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Carefresh Natural Small Pet Bedding by Carefresh

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SKU: CFR00415
UPC: 066380004151
MPN: L0400

Carefresh Natural Small Pet Bedding Description

Carefresh Natural Small Pet Bedding is the safest and healthiest bedding for your pet. Made with pillowy soft Comfyfluff paper from raw, natural fibers obtained directly at the source, Carefresh Natural bedding is 99% dust free and twice as absorbent as wood shavings, with powerful 10-day odor control to keep your pets habitat clean, dry, and comfortable.

  • ComfyFluff paper provides pillowy softness
  • 10-day odor control keeps habitats fresh
  • 2X more absorbent than standard shavings
  • 99% dust free for a cleaner, healthier home

Carefresh ComfyFluff small pet bedding is made from scratch using natural, sustainable sources. Whether you're creating the perfect home for a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, rat, or mouse, this all natural bedding is designed to meet your needs. Please follow all cleaning and disposal instructions to maintain a healthy pet habitat.

Directions: Apply 1-3" to your pets home. Remove all bedding and wash your pets home with a diluted soap solution once a week. Spot clean on a daily basis to extend time between cleanings.

Disposal: This bedding is biodegradable and compostable. If planning to use in a vegetable garden, please refer to USDA compost guidelines for food safety.

Note: Formerly sold as Carefresh Complete Natural Small Pet Bedding.

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Carefresh Natural Small Pet Bedding Customer Reviews

Melody, Mickleton NJ on 2018/02/15
Convenient and Affordable

It seemed like I was always having to drive to the store to get bedding. I love that I can buy in bulk at a good price, and have it shipped directly to me. The bedding is quality and keeps my pig comfortable. Happy pet happy owner.

Julie, Bridgewater NJ on 2017/12/02
I love this bedding

We have a Mini Rex rabbit and have been using this bedding for years. It has no odor and is not dusty. It really expands when you take it out of the pack and buying in bulk from Pet Mountain is both economical and convenient.

Diane, Elyria OH on 2016/07/12
Carefresh bedding excellent

The bedding is great for my gerbils. They love digging and playing in it. Great prices for the bedding. Definitely will be buying from the company in the future. A+ all around.

Felicia, Brooklyn NY on 2016/05/31
Best bedding ever

This bedding doesn't have as much dust. It's super soft and expands after a while. Making it last long. Petmountain sells it way cheaper than any pet store I go to.

Kimber, Hilliard OH on 2016/03/18
Great Product

I love this paper bedding for my mini-rex rabbit. It has a great scent and is super clean to use - no dust. A little goes a long way and lasts for days before needing to be changed. Can't beat the price with Pet Mountain. I use it in a corner litter box and a 30 liter bag lasts me a long time. I have an indoor free-roaming rabbit that lives on the main floor of our home and I have never had a problem with litterbox odor. Great product.

Debbie , Philadelphia PA on 2016/02/09
Just what I needed!

Ordered 6 of the large rabbit bedding as the price is getting ridiculous and we have four rabbits. We saved almost 10.00 a bag ordering it this way. And shipping was fast.

Stacey , Charleston SC on 2016/01/22
Very Pleased w Purchase

Carefresh is a great quality litter/substrate for small pets. Not harmful at all because it's recycled paper material and very good at controlling odor. Buying Carefresh in bulk is a much more cost effective way to buy than going into pet stores, this saves a lot of $ long term. I also really appreciate the free and very quick shipping, very pleased will definitely re-order in the future!

Jami, Jasper GA on 2016/01/12
Great stuff

My guinea girls like this bedding.It's nice and soft and not a lot is required to keep piggies happy.

Linda, Pittsburgh PA on 2015/11/19
No worries.

I have brought this product several times from Pet Mountain. I love that I can buy it in bulk at the best price. The bedding is non-irritating and keeps my piggies comfortable. I have never had any problems with shipment. It always arrives in a timely manner. It so nice to not worry when I place these orders with Pet Mountain.

Nancy, San Dimas CA on 2015/11/18
Great product

Great product.

Bori69, Garrison NY on 2015/08/19
Great product, unbeatable prices...

I buy this item in bulk for my chinchillas and it's the best. Vets do not recommend any other type of bedding. Long lasting!

