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Hydor Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller
Hydor [11442-571706]

Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller

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Hydor Koralia SmartWave Pump Timer is an efficient controller that streamlines the creation of natural currents that are a critical part of a healthy aquarium.

  • Easy-to-use pump controller creates natural currents in aquariums
  • Controls many pumps with only 1 unit
  • Synchronous program for currents typical of barrier reefs and Alternate for tides
  • Build with Safety in mind - UL approved and water resistant
  • Dimensions: 7"L x 8"W x 1-1/4" thick with 6 ft power cord

Just plug the Koralia SmartWave Pump Controller into an electrical outlet and the unit is ready to work. Just turn the knob and select one of two available programs to create water currents essential to nourish and feed aquarium inhabitants while regulating your aquarium's water temperature and removing "dead spots" of water. 

Alternate Mode activates one pump while the other remains OFF. This pump sequence alternates to create currents that simulate ocean tides. Synchronous Mode activates both pump simultaneously and then shuts off both pumps to recreate currents typical of barrier reefs. Select time interval settings from 5 seconds up to 6 hours for custom aquarium water movement.

Smartwave works with Koralia circulation pumps and most aquarium pumps available on the market compatible with quick ON-OFF sequences. Plug in an automatic fish feeder to experience the added convenience of keeping your fish fed, even while you're away. Smartwave has a built-in hanging eyelet for convenient installation inside your aquarium cabinet.

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SmartWave Pump Controller
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