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API Stress Zyme Plus Bio Filtration Booster by by API

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Product Description

API Stress Zyme Plus helps improve the development of the biological filter, as well as cleaning a dirty aquarium. API Stress Zyme contains millions of live, beneficial bacteria cultures to break down and destroy sludge in the gravel bed while keeping grass and plants clean.

  • Keeps aquarium clean & reduces maintenance
  • Improves bio filter at startup
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for fresh or saltwater

API Stress Zyme Plus breaks down organic compounds that can cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia and nitrite poisoning and low oxygen levels.

A continuing use of Stress Zyme will assure an active biological filter, cleaner aquarium, healthier fish, and an overall good water quality. You do not have to keep this product refrigerated. StressZyme can be used in Fresh or Saltwater aquariums and when setting up or maintaining aquarium. Additional features:

  • Contains live bacteria to consume sludge
  • Reduces aquarium maintenance
  • Adds beneficial bacteria for a healthy aquarium
  • All natural ingredients

When To Use: Use weekly for a healthy, clean aquarium and to maintain a strong biological filter.

Directions: Shake well. To maintain a clean, healthy aquarium: add 1 tsp. (5 ml) per 10 US gallons (38 L) or 1/2 cup (120 ml) for each 240 US gallons (912 ml) of water weekly. For new aquariums to help boost the biological filter: double the dose, use at startup and for 2 additional weeks.

1 oz treats 60 gallons
4 oz treats 236 gallons
8 oz treats 480 gallons
16 oz treats 960 gallons
64 oz treats 3,786 gallons
4 gallons treats 30,240 gallons

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Brandi, Salina KS on 02-25-2015
So far happy

I have no complaints using it as directed.

Suzanne, Anderson SC on 11-21-2014
API Stress Zyme Plus Bio Filtration Booster by API

I have been using this product for about a year now and it is hands down one of the finest products on the market for fish. First thing, it's an "API" product. After getting out of fish keeping for quite a few years, a lot had changed as far as products on the market. They had really expanded! I tried a few API products and was hooked. They go above and beyond anything I had ever used before. This is an awesome product that I will not be without!

Joe, South Lyon MI on 01-28-2014
My Pond Fish Are Doing Well in the Aquarium

I have a pond where I keep my Koi. We were expecting a very harsh winter, so we decided to bring them in. We set up 2 x 50 gallon tanks and brought them in before the ice formed on the pond. We added the Stress Zyme to both tanks and the fish are doing well. Since the fish are pretty large, we have to replace volumes of the water with fresh water. We just add more Stress Zyme and things have been going great. We also use Stress Zyme in our pond to keep our Koi healthy.

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 01-07-2014
Love this product

Works great, I doubled the dose at start up on my 75g tank. I now use on a regular basis every other water change. Helped cycle my tank much faster and my fish are happy.

Pris, Ny NY on 03-07-2013
My fish are doing GREAT!!!

My fish were in a corner not moving I knew it was the water. I follow the instructions on the Stress Zyme Plus. Now my Platys, Catfish,and zebra danios are doing much better. Swimming back and forth. This product is great for tropical fish. This is the first time I've used this product.

Larissa, Fountain CO on 08-29-2012

I have 3 tanks and none of them go a week without a dose! One tank is an Oscar (which can be very messy fish) and there is never a mess in the gravel! All of my fish are very happy and their water conditions stay at perfect levels with this stuff! I have used just about everything from API from the Stress Zyme to the Ammo Lock and they are a wonderful brand!!!

Patrick Eckert, West Frostproof FL on 09-21-2010
I love this product

I have a 125 gal aquarium and I would add new fish to replace the old dead ones but it didn't take long before they died too. I was told about this product and haven't had a problem since. It is the greatest and the fish always seem happy and content

Lloyd, Ypsilanti MI on 08-05-2010
Hardworking Microbes

Highly recommended for proper tank maintenance, especially during filter pad replacements.

Joe, Lafayette CA on 08-03-2007
Great Product

Stress Zyme is very useful for aquariums. Every aquarium owner ought to have this.

Lyons, Ypsilanti MI on 05-31-2007
Must have for aquarium health

I use this product every time I do water changes, adding new fish or just topping-off my 28G aquarium. Fish stay healthy and disease free. Helps keep my aquarium water crystal clear. Petmountain sells these cheaper than local pet stores. Petmountain is great!