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AquaClear Powerhead Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge by AquaClear

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AquaClear Powerhead Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge Description

AquaClear Power Head Quick Filter Cartridge by Hagen. The AquaClear Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge fit the Large AquaClear Quick filter. This filter pad fits AquaClear Powerheads (except models 110 and 901), and is ideal for polishing water after maintenance.

  • Traps particles and debris
  • For fresh and saltwater
  • One size fits almost all powerhead models

The AquaClear cartridge has an extra thick duo-density pad for waste and debris removal. This AquaClear thick pad allows it to remove solid waste and particles as small as 1 micron. Can be used for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Turns your powerhead into a Quick Filter for rapid removal of most particulate waste (as small as 1-micron).

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AquaClear Powerhead Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge Customer Reviews

Marg, Waco TX on 2015/04/01

Only a few online outlets sell these Aquaclear quick filter replacement cartridges, and not for nothing, but, some places are really overcharging for these by a lot! PetMountain has them right here and at the LOWEST price online, which is also way cheaper than our only local store that carries them! We bought a six month supply of these for our Aquaclear 30 powerhead from PetMountain, it only cost us $18 here and that would normally cost $36 at our local store! Even with shipping we still saved $12! In our book $12 IS the price of a Pizza! Thanks for the super-savings that bought us tonight's dinner PetMountain! You guys rule!

Sally, Cumming GA on 2010/10/30
Aqua Clear filter

This is a great filter that we have been using for years. Easy to change and works well!

Carrie, Tempe AZ on 2010/05/09

It's a good product and the only thing I will use on my aquarium.