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API Filstar Canister Filter XP XL Impeller Kit by API

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API Filstar Canister Filter XP XL Impeller Kit Description

The Rena Filstar XP4 Impeller Kit replaces your old, worn out or broken aquarium canister filter impeller. Replacing an old impeller is essential to keep your filter running with optimum power and efficiency.

  • Includes rotor, shaft and bearing
  • Fits Rena Filstar XP4 external filter
  • Replaces old or degraded impeller

Old, uncared-for impellers can result in decreased water flow, poor circulation, and, in some cases, even an unpleasant grinding noise. Replace the impeller to reinvigorate your filter with strong, silent water pull and maximum circulation. Filters and impellers should be cleaned and maintained regularly to extend the life of your parts and system.

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API Filstar Canister Filter XP XL Impeller Kit Customer Reviews

Chris, Locust Valley NY on 2011/04/12
Could be better

I use the Rena filter for my turtles. They will knock the intake off the filter and then I will find it when I get home from work. In that time I have burn through 2 of the impellers. I wish they would make it so it wouldn't burn out of have an automatic shut off.