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Aspen Pet Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy by Aspen Pet

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Aspen Pet Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy Description

Aspen Pet Plush Hedgehog Toys feature a classic design thats remained a favorite for dogs of all ages and sizes. These soft, huggable dog toys include squeakers inside for extra fun. Every dog needs a hedgehog!

  • Fun toy for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Great for cuddling and shaking
  • Built-in squeaker

Very Important - No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise your dogs use of toys until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision.

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Aspen Pet Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Barbara, Farmington Hills MI on 2018/04/19
Aspen Hedgehog

Thank you for shipping so quickly! A great one-stop way to replenish the hedgehog inventory. :-)

Con, Nashville TN on 2014/09/03
Spaniels love this toy

CKC Spaniels love chasing this toy and when they bring it back I throw another one. Fun game and they get some exercise. They love them so much I brought them some more. Good price and not as easy to tear up as some others I have purchased.

Nancy, Yorba Linda CA on 2014/05/21
The Labs Absolute Favorite!

The medium sized hedgehog has been Maverick's favorite thing in the world since he was tiny! Every night when things are "powering down" he will get on the couch and "suck his thumb" with "the HOG" until he falls sound asleep......we call it "IN THE HOG ZONE". Thank you for tremendous prices, which allows me to stock up well! His sister, Eliana will steal it just to torment him!

Karen, Vancouver WA on 2014/03/26
Furry little thing

This little guy is one that goes everywhere with one of my doggies. He loves to chew and slobber on him!

Wally, Roanoke VA on 2013/01/01
Always happy with Pet Mountain

Pet Mountain carries a particular brand of stuffed hedgehog that my dog LOVES! The shipping is very fast, and the toys are pretty durable for a plush dog toy. Thank you very much Pet Mountain!

Em, Brooklyn NY on 2011/10/05
dog loves it

My dog keeps it on the bed close to him. He really seems to like it. He bites into the fur but not in a destructive way.

Ckim, Silver Spring MD on 2011/02/08
Our dog loves this!

Our dog doesn't tear this hedgehog apart and treats it like his little friend.

Alan, El Cajon CA on 2010/09/01
Zoes only toy

This is the only toy that our poodle mix will play with. She sits for hours with the toy in her jaws gnawing on it. It starts to smell after a while so we have to keep a small supply on hand. It is her security blanket.

Sheryl, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/06/11
Didnt last long

My dog had the stuffing out of the hedgehog the same day I gave it to her. I would not recommend this for aggressive chewers.

Sarah , Show Low AZ on 2010/03/31
Didnt last!

My dog had this toy destroyed within an hour.

Becky, Phoenix AZ on 2010/03/01
Great Toy!

My dog usually has his plush toys chewed up with the stuffing is all over the house in a couple of days but so far he hasn't done that with this hedgehog! He loves it. We play fetch with it and "make it squeak". This is a great toy!

Chicken Nugget, Seattle WA on 2008/02/19
Durable squeaker toy, perfect for chewers

My dog loves anything that squeaks but this hedgehog toy lasted way longer than his other squeakers. A good size and soft chew toy makes it one of my Dachshund's favorite!

Lynn, Pembroke Pines FL on 2007/06/07
Poodles favorite toy

Ginger has always loved her hedgehog toy so when I saw one at Pet Mountain, I had to order it. It's plump and furry and she loves it. She also likes the sound it makes when she bites into it. Luckily I bought two because her boyfriend, a hotdog named Nate, loves it too. Can't wait to present it to him tonight.

Barbara, Richmond VA on 2007/04/25
My dogs favorite toy!

My lab loves the large hedgehog toy. Most of his soft toys make squeaky noises, but this one makes a soft snuffling noise that drives him crazy. He usually breaks the noisemaker after a while, but he'll still pick this toy out of all the others and try to get it to make its unique sound. This purchase is a replacement for one of the broken ones, and he's thrilled to have a working hedgehog again!