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Aquatop CF Canister Filter with UV Clarification by Aquatop

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Aquatop CF Canister Filter with UV Clarification Description

Aquatops CF Canister Filter comes equipped with a built-in UV light to help you achieve a healthy, crystal clear aquarium. Ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums ranging from 75-125 gallons (CF400) or aquariums up to 175 gallons (CF500).

  • Includes a built-in 9 Watt UV sterilizer to help kill algae spores and bacteria
  • Capable of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
  • Very quiet and incredibly efficient

These canister filters feature an integrated 9 watt UV Sterilizer that helps keep your aquarium water healthy. An on/off switch gives you complete control over when the UV sterilizer is running.

Aquatops CF Canister Filter series also comes equipped with all the necessary plumbing for easy installation and includes three large filtration media compartments allowing you to add the filtration media options of your choice. The filtration media trays offer a fully customized filtration system to suit your specific needs. The CF Canister filter comes equipped with three fine filter pads (white) and a single coarse filter sponge (blue) for enhanced mechanical filtration and clean water. Simply add Aquatops Activated Carbon, Ceramic Rings or Bio-Balls (all included) to achieve full three-stage filtration. This UV Canister filter also has a convenient prime pump that completely eliminates the need for manual siphoning.


  • 370 GPH
  • Aquariums 75-125 gallons
  • 10.5" x 10.5" x 16"
  • 35 Watts (9 Watt UV)
  • 11.5 lbs
  • AC 110V
  • Power Cord with Ground: 5'2"
  • Vinyl Hose Inner Diameter (ID): 5/8"


  • 525 GPH
  • Aquariums up to 175 gallons
  • 18" x 12" x 11"
  • 55 Watts (9 Watt UV)
  • 18 lbs
  • AC 110V
  • Power Cord with Ground: 5'2"
  • Vinyl Hose Inner Diameter (ID): 3/4"

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Aquatop CF Canister Filter with UV Clarification Customer Reviews

Dave, Sioux Falls SD on 2017/01/05

This product is great! I have had no issues with it at all. I have the 500 for my 75 gal. I clean it and change out media maybe once every three months and that's all that is needed. It is much easier to maintain then other filters I have tried. I don't even use the uv light but it's there if I need it. This filter is the only filter I will use.

Tanya, Temple GA on 2016/10/31
Aquatop CF400-UV

Bought the CF400 for our 60 gallon tank because of the reviews we read. This was our first experience with a UV system and really wasn't sure of what we were looking for. The system was delivered within a week, and we have just finished installation, today. The reviews were spot on when it comes to the directions for setup, and the quietness of the system. As far as how efficient it is at helping with our algae issues, I'll have to keep you posted. So far so good!

Scott, Lexington KY on 2016/04/06
Great Filter

Quiet and the UV clears the water up quick. Glad I bought this for my QT. Makes me think about getting a UV sterilizer for my DT.

Brett, Cheektowaga NY on 2015/12/28
GREAT BUY! Get it.

I've been into aquariums for awhile and I've always used the hang on back filters but what a nightmare those are. This is so much better all around. And just some tips. Buy more media for this comes with some but not a lot. The compartments are massive! Just some tips... Fill up the canister until u see water at the top compartment before you prime pump it. Also make sure when your cleaning it you shut the power of first then unplug the inlet and outlet things then take the canister right to the bathtub. Did the mistake of almost flooding my apartment.

Nancy, Santa Cruz CA on 2015/12/09
Quite pleased so far

After reading many reviews I chose this filter and so far am very pleased. It was easy to set up and has been working fine once I got it primed. It's quiet and is keeping our 50 gallon turtle tank clean and clear. I haven't needed to clean the filters yet but looks like it should be pretty straight-forward. (btw....I'm strictly a novice aquarium keeper).

Tom, Aventura FL on 2015/11/05
Good purchase

Item arrived quickly and in good condition. Soon as I set it up I'll let u know how it works. Thanks.

Jeremy, Birdsboro PA on 2015/09/29
Great So Far

This filter has been up and running for about two weeks now. It is whisper soft and powerful. The spraybar is great to keep the surface moving. I would recommend it to others. I have this and a Filstar XPXL running on my 150 and they keep the water very clear. Tips if you get this filter, 1 run very hot water through tubes to make them straighten out, and 2. After primed and plugged in be sure to tilt the canister in all 4 directions to get rid of excess air which will make random suction noises.

Cyndi, Apopka FL on 2015/08/05

I got the CF400 for my 40 gallon tank and I have crystal clear water.

David, Newport NC on 2015/05/19
Aquatop CF 500 Canister Filter With UV

First canister filter we bought for our new 150 Gallon aquarium. Set up was easy, keeps tank really clean. Like it so much we will be ordering a second one soon. Great product and the price was awesome. Instructions were kinda vague but youtube has great videos for most any questions. Thanks Pet Mountain.

