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AquaClear Power Filter by AquaClear

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AquaClear Power Filter Description

The AquaClear Power Filter provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration through its multi-stage filtration system. The filter filtration volume is up to 7 times larger than comparable Filters.

  • Preserves Beneficial acteria for a Stress Free Environment
  • Patented Refiltration System for a Health Aquarium and Clear Water
  • UL Listed Power Filter
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The media basket prevents water by-pass around the filter media maximizing filtration efficiency. The filter preserves beneficial bacterial creating a stress free environment for aquarium inhabitants and maintains clear aquarium water. Installation and maintenance are quick, easy and convenience. Its unique design filters aquarium water through a natural and silent waterfall. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation.

The filter comes equipped with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon and BioMax. In addition, AquaClear 20, AquaClear 30, AquaClear, 50, AquaClear 70 and AquaClear 110 can use an entire line of media including Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Remover exclusively designed for the AquaClear Power Filter. A healthy aquarium requires "beneficial" bacteria. Invisible and harmless, beneficial bacteria are essential in the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrate.

Aqua Clear Power Filter Features:

  • Quiet
  • Low operating costs
  • Complete filtration
  • Large filter media volume
  • Superior contact time with filter media
  • Cycle Guard, for continuous biological filtration and superior water quality
  • Includes foam, carbon and BioMax Filter inserts
  • CycleGuard now with BioMax - Preserves beneficial bacteria for a stress free environment.

20 Gallons: 100 GPH - 5-20 Gallons - (Formerly AquaClear 100)
30 Gallons: 150 GPH - 10-30 Gallons - (Formerly AquaClear 150)
50 Gallons: 200 GPH - 20-50 Gallons - (Formerly AquaClear 200)
70 Gallons: 300 GPH - 40-70 Gallons - (Formerly AquaClear 300)
110 Gallons: 500 GPH - 60-110 Gallons - (Formerly AquaClear 500)

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AquaClear Power Filter Customer Reviews

Greg, New Richmond WI on 2015/03/22
Dependable most the time

I have used these AquaClear power filters for years. They run a long time before they need to be taken apart and cleaned. The only thing I don't like is that if you loose power for more than a couple seconds, the filter will run its self empty. Then if power comes back on, the pump has lost its prime and impeller will sit and spin in what ever little water that is left. As the water heats up from the impeller coil, it starts to evaporate to the point where the water becomes a sludge and impeller stops moving. This design needs a check valve in the tube before the water goes into the filter box. Also, every time I do a water change and have to turn it off, I have to prime it again before I plug it back in. Models 20, 30, and 50 are the only ones I have tried so far, and they all do the same thing. If it wasn't for that, I would give 5 stars.

Kimila, Gretna VA on 2015/03/17
Super nice

I really like this filter for my saltwater aquarium. The media set up is easy to change.

Iain, Clarks Summit PA on 2014/05/25
Great filter

Quite easy to set up. I have Aquaclear for all my tanks. No problem with the shipment.

Dan, Elizabeth NJ on 2014/03/09
Still one of the best!

Been using these filter systems for years! Still one of the best and reliable out there. Easy to clean, easy to replace media without shutting it down, you can add whatever media you want to it using universal filter bags, flow control, and circulates and oxygenates with the waterfall type flow. Still have the very first one from like 15 or 20 years ago.

Robert, Winter Park FL on 2013/12/21
Amazing filter

This filter is performing as well as described in reviews. It is on a 46 gallon tank and runs quietly. The service was as stated. I feel I will be dealing again with Pet Mountain in the near future.

Michael, Milford NH on 2013/12/16
Wonderful filter

I love my Aquaclear filters, great water flow, easy to maintain. Unlike some other filters they start quickly and run quietly. All around the best power filter for the money in my opinion.

Tony, Bondurant IA on 2013/12/06

Quiet, powerful, and totally customizable media. I love it!

Carol Corwin, Fort White FL on 2013/11/01
Excellent Filter

love the filter, bought them on sale. had no. idea they really cost this much. will have 2 look else where or change filters

Greg, Knoxville TN on 2013/10/14
Excellent Filter

I've seen many people on forums describe the AC110 as the ultimate HOB filter..... now that I own one, I completely agree! Works awesome, nice and quiet... easy to maintain.

Bobby, Hammond LA on 2013/06/24
Best power filter on the market

I absolutely love this power filter! The way you can change filter media not all at once is a great way to keep your bio balance right. It's whisper quiet, almost silent and keeps your tank super clean!

