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Aqueon Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filter
Aqueon [11442-582479]

Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filter

The Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Power Filter is built for easy operation with enhanced five-stage filtration to keep your water cleaner than ever. Cartridge replacement is quick, without requiring you to touch the dirty cartridge. The auto-start pump requires no priming and automatically restarts if power is interrupted.

  • Enhanced Five Stage filtration with replaceable specialty media pads
  • LED cartridge change indicator flashes when cartridge needs replacement
  • Patented filtration technology provides superior water clarity
  • Lab certified flow rate filters water more times per hour

The UL-listed pump is submerged in the water, allowing silent, leak-proof operation. The higher flow rates provided by the QuietFlor LED Pro keep water running through the filter more times per hour, increasing filtration and oxygenation for a healthier aquatic environment and more active fish. The filter is preloaded with a specialty filter pad so you can get started right away.

Aqueon's patented Five Stage Advanced Filtration System provides flawless performance and superior function.

  • Stage 1 - Dense floss removes particles & debris
  • Stage 2 - Activated carbon removes toxins, odors & discoloration
  • Stage 3 - Patented Bio-Holster removes toxic ammonia & nitrites
  • Stage 4 - Bio-Media grid removes additional toxins while adding oxygen for more active fish. Also reduces splashing & makes water return exceptionally quiet
  • Stage 5 - Specialty filter pad provides a final stage of water treatment before water returns to the aquarium

Lifetime warranty.

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Color & Quantity

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QuietFlow 10 - 100 GPH - (Aquariums up to 20 Gallons)
Status:In Stock
Sku: AU06080
Id: 582554

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QuietFlow 20 - 125 GPH - (Aquariums up to 30 Gallons)
Status:In Stock
Sku: AU06081
Id: 582557

Save 48%
QuietFlow 30 - 200 GPH - (Aquariums up to 45 Gallons)
Status:In Stock
Sku: AU06082
Id: 582560

Save 48%
QuietFlow 50 - 250 GPH - (Aquariums up to 50 Gallons)
Status:In Stock
Sku: AU06117
Id: 582620

Save 47%
QuietFlow 75 - 400 GPH - (Aquariums up to 90 Gallons)
Status:In Stock
Sku: AU06079
Id: 582551

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