on 2010/06/18

I use this in my koi pond and it work fast and great

Irving, Monson MA on 2010/06/17
i loved it

i used it to clear up cloudy water from a heavy rain mud slide it made it as clear as a crystal thank you

Rich, Pelham NH on 2009/12/15
Great product

I use Pond Care Acu clear all the time in my Koi pond. The stuff is amazing and I recommend it ti everyone. I also tell them to buy from Pet Mountain due to the LOWEST costs.