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API Stress Coat + Fish & Tap Water Conditioner by by API

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Product Description

API Stress Coat Plus instantly makes tap water safe for fish. It's made with Aloe Vera, nature's liquid bandage, to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes and protect damaged tissue by reducing stress and restoring the fish's natural slime coat.

  • Makes tap water safe for your fish and aquarium
  • Contains soothing aloe vera to heal damaged tissue and promote regeneration
  • Reduce fish stress and replaces slime coat

Stress Coat Plus replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress (such as handling, shipping or fighting), and helps heal torn fins and skin wounds. Use when setting up the fish tank, changing water, or adding new fish.

Made in the USA.

Benefits: Contains Aloe Vera, which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and forms a slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss. Proven to reduce fish stress, which can result from changing water, poor water quality and handling fish. High-stress levels can cause fish to lose their slime coats and be more susceptible to illness. API Stress Coat+ is proven to reduce fish stress by 40%.

When to Use: When setting up an aquarium, adding or changing water when adding new fish, or when fish are damaged or sick.

Directions: Add 5 ml per 10 US gallons (38 L) of water or 1/2 cup (120 ml) for each 240 US gallons (912 L) of aquarium water. Double the dose to replace slime coat and to repair damaged skin and fins. 1 oz treats up to 60 gallons. 4 oz treats up to 236 gallons. 8 oz treats up to 474 gallons. 16 oz treats up to 946 gallons. 32 oz treats up to 1,893 gallons. 64 oz treats up to 3,840 gallons. 1 gallon treats up to 7,680 gallons. 5 gallons treats up to 38,400 gallons.

Tip: Use Stress Coat together with API Stress Zyme to assure good water quality and a healthy, clean aquatic environment.

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Ruth, Dayton IA on 06-18-2017
Great product!!

I have used Stress Coat for years because it keeps my fish very healthy. I was thrilled with the price that Petmountain had it for and will continue to buy the product from them. Thank you Petmountain!!

Amanda, Cedar City UT on 11-08-2016
Use at every water change

We use with every water change and when adding new fish or medicating.

Raymond, Corry PA on 12-09-2015
Excellent product

I have used this product for a while and use it whenever I bring new fish into the environment, any time a net is involved, and with all water changes.

Donna, Cogan Station PA on 03-29-2015
Great product, great price!

Have used this in freshwater aquariums, helps to keep fish healthy. Was happy to find this in the gallon size at this price! Shipping was very prompt and it was wrapped so well there's no way it could have been damaged! Great product, great job!

Greg, Zoar OH on 03-18-2015

You can't beat their price & it comes shipped securely.

Don, Tawas City MI on 01-16-2015
Good product

Seems to be a good product and price. Only need half the amount of other water conditioners, so it goes further and cost less. When you have to change a lot of water, that is a big plus.

Vinnie, Mishawaka IN on 12-01-2014
Awesome stuff

I love this stuff, use it every water change, works like a charm

Michael, Mount Pleasant TX on 11-08-2014
I love it

This stuff works great for getting chlorine and chloramines out of tab water and provides a protective slime coat for fish when stressed. Good value too.

Lina, Stafford VA on 06-13-2014
Fish Water Conditioner

This is best place to shop, good price, quick shipping and good service. We received the product without any damages.

Brian, Parker CO on 09-25-2013

Perfect and a great price!

Susan, Durham ME on 06-04-2013

Surprising, but good and great value price.

Donne, Blue Springs MO on 02-27-2013

This product is just perfect. I have found that my cleaning routine with both my fish tanks is made easier with this product because of its volume and measuring cup on the cap.

Bernice, Detroit MI on 01-25-2013
Saved my Fish!

My goldfish was not doing well Sunday, after we upgraded him to a 20gal tank. He was looking sick before we made the move and I think the move made him worse. He was very still on the bottom of the tank, not eating, and his tail was very shredded. He was also being sucked on by the algae eater in the tank. To stop this, we upgraded them to a larger tank and we added algae tablets to his diet. My local fish store recommended your product and add 10cc that night and add 10cc every morning until the fish was doing better. Miraculously the gold fish is doing great and is swimming around and eating again! Yay!

Larissa, Fountain CO on 08-29-2012
Amazing Stuff

I have been using this stuff for 5 years. When I first started with fish tanks I had one heck of a time with getting water quality good for my fish. I have tried many other brands and API is by far the best thing out there! I have 3 fresh water tanks and API is all I use from the stress zyme to help keep the tanks clean to the tap water conditioner for water changes!

