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Aspen Pet Carrot Plush Toy by by Aspen Pet

  • $5.99
  • (42%)
SKU: A07545
UPC: 723503075459
MPN: 7545
  • $28.99
  • (48%)
SKU: A07545M
UPC: 700256886587
MPN: 07545M
  • $5.99
  • (40%)
SKU: A07528
UPC: 723503075282
MPN: 7528
  • $34.99
  • (48%)
SKU: A07528M
UPC: 700256886570
MPN: 07528M

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Product Description

Aspen Pet Carrot Plush Toy is soft to bite yet tough and durable. The plush carrot toy is designed with an outrageous squeak that will entertain your pet for hours. The Aspen Pet Carrot Plush Toy is made of washable synthetic fabrics.

  • Soft to bite yet tough and durable
  • Features an fun squeak that will entertain your pet for hours
  • Made of washable synthetic fabrics

Very Important - No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dog’s use of toys until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

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Customer Reviews

Hannah, Zion IL on 2019/07/01
Perfect size for my maltese

I'm so glad I found this. We used to have a carrot toy like this for my Maltese dog but had to throw it out when it got too worn. This was such a neat find!

Rod, Shallotte NC on 2016/08/08
One tough Carrot

I purchased a large mix of toys in anticipation of the arrival for my male Bulldog pup. He is 3-1/2 months old now and about 25 lbs and has gone through (destroyed) quite a few play things (Kong inc.). This fuzzy Carrot has remained a regular favorite, it is definitely durable and just the right size. Can't beat the price and of course - veggies are an important part of a balanced diet!

Dani, Jamul CA on 2014/06/18
Magic carrots

These dog carrots are the best dog toy ever! They are like magic. My dog (and any other dog I've got them for) treats them like gold. Every other toy will be chewed up, but they gently carry these carrots around like they are precious. My dog makes sure she carries her carrot to bed and knows exactly where it is every moment of the day. If she's stressed about something, she just looks for her carrot and everything is fine. It's the best purchase I've made.

Karen, Vancouver WA on 2014/03/26
A Favorite!

As with the other reviewers our pet babies (2 dogs) just LOVE their carrots. The first carrot we had was well "loved" and on its last leg. I was ecstatic when I found these and at an excellent price too! I ordered 2 packs just to be sure we don't run out.

Rosalie, Spokane WA on 2013/10/03
Great toy, Right price

Great little squeaker for the little ones. Price is great too! thanks

Tera, St. Louis MO on 2013/08/26
All of my dogs' favorite toy!!

I had three min pins that LOVED these carrots! I had to keep ordering more over the years because they played with them so much! We even named the toy "Bob"! We'd tell them to "go get Bob" and they'd run silly to get him. Too funny. I have a new dog now and he loves the toy, too. HIGHLY recommended! Great shape for them to chew on and find the squeaker while holding it down to work on it and for tug of war between two smaller dogs.

Elise, Cabot AR on 2012/09/20
Loves it

For some reason my dog just loves this little carrot. He likes to bat it around and make it squak, and he's a heavy chewer and so far it has held up!

Megan, Wilmington NC on 2012/08/14
Loved it

My puppy had one when we got her but she had loved it so much we decided to get another when we found out we had to order it we found Pet Mountain and ordered 6 because they were such a great price. We got them and put them all on her bed and called her in to the room. She was so excited she did not know what to do or which one to chew after she picked one we put the rest away and are saving them so she will always have one.

Luther, Beaumont TX on 2011/04/01
Great toy

Dogs favorite toy but very hard to find, other dog destroyed last one we had. Now she's happy again.

Pam, Augusta ME on 2011/01/05
Every dogs favorite toy!

These carrots have been my dog's favorite toy his whole life. We usually have several laying around the house. I sent some to my sister's springers and she says the carrots are their favorite too.