Nastassia , Omaha NE on 2015/03/06
Good I Love Carefresh

GOOD: I love Carefresh. Probably my favorite bedding for my rats besides fleece. It is quite a lot of bedding. Cheaper than in store. BAD: it says 60L here bit the bags says something like.. 24L and Expands to 60L. Also while it is cheaper than buying instore at 15$ after shipping its not really. 6.99$. Also i fill tubs that fit in a ferret nation and to fill 2 tubs it takes 1 bag. Overall good price and good product but unless i can get free shipping or a discount i will just get it in store.

Muriel , Aurora CO on 2015/02/21
Alternative Use for Carefresh

Carefresh bedding is mostly used for small rodent type pets, but by using this product I have created indoor plumbing (in garage) for my 2 Chihuahuas. I bought a plastic child's wading pool (44" diameter), covered the bottom with dog potty pads and spread the Carefresh over the top. I don't have to walk the dogs in rainy/snowy weather--just put them in the "potty pool". They appreciate not having to go out into the cold and so do I. I remove the waste several times a day (put in covered container until trash day) and replace the Carefresh as needed. I change the whole setup every 5 days. In my situation, I feel the potty pool is a better alternative to the fake or real grass type of dog elimination setups because my 2 small dogs have more room to circle around and around and find just the "right" spot. This was my first order from PetMountain and I was very pleased that I only paid $15.99 per bag instead of $22.99 (at pet store) and got free shipping. I'll be back for more in the future.

Christina, Fort Worth TX on 2015/01/06

Love the fact that I can dump this stuff (and the bedding, too) into the compost bin! Product serves its purpose!

Christina, Fort Worth TX on 2015/01/06

Love the fact that I can dump this stuff (and the bedding, too) into the compost bin! Product serves its purpose!

Christina, Fort Worth TX on 2015/01/06

Love the fact that I can dump this stuff (and the bedding, too) into the compost bin! Product serves its purpose!

Mary, Baltimore MD on 2014/12/25
Carefresh bedding

Pet Mountain has the best price on CareFresh bedding anywhere.

Thomas, Bloomsburg PA on 2014/12/18
Quality at a discount

Same exact product as at the pet store but $8 cheaper! Good deal!

Pf, Lyndhurst NJ on 2014/11/12
Great deal on this one!

Great deal on this one. My pet ferrets loved this bedding and I do get a very decent amount of bedding for the price. Would definitely recommend this one. A+!

Mary, Placerville CA on 2014/06/06
I love this bedding

I use this bedding as a top covering for my Guinea Pig's cage. I use the granules and natural Fresh Bedding to help absorb and I use less of each. This particular bedding is soft, it can be fluffed up and my Pig loves laying stretched out in her cage, making an indent with her body and a pillow for her head! It's very easy clean up as well.

Bryan, Sacramento CA on 2014/06/05
Delivery was so FAST!

I am always amazed at how quickly our products arrive from PetMountain, always well packed, shipped and delived by UPS which is very polite, we could not ask for more. Tnx Petmountain

Jami, Jasper GA on 2014/02/18
Great bedding!

Our guineas love the bedding. Great price too.

Sarah, Seattle WA on 2014/01/02
Great for cat litter

I use this for cat litter and it is wonderful. It's nontoxic (be sure it's the one designated as "natural") and has little odor of its own. There isn't as much tracking as other litters and it scoops easily. It weighs almost nothing, which makes scooping and refilling the box easy. It's soft for my older cat's feet too. Even though it's good at mitigating odors, I add a handful of natural pine litter pellets too. We're a nontoxic household and this is the best of all the options we've tried.

Sm, Baton Rouge LA on 2014/01/02
Great Product and Value

This was shipped in great packaging! I was happy to know that I got a good deal on Guinea Pig bedding since I change it so often and it is so expensive at the Pet Stores. I will keep buying this product for my two Piggies. Thank you!

Melinda, Long Beach CA on 2013/12/12
Great price/product

Awesome pricing for a much needed small animal item! Thank you Pet Mountain!

Sandi, Cincinnati OH on 2013/12/12
Love it and so do my guineas!

I love the Carefresh Natural, and so do my guinea pigs. Being able to buy in bulk from PetMountain saves me over $9 per bag, compared to the local pet store. If it wasn't for the savings, I wouldn't be able to afford to buy the Carefresh, which my guineas seem to prefer over other litter. Thank you PetMountain!

Ann, Milwaukee WI on 2013/12/05
Best Bedding

I am very impressed with the Carefresh bedding. It absorbs wetness very well and helps keep my guinea pig's cage dry. It is easy to scoop out and replace the wet areas in between full cleanings. Plus it is safe for my little piggy.

