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Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Sponge Filter Kit by by Aquarium Solutions

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Product Description

Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Foam Filters provide exceptional biological and mechanical filtration, using the highest quality foam sponge available to provide ample surface area for beneficial bacteria. A unique air dispersion design pulls water through at a higher rate for thorough filtration

  • Exceptional foam sponge quality supports efficient bio-filtration
  • Large surface area supports increased beneficial bacteria populations
  • Helps break down aquarium waste & remove suspended debris
  • Ideal mechanical & biological filter for small-to-medium tanks

Bacto-Surge filters feature higher foam density per square inch to provide maximum surface area for the beneficial bacteria that eliminate organic waste from your aquarium water. These filters also feature a unique air dispersion design that maximizes uplift to pull water through at a high rate, meaning more water runs through the filter in less time. Locking internal connectors prevent separation during use, and a heavy base keeps the sponge filter firmly secured.


  • Aquariums: Up to 10 gallons
  • Dimensions: 1.77"H x 2.17"D


  • Aquariums: Up to 40 gallons
  • Dimensions: 2"H x 4.75"D


  • Aquariums: Up to 75 gallons
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 4.5"D


  • Aquariums: Up to 125 gallons
  • Dimensions: 5.75"H x 6.25"D

Ideal for:
Nano aquariums
Smaller freshwater aquariums
Breeding tanks
Fry holding tanks
Quarantine tanks
Slow-moving fish like Discus
Saltwater polishing

Important: Requires an air pump, airline tubing, and/or powerhead for operation (sold separately).

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