Steve, Home NY on 2013/04/26
High Flowing Filter

This Aquaclear 110 is set up on a 55G African Cichlid tank holding 16, 2-4" fish and it is doing very well at moving water and keeping it clear. Pump had been near silent for the first few hours but has since kept just a slight hum or knock from the impeller that I can't get rid of. The lid makes this sound resonate when it's on but still is quieter than my other brand 400gph filter. Priming is self starting too as long as the tank is at andgt;90% full. Flow from the output reaches to the bottom slightly blowing the sand and moving waste from that whole side like a circulation pump would be doing. The filter basket is pretty nice being all in one and easily removable. There's just enough room for the included sponge filter about 3" thick, a few sheets of polyfil floss about 1/2" thick and than the bag of included bio-max sits perfectly a hair under the water level. Filled in this way it offers great filtration and supports a big bioload great for heavy stocking or dirty fish. Would recommend and buy again.

Seth, Baltimore MD on 2013/01/18
Best HOB

Fantastic HOB filter. I like how you can configure the filter anyway you want. Definitely a reason they are so popular. Very quiet I have the 110 in a 55g tank. My only minor complaint is the directions are kind of useless for anything other than putting it together.

Jake, Rochester MI on 2012/12/08
Best Filters!

I own 3 of the Aquaclear 70 and they are by far the best HOB filters I have ever owned! U have 2 running on a 60 gallon for over a year now and the water is still crystal clear. My other filter is in my bedroom on a 30 gallon aquarium and that one has been running for over 4 years with no problems. Still as quiet as the day I bought it!

Wyz, Coshocton OH on 2012/09/30
Great Filter

Works quietly and works well. I would recommend this. I use it in a 55 gal. aquarium with black moor fish.

Josh, Shreveport LA on 2012/05/30
Its AquaClear from here on out!

I have always used Marineland Products, and have used Marineland Penguin and Emperor HOB filters. I had a 55 Gallon Saltwater tank with a Penguin 350 and an oversized skimmer but still couldn't keep my tank clean. I planned to add another HOB filter, and settled on the AquaClear based on feedback from fellow reefers. Once I received the product I was skeptical because it looked cheaply made. Turns out it was just a simple design. Within 4 hours of installing this filter my tank has been cleaner than it's ever been! I removed my old Penguin 350 and it still keeps my tank sparkling! I can't believe I never used AquaClear before, I will never by another HOB filter unless it's an AquaClear.

Georgia, Carrsville VA on 2012/05/29
Love these filters!

I've used other several different hang on the back filters, canister filters, sponge filters--and the Aqua Clear is one of my favorites--easy to clean and great to make it the way you want by adding more biological or mechanical filter media. And very quiet for a hang on the back filter. A+ for performance, ease of cleaning, quality, and price.

Mike, Lizella GA on 2012/03/24

I purchased the Aquaclear Filter system 110 to cycle and use for a 50 gallon saltwater tank. Only using the carbon and Bio Rings on saltwater and was glad to see that the space also allows me to use the Phos- Zorb bag in there too. Clear, runs excellent on my saltwater tank and also produces lots of oxygen in the tank! Excellent filter!

Raymond, Pittsburgh PA on 2012/03/20
Best back of tank filter out there!

With over 30 years of having aquariums, this is by far the best filter out there. What I do, because I do not use carbon, is buy an extra sponge, cut it in half, place it where the carbon bag should be. Makes for great Bio media. Water is always crystal clear and chemistry is perfect.

Ryan Waite, Cookeville TN on 2012/01/10
Best HOB Filter around

If you are going to buy a hang on back filter then you should not consider any filter other than this. Instead of being stuck with having to purchase the manufacture media cartridges that you have to change every month, which causes you to throw away beneficial bacteria, the media in this filter is totally customizable so you can make it suit your needs.

Bob, Sioux Falls SD on 2012/01/07
Best Filter Made

I have had aquariums since I was kid. I moved so am in the process of setting up a new tank, the kit I bought included a different brand filter. I know already I will buy one of these in the near future. I had one of these filters for 20 years, no problems. As others have mentioned, the ability to use different filtering media is a big plus. It also rides much higher above the tank so I can accommodate a higher water level. Very good filter. Worth the money.

Jim, Cape Coral FL on 2012/01/06
Excellent Filter

This filter has been up and running for two weeks and I am very pleased with its performance. I bought the AquaClear 30 for a 10 gallon tank. It is quiet. I like the way I can adjust the flow especially during feeding time to keep food from being sucked up into the filter.

