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Aquatop Submersible Pond UV Filter with Fountain Kit UVFK Series by Aquatop

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SKU: AT01933
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Aquatop Submersible Pond UV Filter with Fountain Kit UVFK Series Description

Aquatop UVFK Series UV Pumps with fountain kits are a convenient and versatile method to eradicate and control free-floating micro-organisms that cause unsightly green water as well as disease causing pathogens in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

  • Eliminates algae blooms
  • Eradicates free-floating microorganisms and disease causing pathogens
  • For salt and freshwater aquariums (when the Fountain Kit is not in use) and ponds / water gardens

The versatility of these fully submersible UV Pumps also allow for applications in your outdoor garden ponds. Unlike conventional UV sterilizers which need the addition of a pump and extra plumbing, the UVFK Series has a built-in pump and is ready to use without the hassle of extra plumbing.

Dimensions: 13"L x 4"W (both models)
Barbed Outlet: Fits 1/2"-1" tubing
Power Cord: 16' Long
Includes: Germicidal-grade UV bulb, large pre-filter sponge, and optional-use fountain kit.

UVFK-9: 9 Watt - 264 GPH - Ponds 1,585 Gallons & Aquariums 60 Gallons
UVFK-13: 13 Watt - 264 GPH - Ponds 2,377 Gallons & Aquariums 75 Gallons

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Aquatop Submersible Pond UV Filter with Fountain Kit UVFK Series Customer Reviews

Anthony, Montoursville PA on 2016/06/11
Works fine

I am running this set-up in an 800 gal. fishpond. It's nice that it does not have a pump separate from the uv light. It seems to be doing a good job keeping the pond clear. But I am also running a big 500gph pump with a separate filtration system attached. This Aquatop system is fine as a stand alone unit for a big pond. But I would not recommend attaching a filtration unit to it. As the 264gph pump is not strong enough.

Lisa, Macon GE on 2015/09/20

I wasn't sure if this product would even be decent. It turned out to be the best thing I ever invested in to keep my pond clear. I have a 300 gallon pond with koi and catfish and could never see the catfish bc he blends in with the pond liner. After installing this within 24 hrs I could see everything in my pond and I found out where the little catfish was hiding out at. This is an excellent product for the price and well worth it. I just wish I had taken a before and after picture. Just not that the light to tell you its on is kinda dim, you actually will see it on at night.I have a 55 gallon aquarium I will order one for next.