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Aqueon Betta Bowl Starter Aquarium Kit - Black by by Aqueon

  • $12.99
  • (41%)
SKU: AU01216
UPC: 015905012164
MPN: 100101216

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Product Description

The Aqueon Betta Bowl Starter Aquarium Kit is a perfect first aquarium! This compact, easy-to-use aquarium takes up minimal space and features a convenient feeding door, as well as a decorative plant and gravel to get you started. Just add water (and a fish)!

  • Space-saving aquarium starter kit
  • Convenient, easy-open feeding door on lid
  • Includes with decor and a betta divider

The Betta Bowl makes an ideal desktop aquarium kit, and it's perfect for fish fans of all ages!

Kit Includes: ½ Gallon Aquarium, Aquarium Lid with Feeding Door, Aqueon Betta Food Sample, Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus Sample, Betta Divider (for 2 betta in 1 aquarium), Decorative Plant and Gravel.

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    Customer Reviews

    Jeanie, Eastchester NY on 2015/05/26
    Cute little tank

    This is a great little tank for the money. My Bettas are perfectly happy in it. The divider is black; another plus. Would definitely purchase again.

    Kristi, Prairieville LA on 2015/05/04
    Nice tank, but NOT good for 2 aggressive Bettas!

    We bought two of these tanks, one for each of our daughters. They each have 2 Bettas, so we were trying to cut down on the number of bowls/tanks that we had. It's a great concept, and ours works and looks good. However, one of my daughter's Bettas are apparently both very aggressive. They stayed flared up at one another constantly, and even figured out how to get through the divider to the other side. I checked to make sure the divider was straight, etc., but I guess the fish were still small enough to get through. We had to separate them again, so we're back to square one. Our other daughter's Bettas seem to be doing fine in her tank, although one of them stays hidden in the plants a lot. Hopefully he will get over being nervous after a few days. Love the tank, just not working for our super aggressive Bettas. It would be perfect if the divider was solid, so they couldn't see each other!

    Tina, Pittsburgh PA on 2014/10/29
    Perfect for 2 Bettas

    This is perfect for 2 Bettas; light, filter and a divider. It's really spacious for them without being too large and bulky for my decor. I added a heater and decorations and they seem to love it. Would have given it 5 Stars if the replacement filters were easier to find. *No problem with wires not fitting or whatnot as mentioned in another review - everything fits perfectly.

    Mikala, Indianapolis IN on 2013/07/24
    If only the lid fit

    I bought this tank to finally have only one bowl for both my betta fish, and I love the fact that even with the divider in the tank there is still tons of room! But the lid doesn't fit on my tank correctly, and at first I thought I was just putting it on wrong, but then I looked at the directions and it shows that somehow the cord for the filter is supposed to not get in the way of the lid, and it just doesn't happen, even though the lid isn't completely on my tank, it still works it just kinda bugs me that my lid doesn't fit. Overall though I love this tank, the filter is so quiet you don't even know it's running, and there is plenty of room for both my bettas on each side of the divider, I would suggest this product to a first time betta owner, it is super easy to handle.