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Blue Ribbon Natural Malaysian Driftwood by by Blue Ribbon Pet

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Product Description

Blue Ribbon Natural Malaysian Driftwood is an ideal decoration for all terrarium & aquarium environments. These beautiful natural driftwood pieces SINK and do not require weights to remain seated at the bottom of your aquarium.

  • Authentic natural Malaysian driftwood
  • Self-sinking, requires no weights to keep down
  • Great decoration for aquariums & terrariums

Tip: Rinse and keep submerged in fresh water (separate from your aquarium) for 2-3 days before use. This will help prevent discoloration of your aquarium water.

Sizing Reference:

  • Small - Smaller arches & thin diameter.
  • Medium - Moderate arches & average diameter.
  • Large - Broad arches & thick diameter with prominent knobs.

NOTE: Malaysian Driftwood varies in size because it is a natural item. If the item is not up to your expectations you are responsible for shipping the item back to us.

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Kevin, Chesterton IN on 02-17-2018

It looks good in my tank the baby fish and the ghost shrimp went right to it for cover. I wish I could find a bigger piece but I am happy with this Malaysian Driftwood for the price!

Jesse, Minneapolis MN on 08-22-2016
Big piece!

The piece of wood is very nice. Nice root system and good size for a 55 gal tank.

Lenore, Boston MA on 05-03-2016
Better than I expected!

Sunk immediately, driftwood was bigger than I thought it would be!!! Price was perfect.

Lauren, Draper UT on 01-27-2016
Smaller than I thought

When I opened my package I expected to find a much larger piece of driftwood. I ordered the smallest piece of driftwood available thinking it would be towards the larger size, but turns out it was only 9.5" across. It is also in a strange triangle shape, but I'm not going to complain too much because it is natural driftwood. Just be sure to measure you tank before you select a size! I will be purchasing another one soon.

Ashley, Little Rock AR on 01-10-2016
Right at 20 in.

I purchased a large and it was right at 20 inches. Was hoping for one bigger, but it will do.

Jon, Eldon MO on 12-01-2015

Purchased med and large and both were nice. Not much soaking needed to remove most tannin. They will look good in aquarium.

Mike, Fresno CA on 10-01-2015
Nice pieces

Ordered 2 of the small size and both were interesting not like the blocks at the local pet stores. Even with shipping they were half the price that I found locally. Both pieces sank upon being placed in tank. They do cause a light brown tint to the water (which I don't mind) so if you like crystal clear water you should soak them to remove some the tannins before placing in tank.

Ryan, Watertown CT on 08-06-2015
Perfect for my needs

I used this in a 55 gal aquarium along with a small piece of driftwood I also bought here and they work very well together. The piece I got has a nice curve and is about half the length of my tank and that is what I wanted so it works good for me.

Timothy, San Diego CA on 01-13-2015

The wood is a lot cheaper than in local pet stores but you have to soak it in water for a couple of weeks like any other wood.

Mel, San Diego CA on 01-10-2015

I got a great piece of driftwood that not only looked good, but as it had an arc I use it as a cave. It's also a pretty thick piece (about 3-4 inches thick) and I got the smallest piece of driftwood; it's about 8 inches in length. It should be put in a bucket for at least a day to get rid of the tannins and they did say so in the instructions. Judging by the fact that it was only a day they must have cured beforehand a bit.

Mike, Goose Creek SC on 01-10-2015
Nice piece

Received the order very fast. The driftwood was as good as I'd hoped and priced very well. Will fit in nicely with the other pieces.

Brett, Auburn PA on 11-10-2014

Just got my driftwood set and I couldnt be happier.

Jeffrey, Durham NC on 05-06-2014
Generously sized and crazy inexpensive

I underestimated the size of these items and bought three for my 5 gal. Only one would fit with my plant and another small bad, but I'll hang onto the other two for possible later use. I've seen very similar items for upwards of $70 a pop (no kidding!). Absolutely natural, very attractive pieces that sank to the bottom immediately. Highest recommendation.

Jonathan, Omaha NE on 03-22-2014
Looks good

Ordered the medium size because I was worried I would get a huge log that wouldn't fit. The piece I got was very nice especially for the price.

Nat, Chicago IL on 02-12-2014
Great price

I have a 55 gallon tank with multiple plecos that all depend on some driftwood in their diet. Needless to say this can become a very expensive "food" source if you get the driftwood from a local pet store, especially the way my panaque goes through it! She only likes the Malaysian, won't touch grape or Mopani. The driftwood is decent quality, nicely dense and great value. Not this isn't something that would be a focal point in your tank, but if you need something for your ravenous plecos, or some accent driftwood maybe to attach some moss or Java ferns to, this is what you are looking for at a price that cannot be beat! Hands down I will come here for all of my Malaysian driftwood.

