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Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Muzzle for Dogs by Company of Animals

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Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Muzzle for Dogs Description

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzles provide safe, adaptable restraint that maintains the dogs comfort while ensuring human safety. These unique muzzles are flexible to fit dogs with wider noses, and even allow dogs to eat while the muzzle is on. Each Baskerville Muzzle features adjustable, ergonomic safety straps and secure buckles for your peace of mind.

  • Flexible muzzles allow eating and suit dogs with wider noses
  • Ergonomic safety straps feature 2 additional points of secure attachment
  • Made from strong, malleable thermo plastic rubber (TPR) to fit any dog

Designed in the UK by world-renowned dog trainer Dr. Roger Mugford, Baskerville Ultra Muzzles take every consideration into account. The muzzles TPR construction is easy to adapt to your dogs head: just warm in hot water then cool in cold water to mould to fit any dogs muzzle.

Additional Features: Loop for attaching to regular collar; optional, removable over-head safety strap; secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing; fully adjustable, quick and easy to fit.

Sizing Instructions: Using a soft measuring tape, measure the length of your dogs snout from the end of his nose to the point where the snout starts to slope upwards to the eyes as shown in the drawing below. Then, measure around the widest part of your dogs snout while his mouth is closed. If your measurements do not match the dog weight and breed recommendations please measure again to ensure you select the best Baskerville muzzle for your dog.

Size 1: Dogs 10-15 lbs (Nose Circumference 8.6")
Size 2: Dogs 12-25 lbs (Nose Circumference 10.5")
Size 3: Dogs 25-45 lbs (Nose Circumference 11")
Size 4: Dogs 40-65 lbs (Nose Circumference 12.3")
Size 5: Dogs 60-90 lbs (Nose Circumference 13.7")
Size 6: Dogs 80-150 lbs (Nose Circumference 16")

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Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra Muzzle for Dogs Customer Reviews

Jerry, Olympia WA on 2015/05/21
Very good product

The Baskerville Ultra muzzle training was easy. A couple of days tempting with small treats or peanut butter inside the muzzle and the dog wanted to stick his nose inside. When it was important to use the muzzle next trip to the vet it was quick to secure. It seems comfortable on the dog. Important that the dog can drink wearing the muzzle.