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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite by Boyd Enterprises

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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite Description

Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite features the same powerful filtration media as original Chemi-Pure, but with added ferric oxide to remove phosphates, silicates and red slime (cyano-bacteria) for cleaner, clearer water. It also supports aerobic bacteria growth and removes dissolved organics in all aquarium types.

  • Superior filter media in durable nylon bag
  • Now with ferric oxide to remove phosphates and silicates
  • For freshwater, marine and reef aquariums

Chemi-Pure Elites unique formulation enhances aquarium health and supports longer fish life. It helps eliminate foul odors, removes toxic elements such as copper and phenol, has a safe pH range, reduces water changes and causes no osmotic shock or ion antagonism. It increases appetites of all fish species with no acclimation time, supporting healthy metabolism.

Directions: Use 1 Full Unit for 40 gallons, 2 Full Units for 40-100 gallons and 1 extra Full Unit for every additional 25 gallons. Replace bags every 4-6 months for maximum effectiveness.

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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite Customer Reviews

Carolyn, Oak Ridge TN on 2015/06/30
Cheap price!

This price is unbeatable. Saved me a trip to another city to buy at a higher price. Delivered free. How can you beat that!

Tony, Oak Park IL on 2014/11/15
Seems to work

The only problem I have with any carbon based stuff is that it never comes clean. You can rise this stuff under running water and it will continue to dump black crap. You think in this day and age we would make a product that doesn't do this.

Nick , Prestonsburg KY on 2014/04/17
Tank Saver

My tank couldn't make it without it

Shawn, Green Bay WI on 2013/08/06
Just Perfect :)

I bought two of these and placed them both in my Marine Aquarium Fluval 306 Canister! I will never use any other product my water perimeters are perfect as well as the glass like water.

Mark, Lincoln NE on 2013/03/25
Great stuff

Incredible stuff. After 2 weeks water clarity is great. I didn't have bad water to begin with, but after 2 weeks its HD for aquarium water. Had a slight slicate problem. Was getting brown algae. Two weeks later algae in check and water clarity is really clear.

Justin, Rochester Hills MI on 2012/12/06
Its good.

Chemi-Pure has yet to let me down, works good as always.

Gustavo, Visalia CA on 2012/12/01
Filter Media Bad Included

I bought a media bag thinking I would need it. At least I have a bag for future uses.... I liking the product, but I just started so I can't say much about it...

Jon, Granada Hills CA on 2011/02/16
Super Cleaner

Use this in all my tanks. The elite is great for removing sludge and high levels of phosphate in Marine systems. Great in the sump or back chamber of a Nano tank!

Annmarie, Cape Coral FL on 2010/07/04
Works great!

I use this product in my phosphate reactor, on a 75g reef tank. It's a big help in keeping the water stable, I'd highly recommend it!

J, Orlando FL on 2010/06/30
chemi pure elite

love this stuff works great and last for about 6 months

Johnny, Phoenix AZ on 2010/04/28
Chemi Pure products are state of the art

beats just using carbon product...make sure you rinse it thoroughly with each filter maintenance you do and it will last even longer than 4-6 months. Recommended!

Slm, New York NY on 2009/10/08
Excellent product

I have 45 years experience, and as a child did not need (nor were they available) such products because the water was so pure. But today and in my area - NYC midtown - the water is horrific, and I filter through shower head (for self and fish) and then pre-age and filter in huge garbage tub. This product eliminates the heavy metals, gasses and other toxins and esp needed when pipe digging is going on. I and the local pet store had a catastrophic almost immediate crash and fish loss (fish I'd had for years) (their entire store of tanks) as we both did water changes as the block nearby was doing water pipe work and released who knows what into the system. Also, when it rains heavily the sewage backs up into the municipal water system - I now rely heavily on these products to make sure my fish are safe from these hazards.