Sharon, Cleveland OH on 2015/04/21

This filter was a little difficult to get going with setting up in a turtle tank. However, once we got the filter functioning, it has been great! I would recommend this filter to others.

Dale, Moundsville WV on 2015/04/04
Second to None

This filter is unbelievable! Easy to set up, multiple levels of filtration, added to my 55 gallon. The water is crystal clear and ammonia levels are nil. Buy this filter!

Steve, Holt MI on 2015/03/11
Works very well

I have tried many over-the-back filters but they never kept the water free of algae. I went out on a limb and tried this product and was not disappointed. The difference is night and day. I am very pleased with how crystal clear the water is week after week. This was a very good purchase.

James, Leander TX on 2015/03/10
Outstanding canister filter!

I purchased a CF500 filter with UV light to maintain a large tank with two aquatic turtles. The unit arrived in great shape and was easy to set up. I chose to add some additional fibrous filter medium for more mechanical filtration for these notoriously dirty critters, and the water is remaining crystal clear. I am very pleased with the CF500 in every way--easy to set up and maintain, nearly silent while in operation, and it really moves a lot of water, as advertised.

Brandon, Metairie LA on 2015/01/28
Love the CF500

I was up in the air on a few different canister filters. Was gonna go with the smaller one but glad I went with the bigger one. Have it on my 55 gallon tank and the water is crystal clear. No ammonia, no nitrite and low nitrate. This filter is very easy to install and very quiet. I was thinking the 525 gph was gonna be too strong but it's not. Wish it was a lil bit stronger or a had way to adjust the water flow but all in all very happy with this product. No food floating around, no waste. Would definitely buy again especially when I upgrade to a much bigger tank. Also thanks again to Pet Mountain for their great prices and very fast FREE shipping.

Marykay, Falmouth MA on 2015/01/05
Aquatop Canister - extremely quiet and exceptional clarity

I've been looking for this product for the last 3 years since the last pond filter with UV light died. The old one was manufactured in the UK and they discontinued it. This AquaTop is even better! It is a canister, so no submerging it and me getting wet. It is simple, easy to detect if UV light is working, great filtration system... a coarse filter, then several fine filter pads and charcoal bag and lastly bioball system. My saltwater tank was solid GREEN and within 2 days was completely clear and all fine particles taken out. Nice return flow. An the canister pump is very quiet...the only noise you can hear in the room is the air stone inside the tank! Only minor drawbacks are 1) output/input part leaked and self-priming canister was a pain to get pumping (must fill canister and tubing with water to get pumping going) and the coarse filter was not in package. However, I contacted the company and they sent me replacement output part and coarse filters promptly. I bought two of these canister and look forward to years of easy care and beautiful displays of my saltwater tank and indoor pond.

Mal G, Cal City IL on 2015/01/01
Great filter

Love this canister filter. Water is crystal clear, pH is perfect, no ammonia, no waste and no floating food. a competitor website wants $150.00, I got it here for $90. Very very pleased! Oh and free shipping.

Andy, Kansas City MO on 2014/12/01
Great filter and value so far (after 3 months)

I've been using this filter on my 55 gallon African cichlid tank for 3 months now and it's performed flawlessly. After filling the filter with water, it primes very quickly. The filter runs silently and keeps my water very clear. The 9 watt UV bulb hasn't kept algae from growing in my tank though. My tank is situated near 3 large windows, and I was hoping the UV bulb would eliminate my algae problem. I'm having my local pet store order me a 13 watt bulb, and I'm hoping that helps. Overall, this filter has worked very well and is a great value for the money.

Dave, Anaheim CA on 2014/07/24
Top Notch!

I have been doing aquariums for 40 plus years and have yet to find a canister that is as well thought out as this. Such a great price too. The hose removal system (clip on or off) with built in ball valves and swiveling elbows keeps the water in the lines when cleaning. The unit also has nice indents near clips for fingers to get under. Side clips aid in seperating the top from the canister by folding clips straight upward seperating the two pieces. The unit is nice looking, high quality and runs silent. Fittings are good quality and do not leak. Included accessories are also well thought out although i did not use them as I am hooked to an overflow and seperate return line. Also, the preasure out put is almost as powerful as the big mag drive pump I was using before. No more sump, noise, mess or salt creep for me. Great Product! Highly Recomended! Telling all my friends about this one! Thank you.

Bill, Gastonia NC on 2014/06/21
Wow! Excellent filter!

