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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Green by Boyd Enterprises

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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Green Description

Boyd Chemi-Pure Green is a premium activated carbon specially formulated for freshwater planted aquariums. High-grade ion-exchange resins maintain healthy water balance while the carbon filter media keeps your water clean and crystal clear.

  • Premium activated carbon + high-grade ion-exchange resins
  • All-in-one filter media in a nylon bag
  • Superior filtration for freshwater and planted aquariums

Chemi-Pure Green provides a low-dust pelleted carbon filtration media contained in its own nylon bag for easy use. Boyds proprietary carbon formula provides a significant reduction in tannins, odors, toxins, and organic compounds, has very low ash content, and rinses clear quickly. The lab-grade resins contained in this media remove tannins and organics while stabilizing water pH and maintaining healthy micro- and macronutrient levels. The clearer water provided by carbon filtration allows deeper light penetration for increased photosynthesis and healthier plants.

Usage: Lasts 4-6 months.

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