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Ark Naturals Ears All Right by by Ark Naturals

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Product Description

Ark Naturals Ears All Right gently cleans pet ears using natural, premium botanicals to break down and remove dirt, wax, and foreign debris. By removing the areas where bacteria like to grow, Ears All Right helps heal and protect against infection from scratches or insect bites.

  • Gentle, botanical ear-cleaning solution
  • Removes built-up wax, dirt & foreign debris
  • Helps protect against infection from scrapes or bites
  • Made in the USA

Tip: Healthy ears have no smell! If your pet's ears have a noticeable odor, it's time for a clean.

Directions: For dogs and cats 12 weeks and older. For pets with sensitive, inflamed or encrusted ears. Always clean pets ears after swimming and bathing and when pet has been playing in insect ridden area. Never insert swabs or sharp objects into pet’s ears.

  • Initial Use: Squeeze 5 – 10 drops directly into the ear canal. Allow to soak, and then attempt to clean ear with clean cotton ball. Repeat 2 – 3 times a week as needed. Do not use the same cotton ball or swab in each ear.
  • Maintenance: Squeeze onto cotton ball and gently clean and swab ear and ear canal. Clean ear internally and externally. Do not use the same cotton ball or swab in each ear.

Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel (Whole Leaf), Isopropanol USP Glycerine 99.5%, Calendula Extract, Rosemary Extract, Myrrh Extract, Cinnamon Oil.

Inactive Ingredients: De-ionized Water.

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