Monica, San Jose CA on 2013/11/20
Very Happy

Was very happy, it came so quickly. Neatly packaged and the cheapest I could find online. Will definitely order again! C:

Michael, Bloomington MN on 2013/11/01
I Love It

you guys are the best i got what i asked for next time maybe if you can put it 2 boxes if possible

Aaron, Portland OR on 2013/10/25
Great odor control, very soft, but kind of ugly

This is the cheapest Carefresh paper pulp bedding out there. I have 3 guinea pigs in a 11 square foot cage, and this bedding is soft and provides great odor control. The only draw back is that it's kind of ugly. The new Kaytee paper pulp is cheaper and looks better, so I've switched to that.

Sandi, Cincinnati OH on 2013/10/16
Great Buy!

I was purchasing this product at $22 per bag at my local pet store. At that price, it was hard to keep supporting all the financial needs of owning guinea pigs. I REALLY appreciate the low cost of now buying this product in bulk from Pet Mountain. It is very very reasonable and an excellent product. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a quality small pet bedding.

Melinda, Long Beach CA on 2013/09/26
Great price

Just a great price for this much needed local pet store charges 21.99 for this exact same stuff! I have a great rabbit rescue place to get it from but they're only open on Saturday from 9-12...I work and just can't do! So thanks pet mountain for your great prices and fast shipping!

Eve, Tucson AZ on 2013/09/25
Great buy!

The product is great, the bulk purchase is economical and customer service is fantastic.

Rhonda, Granite Falls WA on 2013/09/06
Works the Best

This is the best small pet bedding I've used for my rabbit's litter box. It absorbs well and neutralizes odors. I only have to remove the soiled portions once a day and add a little more fresh. The 60 liter bag lasts a long time.

Jean, Reno NV on 2013/08/27
Fast Delivery

I ordered a lot of Carefresh and it arrived the next day! Everything was in great condition.

Jeni, Fairfield CT on 2013/06/18

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the great prices for this product! And free shipping! I will never buy from another supplier again!

Von, Binghamton NY on 2013/04/19
Amazing for allergies!

I have allergies to most wood chip bedding like aspen, but this stuff is AMAZING. Odor control is great, too! Can't recommend it enough!

Salomon, Brooklyn NY on 2013/01/02
Great Bedding

Easy to apply. Keeps cage clean and absorbs liquids and smell.

Lynnette, Galesburg IL on 2012/12/26
A good safe bedding

We purchased the natural bedding because you were out of the care free white bedding that we always buy. It has a different texture to it than the white bedding has that we don't care for, but it is a safe bedding for rats and does work well so we will buy it again if you happen to be out of the white bedding. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a safe bedding for their pets that does a pretty good job. We just prefer the white bedding.

Shelly, Lafayette CO on 2012/10/25
The BEST Bedding

I have a guinea pig and just tried carefresh for the first time... LOVE it! So soft and NO SMELL! The only down side is the price! But I ordered it through pet mountain and it is cheaper. I had no problems with shipping. I got it fast and when they said I would. I have used aspen bedding because of the cheap price, but I don't like the smell. Just wish I could get carefresh bedding in a bigger bag and cheaper.

Trina, Mercersburg PA on 2012/08/12
Love this product and Pet Mountain

We love this bedding for our 2 bunnies! Love the prices at Pet Mountain...will continue to buy from you over and over again!

Charlene, Jacksonville FL on 2012/05/10
Baby birds love it

I raise hand fed baby birds for sale, so I go through a lot of care fresh it keeps my babies fresh and clean and odor free.

Hapm, Mesa AZ on 2011/05/15

Product was a known, this website was not. Proved to be as great as the product. Will definitely order from here again. Thanks!

Joann, Milwaukie OR on 2011/03/08
Great Bedding

Great bedding to use for guinea pig. Keeps the smell down. Piggy loves to make a hole to lay in. Better price than can buy locally.

Kathleen, Dublin CA on 2011/02/05
Cheaper and saved a trip to store!

I ordered four huge bags of bedding for our guinea pigs. It was a lot cheaper than any pet store, plus I didn't have to drive to the store and then load up my vehicle. It was delivered - FREE. What took me so long to find you?! I save money and the hassle of driving there and shopping, loading car, unloading! Thank you!

Katie, Cincinnati OH on 2011/01/17
"Wonderful :)"

Okay I got this for my teddy bear hamster named Hershey. She loves the bedding and if you mix it with a wood shaving bedding it works great.She cuddles up in it burrows and so much more.I would recommend this to a friend if I was asked to. :)