Aquatop CF500UV Canister Filter: Shipping was very fast, and was well packed. The only 2 minuses to this product: 1.) The UV "ON" Indicator Light is not visible unless you look directly down on it. Might make you forget it's ON. 2.) The instructions are vague. You'll have to figure out some things on your own Here's a few tips: 1.) Fill the canister with AQUARIUM water before you attempt to prime it. Otherwise, you'll be chugging on the primer-plunger forever. If you fill it with tap water, be advised that you'll overflow your aquarium, if you don't lower the water level accordingly. 2.) If the hoses won't fit over the nozzle barbs, hold the hose-ends under hot running water for a few minutes. 3.) Remove the gummy rubber shipping-protector from the UV bulb! 4.) After priming, and after it's running, there will still be air trapped in the canister. You can get rid of it by continuing to pump the primer plunger, or tilting or "shaking" the canister. It'll eventually clear out, but it'll take awhile. 5.) Don't cut the hoses to length until you're absolutely certain they're situated the way you want! This filter is incredibly powerful. It cycles nearly 9 gallons of water per minute. With the UV bulb ON, my aquarium was crystal clear in less than 15 hours -- and the "fish tank odor" was completely gone. The four monster baskets hold enough of everything I can think of -- and more. It's QUIET! Darned if I can hear it even if I try. To know it's running, I have to either "feel" it, or observe the surface water. I highly recommend this filter. 5 Stars .

Ed, Tinley Park IL on 2014/06/06
Aquatop CF Canister Filter

Awesome filter. I needed something quick to get my 150 gallon up and running and this thing did the trick. Keeps the water crystal clear and also found that Pet Mountain was the cheapest around!

Mike, Norman Park GA on 2014/04/19
Best filter for the money.

This filter is very quiet. Keeps the water clear and clean. The UV sterilizer keeps the algae down not to mention parasites. All in all the best filter for the money.

Angie , Sparta WI on 2014/03/17
Nice and quiet

I ordered a Aqua-top CF Canister Filter with UV Clarification and I love it! It is so quiet it took some time to get used to. I had a whisper filter previous and was very noisy. It was easy to set up but the priming was slow but other than that I totally love it. My tank is beautifully clear and my Oscars are very happy.

Christina, Harwinton CT on 2014/03/11
Good Buy

So far so good! Easy to set up, no issues there. The box came a little damaged but the product came unscathed. It has only been set up for a week or so. I am running simultaneously with the previous filter for a few more weeks. If I come across issues I will update this review, otherwise its working fine.

Derrik, Dallas TX on 2014/02/22
Great Customer Service

After shopping around at pet stores and online for a new filter system for my 75 gal. tank, I decided on the CF400-UV from PetMountain. It gave me more than what I was orginally looking for and for less money than I was planning on spending. When I received it, the UV bulb had broken in shipping. I emailed Pet Mountain and someone called me within two days. I had a new bulb in the mail within a few days after that. What suprised me the most with ordering from an online store was they followed up to ensure my satisfaction.

Jordan, Green Bay WI on 2014/01/30
First Time User!

I currently own a 75 gallon tank with two Oscars and have had (2) Whisper EX 45 filters running for the last three years no problem. Now that my Oscars are quite big I needed something that could assist in cycling the water faster and get rid of excess waste. Recently, I purchased the CF-500-UV, first canister filter I have ever owned. I was a littler nervous about how it was gonna work but, honestly now that its in I couldn't be happier. I took me a bit of time to get all the media in the trays and cleaned. (thing can hold alot of media) Install was a breeze after you got your media trays all set up. After about 45 min of messing around with everything and making sure it was perfect I was ready to prime to pump. Now people might think that you're supposed to vigorously pump the primer bulb but, really it's a pump...wait let the water pull through..then pump again. After about six slow pumps the auto siphoning started and filled itself right up. I refilled my tank because the canister held a lot of water, once refilled I plugged the unit in and without any issue or noise it was running. I read other reviews on how quiet these things are and let me tell you, its dead silent. The flow I think is quite impressive it moves a lot of water. Within an hour I saw water improvements and from one night of running my tank has never been clearer. Couldn't be more happy with this product, hope to have good reliability down the road. Definitely a smart buy in my opinion. note* when mine was delivered it sat outside for a couple hours in -20 degree weather so I made sure to let it warm to room temp before messing with any of the plastics. When I went to unseal the head of the canister it was almost glued on because of the drastic temperature drop in the air. It auto sealed itself almost glue like Wipe off any moisture around rubber edges for optimal sealing.

Robbin, Johnstown PA on 2013/11/12

I recently purchased the CF-500-UV Aqua top canister filter. I have a 55 gal saltwater tank. I used to have a Fluval for years. I took a risk purchasing this canister but I liked the fact that it had a UV light built in. I AM AMAZED at HOW FAST and how CLEAR my water is and it STAYS that way! The canister itself could not be easier to open, clean and operate. The price is OUTSTANDING and the performance is definitely UNMATCHED by any other canister filter. I am buying another one while it is on sale. I HIGHLY recommend this filter for its OUTSTANDING performance and price.

