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API Pond Pond Salt Natural Fish Tonic for Ponds by API

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API Pond Pond Salt Natural Fish Tonic for Ponds Description

API Pond Pond Salt provides essential electrolytes fish need to survive with an all-natural salt, made from evaporated sea water. Improves gill function, protects against nitrite toxicity and reduces stress.

  • Provides electrolytes
  • Improves gill function
  • Protects against nitrite toxicity and reduces stress

Helps to maintain a natural balance of electrolytes in the body fluids of pond fish. Can safely be used with all API Pond water conditioners, filtration materials, medications and fish foods. Monitor salt levels with a salt level test kit. Dosage may be doubled for ponds without plants for healthier fish.

Made from all natural sea salt, Pond Salt replaces electrolytes essential for the uptake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and ammonium. It temporarily blocks the toxic effects of nitrate and is safe and non-toxic to all pond fish.

4.4 lbs treats 550 gallons
9.6 lbs treats 1,200 gallons

Note: Formerly known as PondCare Pond Salt.

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API Pond Pond Salt Natural Fish Tonic for Ponds Customer Reviews

Marsha, Washington MO on 2012/05/14
I love it for what I use it for

I use it if my Marimo Balls are brown a pinch of salt in my aquarium gets them right back on track. The only thing I would say was a negative was I could not get a small amount. But that is all I can say that I did not like about it.

Alli, Metairie LA on 2011/09/08
Pond Salt works

I have been using pond salt at the recommendation of friends and the pond store and if it didn't work I would know it. This website has all the products I need and at good prices

Michelle, Norwalk CT on 2010/06/02

We have a 250 gallon pond approx., and go through one of these tubs of salt per year on average. It's just what we need - no more, no less. There is also a salt test kit available that is very easy to use - we test after every heavy rain...

Art, Albany OR on 2009/12/23
Use it all the time

I use all time; thanks for larger size pond salt!