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API Pond Melafix Treats Bacterial Infections for Koi and Goldfish by API

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API Pond Melafix Treats Bacterial Infections for Koi and Goldfish Description

API Pond Melafix (formerly PondCare Melafix) is an antibacterial remedy for the treatment of common Koi and goldfish ailments, including Eye Cloud, Mouth Fungus, and Fin and Tail Rot. Melafix is an all natural treatment that promotes rapid healing of damaged fins and tissue, as well as ulcers and open wounds.

  • Natural active ingredient treats bacterial fish infections
  • Promotes healing of Koi and goldfish
  • Rapidly repairs damaged fins and tissue
  • Treats fin and tail rot, ulcers, and open wounds

Melafix is safe for snails and other invertebrates. Treats bacterial infections such as red ulcers, fin and tail rot, cloudy eyes, mouth fungus, open wounds, ulcers, and damaged fins. Will not harm aquatic plants, affect the pH or adversely affect the biological filter!

API Pond Melafix uses the antibacterial power of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) extract for the treatment of bacterial infections - a natural ingredient that provides an excellent alternative to resistant strains of bacteria that are unaffected by traditional medications. Healing and tissue re-growth can often be seen within 4 days of treatment. Formulated to work with API Pond Pimafix for best results.

Made in the USA.

Directions: Shake well. Remove carbon from pond filter and turn off UV and ozone-producing units, if applicable.

Administration: Add 1 Tbsp (15 ml) for every 150 gallons (567 L), or 1/4 cup (60 ml) for every 600 gallons (2,270 L) of pond water.

As a preventative when introducing new fish to the pond: Use daily for 3 days.

To treat infections or heal wounds: Use daily for 7 days. Double this dose when treating advanced or chronic infection. Repeat treatment, if necessary.

Note: Foaming may occur during treatment. When exposed to elevated temperatures, the product may turn cloudy in the bottle. This does not affect the activity of the product.

Contains: Melaleuca Oil (Cajeput Oil 5%).

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API Pond Melafix Treats Bacterial Infections for Koi and Goldfish Customer Reviews

Kim, Oak Hill WV on 2015/10/05
Great product

Best price on the net and Pet Mountain shipped my order very fast! Thanks so much!

Ryushin, Encinitas CA on 2013/11/05
Good for what was ailing our pond

Used this to treat a 5K gal. Koi pond which had an unknown pathogen affecting our fish. The symptoms have been bloating (in some fish), lethargy (not all fish), slight fading of color and the water was slightly clouded. Since the symptoms were not "identifiable" as a specific disease or fungus we decided to treat the whole pond for a total of 10 days. We started with Melafix (1 pint/5K gal) for the first 3 days, overlapped treatment with Pimafix (1 pint/5K gal) for 7 days. Our pond is clear, the fish color has returned, no bloated fish (not sure why the fish bloated but they were not lopsided as when the swim bladder is affected). I appreciate that I can use both products at once and I do not have to worry about toxicity. After a treatment we do a partial water change and pump the water directly onto the trees in the orchard.

Saul, El Paso TX on 2012/09/04
First Time Use

I will have to up date this later, don't know the results yet. I give it a three star base of my expectations.

Sylvia E Anderson, Yorkville IL on 2011/09/28
A very good product!

We have had a koi pond for 11 years and have always used the Melafix Antibacterial Remedy for our fish. It's a great product and seems to work very well. We clean our pond every spring and after removing the fish and keeping them in a holding tank, some of them come out a little worse for wear, but the Melafix seems to work wonders for them. We have most of our original koi, except for those taken by herons, and quite a few more because of reproduction of our happy koi family. So, it goes without saying, that we will continue to use the Melafix products to keep them well and happy.

Carole, Kailua Kona HI on 2011/06/08
Excellent product

Excellent treatment for ailing Koi. I used in combination w/Pimafix at the first sign of illness and treated the pond for the full 7 days. My Koi is back to normal now. Thanks!

Carole, Kailua Kona HI on 2011/06/06
Great Product

I used Melafix in combination with Pimafix and my Koi is healthy again. I followed the directions completely and medicated my 1800 gallon pond for 7 days. I also think it's important to begin the treatment at the first sign of a problem. So I keep extra Melafix and Pimafix available.

Carole, Kailua Kona HI on 2011/04/19
Meds for Koi Pond

Product was received in perfect condition packaged well and arrived quickly.

Don, Washington MI on 2010/08/21
Best medications Ive used!

I inherited a Koi Pond with a home purchase. The koi had been neglected for some time and were in need of TLC, as was the pond. Upon reconditioning the water, I needed to medicate the Koi. I used the Melafix and Pimafix as directed and now my Koi are healthy and spawning! Thank You for these products! The benefits are remarkable!

Nancy, Kingston TN on 2010/07/04
MelaFix is effective

A few of my Koi and comets were struggling with bacterial and fungal infections after a harsh winter. We cleaned the 3000 gal water garden and treated with a combination of Pond Care's MelaFix and PimaFix for 7 days. The treatment was very effective and the fish are all healthy. Pet Mountain is both prompt and accurate when processing an order.

Marie, Redondo Beach CA on 2010/05/09
Fantastic stuff!

Melafix is a must-have for any fish-keeper. I use it when adding new fish, or any time that I see evidence of stress in my tanks. It calms aggressiveness in my over-crowded cichlid tanks, especially after a water change or cleaning when they get far more territorial. I've saved a lot of grief using Melafix and Pimafix, and since they're herbal remedies they're much safer to use than other treatments.

Arkadiy, Pearland TX on 2009/12/03
Melafix is a good stuff for treating minor skin infections and wounds.

I highly recommend Melafix for treating fish with fin and skin injuries/scratches or if minor bacterial problems are present. This "pond" version is 5 times more concentrated compared to those you can buy in pet stores, so this is a good choice for big aquarium setups (I have over 40). Pet Mountain's pricing is excellent, I definitely will buy again from them.

Theresa, Columbia MO on 2007/01/09
Gotta have it!

This is the stuff the "pros" recommend for quarantining your new fish....excellent for your koi when stressed too! I use it when moving my fish or getting any new ones.