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Aquatop Power Filter with UV Sterilizer by by Aquatop

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Product Description

Aquatop's PFUV Elite Series of Power Filter is a revolutionary and flexible hang-on design that makes installation effortless. The PFUV Elite Series is equipped with an internal U.V Sterilizer Bulb to help control unwanted algae blooms and eradicate free-floating parasites such as Ich.

  • Perfect for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
  • Built in UV Sterilizer for optimal filtration
  • Easy to Install and Maintain

The PFUV also utilizes a self-adjusting, built-in surface skimmer to help maintain optimal oxygen levels by cleaning the surface of the water and allowing for maximum gas exchange. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation.

PF25-UV: 90 GPH - 25 Gallons - 7 Watt
PF40-UV: 128 GPH - 40 Gallons - 7 Watt

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Customer Reviews

Kari, Jamesville NC on 2015/12/19
Great filter

Love this filter, water is the clearest it's ever been!

Warren, Levittown NY on 2015/12/14
Aquatop PF-UV40

Does the job and not as noisy as I thought it would be. Don't think I will need to add a second filter to the 40 bowfront tank. Very pleased with the filter and I like the fact that it has the ultra violet light built right into the filter.

Jeff, Indianapolis IN on 2015/03/31
Great filter

Keeps aquarium very clean and parasite free and you can change pads to what you need like ammonia or nitrite pads etc.... Great filter!

David, Tallahassee FL on 2015/03/04
Like it

Product delivered quickly and works great. Installation instructions are limited but pretty straight forward installation.

Jeff, Indianapolis IN on 2014/10/03
Great product

I have had this filter for six months and it works great. I have bought another for my other tank. Good price and Pet Mountain is the best place to buy online. They ship fast and pack everything very well.

Puffer Guy, Delmar NY on 2014/07/30
HOB UV Model:PF-40UV from Aquatop

Unit was nice looking and setup easily. Water flow was from the start diverting from normal, back over the inlet tube. The cartridge media was tried in different configurations and eventually removed. A media bag was placed in that area to allow chemical filtration instead and the flow seems better. It does not reach 128 gph in any configuration as far as I can tell. The unit is currently being used in two brackish salinity setups (.004-.008 33 gal, and .010-.014 37 gal) and there have been no outbreaks of algae or disease. The unit seems to have decent water flow, but regular cleaning of the inflow tube is needed as these tanks generate a good deal of biologic waste due to Puffers. This filter augments an Aqueon 75 in the 37 gal, which does the bulk of the mechanical and chemical filtration; and two smaller hob's in the 33 gal. The protein skimmer seems to work, though the unit generates a lot of air bubbles when this is enabled. Turning it tight does allow it to be disabled, reducing air bubbles in the outflow. The intake tube does allow the flow rate to be turned down, which does two things: it makes all the water go through the media and UV system, and allows flow rate to be reduced for feeding times. I have to power off the strip to stop the flow on the Aqueon, which does not bode well, as Pet Mountain had to replace the unit I bought at the same time as this one, as it became unresponsive and would only start with a rapping on the impeller assembly. The new one they sent works great though....with a free return label. See my review of that unit.

Jeff, Indpls IN on 2014/06/25
Great pump

These are great pumps. Works well and keeps water crystal clear. Very reasonable price and fast shipping.

Jeff, Indpls IN on 2014/06/03

This is a great filter!

Jeff, Indianapolis IN on 2014/04/15
Great filter

Works great in salt water tank so I bought one fresh water tank love the sunlight keeps water clear

Peter, Queens NY on 2014/04/10
Great Idea! But

I liked the Idea of getting this Filter because of the UV - But its to big To use on the Fluvial 12 gallon tank - and will not fit over the lip of my 55 gallon Tank --I really wanted this thing -- Great Idea -- Check your tanks first before getting it

Beth, Oxford MI on 2013/09/18
So far so good!

We have had the filter running for over a week and it seems to be working fine. It is wonderful to have the UV sterilizer in the filter. The filter media is small but we have live rock and live sand in this 28 gallon marine tank so that shouldn't really matter.

Ron, Levittown PA on 2012/12/24
Saved my tank

After a 6 day power failure from Hurricane Sandy, I tried to get my freshwater planted tank back into shape. Some fish were dead and the water was 50 degrees. I got the worse case of Ich and Fungus I ever saw. I started using Herbal Ich and Fungus medicine. I didn't want to kill the Cory Catfish, Plants and other weak fish. Nothing worked. I saw the Aquatop PF-25UV and ordered it from PetMountain. Ich was gone and water clear in 3 days.

Mike, Henderson NC on 2012/07/20
Great idea, cheap quality

Have this on a 15 gal salt water tank, doesn't sit on the lip of the tank properly, impeller keeps freezing up...but it's great when it's running. The little built in skimmer is actually the surprise bonus, it keeps the surface of the water free of build up. Don't buy as your primary filter.

Chris, Carlstadt NJ on 2012/01/09
not quite up to par

I bought the 128 gph filter, on full flow with a new clean cartridge there is overflow going back in to the tank and the water movement from the impeller causes the water to almost spill over the back at any angle. The plastic used feels and is fragile, like it could break easily. I had to seal a small crack on the intake tube, fresh out of the box, it was sucking air in causing micro bubbles in the tank. On the good side: Its a uv filter, and it has a surface skimmer. Its great as a supplemental filter if you keep the flow on the minimum setting.