David, Queen Creek AZ on 01-21-2014
Beautiful and affordable

Ordered driftwood for my fish aquarium. I received a beautiful piece of wood for my aquarium, which is now the center piece of my tank! Price was great as I could not locate anything as affordable at local pet shops.

Natalia Podunavac, Grayslake IL on 09-30-2013
Decent value

I was flabbergasted at the prices for the driftwood. Pieces like these in the stores started at $27.99 and swiftly rose from there to the $90 range. I decided to give it a try and purchased 2 of the small pieces of driftwood for my tank upgrade. When I received the pieces I understood the prices. Although they are nice size, they do not have the density of the driftwood pieces in the store, and I could even see through one of the pieces, and many fibers were ready to be pulled off at the slightest snag. These will do for the short run, and my driftwood eating plecos will have a snack until I get the nerve to drop $27.99 (or more) for a piece that is slightly similar to one online for $5.99. Nice for decor, but not the best if you are feeding plecos. Won't stop me from giving the larger ones a try when these are eaten up!

Natalia, Grayslake IL on 09-24-2013
Decent, but not lacking

Was amazed at the price, however when I got the items I realized that they were very light and I may have payed more in the store, but I would have gotten a more solid piece of wood for my driftwood eating pleco.

Raymond, Hot Springs AR on 05-27-2013
Great size/style/quality driftwood

Petmountain sent me a great piece of their driftwood. Been apprehensive about this because I've seen stores with poor looking pieces and you can't pick when ordering online most times. I am very pleased with what I got from Petmountain.

Mark, Lincoln NE on 03-17-2013

I bought a medium sized piece. Nice looking piece about 12" X 9"H. Looks good, can't complain.

Renata, Bonita Springs FL on 07-20-2012
Great wood product

Loved the 2 pieces I ordered. Both interesting and just what I needed. The wood was delivered very quickly and quality was excellent. I would order from you again.

John, Ada MI on 05-24-2012
Smaller than expected

I have a 75 gal tank and I ordered a medium and large. The large was only 14 inches, less than I anticipated. The wood o/w has good form, with arches and cavities. Price sounds good but consider the extra shipping charges! Guess that's what happens buying sight unseen.

Bree, Hadley MI on 11-25-2011

this wood is awesome, cheaper than the other two, and beautiful, mine is a very dakr brown wa diffrent than pic, but is beautiful, beware this has lots of tannins , so soak it for two weeks, then let your fish enjoy it! =] over all a five star!!!!!!!

Katelyn, Pittston ME on 05-29-2011
Good Price!

I have had my Natural Malaysian Driftwood in my tanks for about a year and a half and I love them. I had wanted something natural in my fish and turtle tanks for a long time but could not see spending what the pet store wanted for them and then I found Pet Mountain. They definitely have THE best prices around. When I got them I just rinsed them off in the sink to get any debris that would cloud my water up and stuck them in my tank. They leach a lot of tannins however so if you don't like the look of yellowish water you may want to boil or soak them out.

Jason, Arlington TX on 05-04-2011
I was very happy with it.

The drift wood arrived in great shape and the time it took to arrive was was very quick. Thanks!

Michelle, Quakertown PA on 03-23-2011
LOVED IT!!!!!!

This was a fantastic piece of driftwood, way better then what we saw in the store. It really does sink right away and it has stayed in the same spot we put it. It was a great size, we weren't sure what we would get but it turned out to be great plan to buy another smaller piece later! I would surely have paid $50 in the store for this! I love it and recommend it to all our friends!

Aaron, Carol Stream IL on 02-16-2011
A Good Overall Purchase

A bit smaller than I anticipated. The two pieces I ordered are pretty nice looking though. Overall I am happy with my purchase. If I were to have gone to my local fish store I would have spent twice as much on these pieces. Would order again.

D, Queen Creek A on 08-03-2010

Up to 26 inches... but really 19 inches which would qualify it for medium sized... OK but smaller than expected and not much form to it... pretty much as straight piece. I'd say it wasn't worth the $.

Sara, New Orleans LA on 03-10-2010
Very Nice

Product matched description, my bearded dragon loves basking on his new driftwood!

Brandon, New Orleans LA on 10-24-2007
Good for reptiles

My dragon, Naga, loves his driftwood. It provides him with a basking spot and security of not being on the ground where (in the wild) predator could eat him..

Grgh, Sanfransisco CA on 10-19-2007

Very good looking piece of wood against a black background!!!