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Aquatop UV Replacement Bulb - Double Tube by by Aquatop

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Product Description

Aquatop UV Replacement Bulbs are highly efficient and effective UV bulbs designed to replace the existing bulb in a variety of UV sterilizers. Help keep your water clean and healthy with these UV bulbs that rid your tank of algae and dangerous parasites while keeping water crystal clear.

  • Helps keep water clean and clear
  • Highly effective replacement UV bulbs
  • Easy to replace

We recommend replacing annually for optimal performance.

Aquatop 5 Watt UV Bulb Fits:
PFUV-15 Hang-On Filter With UV Sterilization
SP5UV UV Sterilizing Pump
AF-400 AF Series UV Canister Filter
AF-300 AF Series UV Canister Filter

Aquatop 7 Watt UV Bulb Fits:
PFUV-25 Hang-On Filter With UV Sterilization
PFUV-40 Hang-On Filter With UV Sterilization
SP7UV UV Sterilizing Pump
UVE-7 UVE Sterilizing Pump
Forza FZ7 UV Canister Filter

Aquatop 9 Watt UV Bulb Fits:
CF-400UV Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer - 370 gph
CF-500UV Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer - 525 gph
UVCP-9 Submersible Pump UV Sterilizer
UVFK-9 Submersible Pond UV Sterilizer with Pump + Fountain Kit
UVP-9 UV Sterilizing Pump
UVE-9 UVE Sterilizing Pump
Forza FZ9 UV Canister Filter

Aquatop 13 Watt UV Bulb Fits:
UVP-13 Submersible Pump UV Sterilizer
UVCP-13 Submersible Pump UV Sterilizer
UVFK-13 Submersible Pond UV Sterilizer with Pump + Fountain Kit
UVE13 UV Sterilizing Pump
Forza FZ13 UV Canister Filter 

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Raymond, Mission Viejo CA on 02-10-2014
Outstanding as expected

This PV40-UV is an Outstanding addition to my 30 gallon Aquarium and does what it's manufactured for. Pet Mountain Products and their delivery service have come through with great appreciation. I have been enjoying my Aquarium very much.