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Bags on Board Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags by Bags on Board

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UPC: 632039102006
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Bags on Board Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags Description

Bags on Board Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags make it easy to keep your grass, sidewalk, or patio clear of dog poop, without ever getting your hands dirty! These extra thick bags will hold any mess and are guaranteed to be 100% leak-proof.

  • Strong, durable and guaranteed leak-proof
  • Makes picking up pet waste fast, easy and clean
  • Refills for all Bags on Board Dispensers

These refill bags will fit into any Bags on Board Dispenser, so theres never a need to purchase another one!

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Bags on Board Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags Customer Reviews

Angela, Edison NJ on 2013/12/18
Help the environment!

These bags are great and made of durable biodegradable material. They are also very easy to open up. Highly recommend. *Regular plastic shopping bags are NOT biodegradable and should not be used for picking up dog poo! Pls make a conscious effort to switch over :)

Joyce, Richlands NC on 2013/11/16
I love this product!

I ordered some "pooper scooper bags" for when I take my Siberian Husky for a walk. I love them. Easy cleanup and easy to carry. Cannot do without them when I walk my dog. Good for the environment also.

Darcy, Lemars LA on 2013/09/21

I love these bags. My dog is not real big so the baggies don't have to be so long. More fit on a roll. And they are biodegradable. What a plus. I will continue to use these!

Angela , Bronx NY on 2013/06/18

Great price and great product. Must get if you are just learning how to cut your dogs nails.

Angela , Bronx NY on 2013/06/18

The bags are great! Awesome price and they are perfect. I love them.

Brittany, Orlando FL on 2013/02/01

I have never had an issue with these bags. They never rip or break, and they work for both mine and my husband's hand sizes.

Lvmydog, Portland OR on 2011/04/27
Great item

They tear easily from one another, but don't tear when picking up "you know what".

Keisha, Nanuet NY on 2010/01/06
These make life a little eaiser

These bags are the best and very easy to use, the only problem is when you get to the end of the roll

Elaine, Orange CA on 2010/01/05
Exactly as ordered.

Bags are small and compact. I bought them from a recommendation. Exactly what I needed.

Jean, Redlands CA on 2009/02/25
Bags On Board Refills

These biodegradable bags work just great! They fit nicely into the leash attachments for carrying these bags. They keep everyone's environment cleaner and don't leave a stinky mess on anyone's lawn or sidewalk. This is a great way to be a good neighbor. The bags do leave a slight poo odor on my hand so I put on a plastic glove before scooping up with the bag. I can reuse the glove since nothing gets on it.

Al, Warminster PA on 2007/07/04
Great Item

These bags are perfect and convenient to take on walks. I never forget to take the clean-up bag anymore.

Maya, New York NY on 2007/01/08
Never be with out a poop bag again

Great product! They are so easy to use and fit into most dispensers, even the cute ones shaped as bones. And for the eco conscious folks they are 100% biodegradeable! I couln't ask for more!