Christopher, Greenwood IN on 05-24-2012
Great product

I have been using this product for a while now and have been really happy with it. Only thing that would make me happier with this was if it came with a pump so that it was easier to pour into the tank. Great price on it too.

Osiris, Bronx NY on 02-21-2012
Fish look relaxed after

I use this after water changes and aquarium clean ups fish seem relaxed and very active afterwards.

Jamie, Jacksonville FL on 12-15-2011

They did a great job packing it they taped the top with effort and wrapped it in plastic in case it leaked which it did not! So glad at the effort that was made.

Olga, Miami FL on 10-26-2011
I love this product

This is a great item! It is all you need for water change or new set up.

G, Griffith IN on 07-30-2011
Good deal for the price

It's always good to buy in bulk, I couldn't pass up this deal. Having 7 tanks from 2.5-150G I got through this quickly.

Niky, Oakdale MN on 10-26-2010
Only Brand I Use

What is there to really say about API products? I love them and I have never ever had an issue with it affecting my fish, plants or invertebrates. I use this every time I do a water change.

Juan, Sacramento CA on 10-02-2010
aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Coat Fish and Tap Water Conditioner

always used this product for my 90 gal fish tank, and price was great!

Nicole, Milford CT on 08-03-2010
Habitat Stress Coat

Excellent value, keeps pond and fresh healthy.

John, Boston MA on 04-08-2010
A Must-Have

I've been using Stress Coat for years, and will continue to. Besides using it as a water conditioner, I use it as a supplement to build and maintain the slime-coat on the fish. It doesn't leave any film or residue on the surface or cause the water to foam. Plus, it's cheap!

Donna, Sycamore IL on 02-26-2008
Love this product! Great price too!!!

I really love this product, I use it to condition the water when I have to top off my tank and to keep my fish healthy.Pet mountain has really good prices too!

Becky, Obrien OR on 02-17-2008
Healthy long-lived fish

Since I started using Stress-coat my fish have lived much much longer and during tank changes, they demonstrate next to no stress at all.

Thuha Tran, Annapolis MD on 01-02-2008
it is good

i take it every time change water

Susan, Boise ID on 12-14-2007
Great Product

Great product -- easy to use. Use @ water changes/additions to eliminate chlorine. Also use it when fish appear sick or when adding new fish to the tank. Works wonders!

Daisy, Sonora CA on 11-23-2007
Can't live without it!

I have a short piece of water hose off a yard faucet. Then I have a house water filter with a carbon cartridge that removes chlorine that I change once a month ( I have thirty trout size gold fish) and every time I do a water exchange or anything, I use water that I know doesn't have chlorine to kill the fish. When I do a water exchange ( I have three huge tanks in my front porch where I keep the fish) I feel I am protecting my 15 year old fish! But just to be sure, I always give a squirt of Stress Coat as insurance in case I had gone too long without changing the inline filter. City water systems fluctuate too much chlorine and sometimes tasting the tap water tells me it is really too strong. I have used this water filter for years. It is by Culligan and I bought it at the hardware store. It has a place for the short hose from the faucet for the tap water to go into the filter and another hose connection for the long hose to come out from the top of the cannister. I run it from the back yard, wrapped in foam insulated pipe 70 feet around to the front of the house and up through the floor of my porch deck, which is enclosed. The insulation keeps it from freezing in the winter. I love Stress Coat, it is my insurance. I can't live without it! I have three huge tanks in the front porch. The natural light comes in and I also have lights on. I always get passerby noticing my huge huge fish! How many fish can enjoy looking the deer outside and people walking by? The fish can also look into my living room from windows behind the tank and huge windows to the street in front of the tanks. The fish follow me when I am in the living room. They all turn and look at me watching tv. They say "Feed me, feed me! For the 3rd time today!". I go through a lot of stress coat. I use quite a large squirt, more than recommended. It seems pretty safe.

Lyons, Ypsilanti MI on 05-31-2007
Must have for aquarium health

I use this product every time I do water changes, adding new fish or just topping-off my 28G aquarium. Fish stay healthy and disease free. Petmountain sells these cheaper than local pet stores. Petmountain is great!

Andrew, Belmont MA on 03-04-2007
Great Product

This is a great product! I use this when I purchase a new fish, do a water change or when my fish are otherwise stressed out.