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Blue Life Red Slime Control Rx by by Blue Life

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Product Description

Blue Life Red Slime Control by Blue Life USA will quickly and safely remove the red slime (Cyano bacteria) from your aquarium without harming any of its inhabitants. In addition, unlike some other products, Red Slime Control will not discolor your aquarium’s water.

  • Reef safe
  • Quick and effective
  • Will not discolor water
  • Veterinarian approvd

Red Slime Control is safe for all types of Saltwater Aquariums and will not harm any of your fish, corals or other reef invertebrates. Take control of Red Slime before it takes control of your aquarium! This package will treat 400 gallons (1514 liters).

For best results, siphon out as much red slime algae as possible from your aquarium. Remove a cup of water from your aquarium. Mix 1 level scoop of Red Slime Control in the cup for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of water in your aquarium. Dissolve thoroughly and pour solution into the aquarium. In rare cases when there is still live red slime remaining after 5 days, perform a 25% water change and repeat dosage.

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Customer Reviews

Chris Cossentino, Browns Mills NJ on 2014/04/02
Blue Life Red Slime Control

This stuff worked great on a red slime issue I could not seem to cure. Got rid of it all in 2 days by following the directions on the box. Mine did not come with the required measuring scoop but a email to Blue Life and they rushed one out to me. They even followed up to make sure I received it. Great company and product!

Justin, Rochester Hills MI on 2012/12/06
Didnt work for me...

I followed the directions as exactly stated but unfortunately the stuff just didn't work for me the way that it was supposed to.

Eric, Salt Lake City UT on 2010/12/27
Red Slime Control

I love this product - it works when nothing else will. My local fish store stopped selling it - glad I found it here.

Greg, Vail AZ on 2010/12/16
Excellent product

This product worked exactly as advertised. Having tried a different product on red slime and having dosed twice a day for two weeks, I was getting frustrated. I ordered and tried this product and saw results in three days! The red slime was all dead in five. Highly recommend this. I will not dread the slime ever again, I have it's number now!!