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Booda Soft Bite Turbo Disc Flying Toy Assorted Colors by Booda

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Booda Soft Bite Turbo Disc Flying Toy Assorted Colors Description

The Booda Soft Bite TurboDisc is truly the next generation of flying toys for your pet because it is made with dual reinforced Bite Zones and has a flexible edge that is soft on your dogs mouth. Its lightweight design makes it easy to throw and floatable on water.

  • Easy on the teeth and gums
  • Superior flight and floats in water
  • Center hole for easy pick up

The modern airfoil design produces superior flight, accuracy and distance and the open-center is designed for easy pick up for your dog.

Dimensions: 10" Diameter

Note: Ships in assorted colors. Let us pick a color for you!

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Booda Soft Bite Turbo Disc Flying Toy Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Claudia, Grand Island NY on 2018/03/07
Quality disc

Great product; value. Shelby loves it!

Melody, Rockledge FL on 2015/11/02
Last a long time

I have a German Shepherd and a Boxer who love Frisbees. The only bad thing they do not last and gone in a week. This Turbo Disk is the longest lasting flying disk that has ever lasted a long time with my dogs! Even if I forget to bring it in and they rough house with it outside. It even floats in our pool. It isn't chew proof of course, so don't forget your dogs have it!

Ml, Brattleboro VT on 2015/06/24
Dogs love it, but chews easily

We have two dogs who like to chew and love to chase. This frisbee and squeaker tennis balls are the only things they'll bring back. The plastic in between the ribs is very thin, and gets punctured by the 3rd or 4th time we play with it. Then it's very easy to rip big holes in it. Luckily it will still fly with the holes, though not very far. We play with it 2-3 times a day and have several back ups, since they land in trees and on the garage roof. If they only came with laser aiming capabilities...

Pam, New Braunfels TX on 2015/06/10
Love this frisbee

My dog goes crazy over these frisbees. He could smell the package before I even opened it and was so happy! Getting a new one made an amazing difference in his catching ability which makes him so proud! I think this site does a fabulous job with quick shipping and the best pricing.

Fred, Worcester MA on 2014/12/26
Turbo disc rocks

These Turbo Discs are excellent. They fly well, are soft enough not to hurt a medium sized dog, and durable enough to last a while. They do float, but not all that well. If you sink one in the pool it takes a full minute to come up. The hole in the center is key, it makes it much easier to pick up than a traditional Frisbee. Our lab mix loves these things more than any other toy, well worth the ten bucks even if I have to buy a few per year.

Ed, Cape Cod MA on 2013/03/21
Not quite perfect but close

This "frisbee-like" toy is one of the best I have tried. The cloth and soft ring and most of the soft plastics get chewed apart by my pup. The tougher ones seem to share the characteristic of being heavy and that is the case with this one too. The hole does make it easier for the dog to pick up but he can still have trouble with it. The weight does make it hard to throw and it's flight is not the most stable or distant. Still it is the most serviceable "Frisbee" toy I have used.

Bill, Crown Point NY on 2013/02/23
All she wants...

We bought one for our Corgi, and she loved it. After it was beyond useable anymore...about a year, we bought a couple other Frisbee type toys because we couldn't find another one of these. Our dog obviously didn't like the replacement. This is the only toss and fetch toy she will play with.

Renee, Orland Park IL on 2012/10/12

My Austrialian Cattle Dog LOVES the Booda Turbo Disc. It's the only disc my dog will play with. The others are either too soft or too hard or don't fly well. Local pet stores stopped carrying it so now I rely on Pet Mountain!

Jen, Omaha NE on 2012/06/05
The Duke loves it!

My chocolate lab, The Duke, and all of his furry friends dearly love this frisbee! Because of the hole in the midde it is easy for them to catch and pick up. I am so sorry Booda seems to be fazing them out. I'm thinking of stockpiling a few for future use. This is a great toy!

Sue, Denison TX on 2012/05/23
My dog LOVES it!

This is the only frisbee she will play with and at this price it gives her a solid 3 months worth of play........ She is a 10 month old Aussie/border collie and she loves to tear up her toys so to get 3 months out of this frisbee is AWESOME!

Kate, Willits CA on 2011/07/01
Dad and me

My Dad and me play everyday. I'm a Queensland Blue Healer AKA Australian cattle dog. I need lots of exercise since we don't have cows for me to chase. I love my Booda Turbo, it's the best. Dad always buys several just in case one gets lost or one of my friends takes it home. Have fun, Kate

Boots, Plano IL on 2010/12/07
The best toy ever!

I'm a Golden Retriever who loves to play catch with this Turbo Disc! After catching it I can carry it in my mouth with my nose and eyes in the center. That allows me to see where I'm going plus every once in a while to stop and smell the roses!

Rick, Bristol CT on 2010/09/07
fun for the whole family

The turbo disc flying toy is a cool play toy. The hole in the middle makes it easier to catch for my dog. The disc flies really far and is durable, my dog loves it and so do i! Thanks for a great true flying disc.

George, Cedar Park TX on 2010/07/05
great toy!

Great toy,especially since it floats! It is my border collie's favorite' IF she can't find her Nylabone Frisbee with the bone on top!She is 3 so the "puppy"size that is offered here is too small

Allison, Dickinson TX on 2010/07/01
Only Toy That Lasted!

This frisbee is my dogs favorite toy! First thing he looks for when he goes outside. My boston terrier tears up every toy we buy him but this lasted 2 years. We are buying another one since he finally wore out the old one!

Deena, Wheaton MD on 2010/06/26
Her absolute favorite

I purchased this in Dec. 09, for my 35lb boxer mix. She is extremely strong and a bit rough. This SoftBite Turbo Disc. is fantastic. It has lost its color but is still hanging in there. Highly recommended.

Cheryl, Lima OH on 2010/05/11
Best Dog Toy Ever!

Best fetch toy ever. It is soft and the hole in the middle makes it easy to catch and carry. My dog loves it!