Mary Lou, Broadview Hts. OH on 2011/11/30
Fabulous Filter

After spending a lot of money on other filters, a friend told me to purchase the AquaClear filter for my 90 gallon tank. I shopped around and was pleasantly surprised to find the filter I had been looking for locally at about 30% less at Petmountain. I set up the filter and within a day, the water was crystal clear and the fish were swimming around, so happily. I'm so pleased with my purchase and have told many friends about Petmountain.

Sharon, Buffalo NY on 2011/05/29


Hunter, Maplewood MN on 2011/05/14

This is a great filter! I was nervous to buy it, but am so glad that I did. Helped cycle my tank so much faster! This is a must buy for anyone!

Stephenie, Richmond VA on 2011/04/29
Works Great!

I purchased this to replace a Whisper 30 that was on my 30 gallon tank which was recently converted to clay/sand substrate...I am so glad I did! In less that 12 hours the Aqua Clear got my tank cleaner than the Whisper had in 3 weeks with 3 filter cartridge changes!

Scott, Gainesville FL on 2011/04/17

I have 14 aquariums and have used only AquaClear filters for over 20 years.

Khalifa, Woodbridge VA on 2010/12/27
Best filter by far!

I got a 55 gallon tank that had a aqua tech filter, it would always overflow and not filter out the water efficiently until I got the aqua clear70....very efficient, no overflow, only 100% clean water...very clever design

Curt, Mannington WV on 2010/12/09
Best filter on the market

I have this type of filter on my 55g aquarium and I recently purchased this one for my 29g tank. I have not lost a fish in over two years with this type of filter and the water is always crystal clear. The 3 stage filter is the secret.

Paul, Victoria TX on 2010/10/23
Aqua Clear 70 (was 300)

I have had a 50 Gal aquarium in our family room for 31 years. The Aqua Clear filter maintains clear water, cleans up water fast after tank cleaning and is quiet. I don't consider any other when replacement required. After 31 years, I am replacing the filter for the third time.

Willy, Orlando FL on 2010/09/16
Quietest filter

this is by far the quietest filter on the market and the upflow design allows a huge selection of media.

John, Omaha NE on 2010/07/22
Best non-canister out there!

The AquaClear HOB filters are by far the most superior of their kind on the market still. I absolutely love the huge media basket and the media is easy to replace. The AquaClear 20 keeps my 10 gallon planted Amazon biotope in pristine clarity and the biological cycle of the tank couldn't get any better. This is definitely the best filter for anybody who doesn't want to make the leap to canisters.

Chris, Wantage NJ on 2010/07/21
adjust the flow

Finally a filter that the flow of water can be adjusted! It is very appreciated.

Christi, Canandaigua NY on 2010/07/11

I have this on my fish only saltwater tank..and I love it. It seems to always get the job done.

Malik, Waukesha WI on 2010/06/30
Its a beast

Thing works great....Bought the 50 model and couldn't be happier. Keeps the water clear and clean.

Keren, Morgan Hill CA on 2010/06/16
Excellent Choice

I have only been in the fish hobby for a few years, but I am very familiar with a LOT of HOB (hang on back) filters. I prefer the AquaClear over the other types because they tend to clog less with planted tanks and are easy to clean and keep running. I also like that you can individually add/change out the individual filter media bits as needed. These are the best performing HOB filters for newbies and experienced aquarists alike. I recommend them for small to medium sized tanks because they are simple to set up and easy to maintain.

Dylan, Little Rock AR on 2010/05/31
pretty good...

Really awesome filter! Media is pricey though.

Greg, Lincoln NE on 2010/05/19
Great Filter!

One of the best things about this filter is its versatility. With the large generous basket you can use many types of media in this filter. I currently have the AquaClear 110 model on my marine tank and it does an awesome job.

Goldman, Buffalo NY on 2010/05/18
Flexibile media makes filter the best

i have an aquaclear 110. best filter on the market. had it for roughly 2 years now. easy to clean, media allows customization, and replacement parts from angry fish are easy to find. versatile filter! recommended!

Amber, Lake Elmo MN on 2009/11/23
Best HOB filter I have ever used!

I had sworn off HOB filters in the past for reasons such as noise, leaks, overfilling/clogging and troubles keeping the filters running over the years. When one of my internal Fluvals started putzing out (not to mention getting sick of it taking up valuable space from the fish), I tried the AquaClear after reading many positive recommendations on various fish forums. I thought I was going to be disappointed again but how could so many people be wrong?? Turns out this is one of the best filters I have tried and I am slowly outfitting most of my tanks with AquaClears. I totally love the efficiency, the fact they are so quiet and they are very flexible as far as filter media goes. I would recommend this filter to anyone! PS.. I wonder if one of the poor reviews were for Aqua-TECH or Aqueon filters as I have only seen those in the "starter kits" and I do agree that those two don't last long.

