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API Water Softener Pillow by by API

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Product Description

The API Water Softener Pillow contains ion exchange resins to remove calcium, magnesium and soluble heavy metal ions, including iron and copper. This reduces white, crusty deposits on aquarium surfaces and increases the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Softens water by removing calcium, magnesium & heavy metals
  • For freshwater aquariums
  • Fully rechargeable 2 oz treats up to 20 gallons

Reduces calcium and magnesium content, lowering general hardness (GH) and softening water without adding harmful chemicals. The convenient pouch is fully rechargeable.

When to Use: When starting or maintaining an aquarium or when testing indicates water hardness above the desired level.

Directions: Rinse pouch under tap water. Place pouch in path of water flow in the aquarium filter. The activity of the pillow lasts 48 hours. After 48 hours, recharging is necessary.

Recharging: Dissolve 3 tablespoon of aquarium salt in 7 oz of tap water. Rinse pouch in tap water, then soak in the salt solution for 2 hours. Place back in filter – there is no need to rinse. When not in use, store Water Softer Pillow in recharging solution. Do not let pillow dry out. Replace when Water Softener Pillow ceases to function properly after recharging.

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Jianli, Frisco TX on 11-26-2012
Quite effective

I have a 50 gal tank that uses tap water, which GH is high. After applied this softener pillow (2 bags), the result is pretty good. It reduces the GH as specified in the product description.