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Aquarium Solutions PraziPro Parasite Treatment by Aquarium Solutions

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Aquarium Solutions PraziPro Parasite Treatment Description

Aquarium Solutions PraziPro by Hikari is a ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, specially developed to effectively control unwanted parasites (including flukes, tapeworm and flatworm) in freshwater or marine aquariums.

  • Ready to use liquid concentrate for freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Treats disease caused by Flukes, Tapeworm, Flatworm and Turbellarians
  • Extremely safe and highly effective parasite treatment

This safe, fast-acting product will not negatively impact biological filtration and is non-toxic to common aquarium animals or live plants. It is an excellent preventative agent and provides powerful treatment when used before Hikari Ich-X (as a separate treatment).

Directions: Follow all bottle instructions. Use any time unwanted parasites are noticed or introduction is probable (i.e., when introducing new fish). Follow all directions on package for optimal effect. Do not stop filtration, but remove activated carbon and stop foam-fractionation (protein skimming) and UV sterilization.

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Aquarium Solutions PraziPro Parasite Treatment Customer Reviews

John, Anderson IN on 2013/02/16
Effective against external parasites

Seemed to work well in the treatment of external parasites (not ich).

David, Rancho Santa Margarita CA on 2011/02/05
PraziPro is Awesome

Hikaria claims that this non-toxic chemical does not negatively effect bio-filters while eliminating flatworms and other parasites. My strange squiggly white worm(?) with a white head and long tail slowly perished in my tank along with his buddies. You can use Prazipro repeatedly every 3-5 days in case of re-infestation. I've had no signs of the worms after two treatments. I will use this med preventively whenever I introduce new fish. 1 oz bottle treats 120 gallons.

Lori, Dultu GA on 2010/10/11
Very Gentle and Effective

One of my favorite goldfish came down with dropsy during her prazi treatment for flukes. It was so gentle that she didn't seem to notice it at all. Now not only has she recovered from dropsy, she is now fluke free.

Reiko, The Plains OH on 2010/08/14
great product

Used this to treat my stingray. Worked wonders!

Leeanne, Binghamton NY on 2010/07/30
Gentle AND Effective!

PraziPro is gentle enough that I didn't have to worry about disrupting my cycle. It got rid of my fish's flukes! Buy a bigger bottle than you think you need, because repeat treatments are a good idea.

Teresa, Cotati CA on 2010/07/27
Our fish love it!

This is such a great product. It slows down your bacteria a bit, but it has less adverse affects than some of the other materials out on the market.