Kim, Bloomfield NY on 2013/10/21
I Love this filter!

I bought this filter 6 months ago and I love it. Very easy to use, easy to open up and add more media if you wish. My tank is a 55 gallon salt water tank, the water is crystal clear.

Eric, Chalfont PA on 2013/09/19
Great Service, Great Product

I needed another filter for my new tank, so I ordered the same filter I have on my old tank. I found Pet Mountain online and they had the best price. The product works very well. I have had the first one for about a year, no problems. Water is crystal clear and I've only changed it once. The UV light works, as I had an algae problem prior, due to my tank being in a large window. Pet Mountain shipped very quickly and I had my order well within time to complete the project.

James, Schertz TX on 2013/06/12
Excellent Product

I bought this for my 60 gallon tank. I am using Seachem Matrix and Purigen as my media. Water is crystal clear with 25 cichlids all over 4" in length. I have not even turned on the UV light yet as there is no need at this point. This is a great filter and I plan on changing all of my tanks with HOB's to this canister filter. It is user-friendly, simple to setup and use, features quality materials and is super quiet!

Matt, Charlotte NC on 2013/04/13
Great Product!

Got my new 400 UV yesterday, I opted for the free shipping, and it came in 4 days! The filter is great! I've been in the hobby for about 15 years and worked at a LFS for about the same. I have used and set up all makes and models of canisters, this one was just as easy as any of them to set up. Didn't even use the directions. I can tell a difference in water quality after just one night. Great product. I have an XP3 that's been up for 7 years, we'll see if this one holds up. I'm thinking it will!

Ben, Fort Knox KY on 2013/03/28
Good Filter

Good filter. Easy Setup. Directions are not the greatest but you really do not need them, even for a first time user. The only thing on this filter so far is the priming. Takes a minute. Just fill it with water and make sure your hoses are cut well. I currently have the CF500-UV running on my 125G RBP aquarium. Does very well and adds a good circulation for them. Cleans very good even with the RBP's dirty eating habits. Some reviews I have read before buying this filter said that the plastic and some other parts were cheaply made... Yes, some seem that way but are pretty sturdy. At least no problems with mine. Recommend for anyone.

Steve, Sunrise FL on 2013/03/06
My first canister and so far Im satisfied

I have a 120 gallon tank with cichlids, this product is doing an awesome job I've had it for 4 weeks now and can't complain. For the price I recommend this product and so far this site has the best prices. Have to admit the instructions could be better but it's really simple to set up, it took me about an hour including rinsing everything.

Cindy, Longview WA on 2013/02/11
Great replacement canister

Easy set up but found the priming a little hard only because of the reach where I had to put it. Cleared the water quickly. Impressed with the size of the baskets for the return flow of water. Love the UV as part of it.

David, Carson City NV on 2012/12/16
Really nice first canister

I have a 75G fresh water tank and it works great. The water flow is a little weak but overall very easy to set up and use and has a big storage media.

Bill, Spring Grove IL on 2012/11/07
Really Nice

The filter is great. I have it in a planted 90 gal. Fill the tank before starting and it primes by itself. Great value!

Mike, Sahuarita AZ on 2012/11/02
Better Than expected

A little review of the Aqua Top CF 400 with 9watt UV light. The instructions are very poor but if you take a minute and look at the illustrations you could figure it out even if you had never set up a canister filter. Aqua Top also has a You tube video on setup should you need it! The intake and spray bars went together very easy with no badly fitting parts. Hoses connected properly with no leaks. The disconnect manifold feels very light weight but operates perfectly and locks in with no leaks. Lubrication of O rings was a simple task nothing is hidden or difficult to get to. Add your media and I found that filling the tank about 3/4 full with water makes priming an easy event even with no water in the hoses. With the hoses in place I found that a 3 or 4 pump of the priming device produced enough suction to start a siphon and filled the filter and lines. I used this filter to restart a tank with pre-cultured bio media, and 100% water change, and the filter was able to clear the water in about 12 hours. I use well water in my tanks and algae can be a problem in the nutrient rich untreated water. The UV light has been able to keep the algae from blooming and the tank is maintaining a beautiful clear water quality. The filter is very quiet and you hardly hear it at all in fact I have a bit of hearing loss and find it easier to look in the tank for water flow then to listen for the filter. The filter has been running for better than two weeks now and maintaining the tank very well with no problems. The only downside is that this filter does not come with a skimmer attachment and as of yet I have not been able to find one for sale. I used one from a Sun Sun filter that I had on hand. In closing this was my first purchase from Pet Mountain and it has been a perfect experience. The filter has exceeded every expectation as has Pet Mountain.