Vincent, Arvada CO on 2009/11/04
One of best filters Ive ever bought!

I absolutely love this filter as I've had it running for well over a year now without a single problem. It has always worked and been virtually care free, not to mention its incredibly quiet, I almost never hear it unless its eating a granule of sand that my sharks have kicked up. Even then I've been very impressed having expected it to die rather quickly from some of the sand buildup, but I've been continually impressed as it just flushes out the sand and keeps on going. I also love the fact that it wasn't made in china and as such isn't designed to break like other filters I've owned that cost more and break after a mere 8 months of use. I also love the flexibility this filter affords me as I can simply remove the cartridge stack and easily insert new and different media for it when I need to. The options are great for media and parts. I also love the clear plastic as it's neat to watch it run sometimes. It keeps my shark tank very clean and in excellent balance with the good bacteria and removes the ammonia and other toxins from the water. It also has a nice waterfall type affect that can be adjusted depending on what fish you have in your tank, you can keep it on full strength for fish that like a more stream effect or tone it down for fish like Betta's that enjoy a slower running environment. Another helpful aspect of the filter is the wide availability of the media for it at my local pet store, a competitor website website, and a competitor website too so its the ideal filter for me. The only one I've ever had outdo it is my Magnum filter which has worked flawlessly for 5 years straight. I would highly recommend the AquaClear filter to anyone that wants a high quality, quiet, easy and simple filter that just works.

Carla, Evansville IN on 2009/09/28
Love this filter!

I have had my Aquaclear 110 for quite a few years. Well, lets just say it was called a 500 when I bought it. I have never had any problems with it and it is one of the few that I have seen that will restart on it's own without being primed when we have a short power outage. I really love that I can change out the media to meet my needs. Buy this one!

Shawn, Granger IN on 2009/08/16
One of the best power filters out there

This a great power filter far better than any other HOB out there. I use it on my 5 tanks and I use it on my customers tanks for my Aquarium maintenance business.

Mg, Somerset MA on 2009/03/09
Favorite filter

I prefer the Aquaclear to all other filters. Keeps tank crystal clear and allows replacement of separate filter material to maintain bacteria.

Laura, Raleigh NC on 2008/09/25
Awesome filters!

Aquaclears are my favorite internal power filters. They seem to "flow" better than the traditional cartridge filters, with less backup. The bag system allows you the flexibility to change the media to suit your current needs. I really love these filters.

Daniel, Oakland CA on 2008/09/08
Recommended If Youre Looking for a Good HOB Filter

I bought two Aquaclear 50 filters to replace the two Whisper filters that I was using on my 55 gallon tank and I am so happy that I replaced them. These filters are great and I recommend them to anyone who's looking for a good hang-on-back/HOB filter.

Luther, Westland MI on 2008/02/27
I love this filter

The AquaClear 70 power filter is one of the best power filters on the market today. This filter is very reliable, quiet, has a great filter media set up for a very clean tank.

Amanda, Bakersfield CA on 2008/02/12
looks great and is very quiet

ordered this from the website and absolutely love it. its nice that its clear instead of black on the back on the tank. it also runs very quietly. im very happy with this product.

Shaya, Raleigh NC on 2007/10/12
best one so far

I have used many power filters for my freshwater tank, and this one is the best yet. The clear compartment means I can see when algae begins to clog the sponge, and having separate media bags makes maintenance so much easier. This is like having the simplicity of a canister filter for the price and size of a hang-on power filter. Also, this is the quietest filter I have ever used.

Andy, Ann Arbor MI on 2007/08/15
Best HOB for the money

Like the title says, I think this is the best non-canister filter out there. The huge media chamber allows you to pack in whatever you want, and the flow rates are more than adequate to produce good mechanical filtration and good flow in the tank. The media is somewhat interchangeable, too, which is nice. I leave a small bag of ceramic in my AC110 and drop it in my AC20 when I need it for the 10 gallon quarantine tank. The only modification I do is to cut the sponge into smaller pieces so it doesn't lift up when it gets full of debris. Leaving it intact causes it to rise and push the lid off after a few weeks. The water level rises in the filter, too, and can cause flooding. Cutting the sponge prevents this.

Brittany, Falmouth KY on 2007/07/04
You get what you pay for.

I got this filter along with my 10 gallon tank, it was a starter kit.I've had this kind before and usually they will last for a few months before wearing out.They keep the water pretty clean, but could do a lot better. For the price though, I guess it's worth it.