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Carefresh White Small Pet Bedding by Carefresh

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Carefresh White Small Pet Bedding Description

Carefresh White Small Pet Bedding is the safest and healthiest bedding for your pet. Made with pillowy soft Comfyfluff paper from raw, natural fibers obtained directly at the source, Carefresh bedding is 99% dust free and twice as absorbent as wood shavings, with powerful 10-day odor control to keep your pets habitat clean, dry, and comfortable.

  • ComfyFluff paper provides pillowy softness
  • 10-day odor control keeps habitats fresh
  • 2X more absorbent than standard shavings
  • 99% dust free for a cleaner, healthier home

Carefresh ComfyFluff small pet bedding is made from scratch using natural, sustainable sources. Whether you're creating the perfect home for a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, rat, or mouse, this all natural bedding is designed to meet your needs. Please follow all cleaning and disposal instructions to maintain a healthy pet habitat.

Directions: Apply 1-3" to your pets home. Remove all bedding and wash your pets home with a diluted soap solution once a week. Spot clean on a daily basis to extend time between cleanings.

Disposal: This bedding is biodegradable and compostable. If planning to use in a vegetable garden, please refer to USDA compost guidelines for food safety.

Note: Formerly sold as Carefresh Complete White Small Pet Bedding.

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Carefresh White Small Pet Bedding Customer Reviews

Kerry, Ephrata WA on 2018/04/10
Probably the best bang for the buck

This is really good bedding. The odor stop really does work. Will be our go-to from now on.

Angel, Bourbonnais IL on 2016/06/01
Best bedding for my Piggie

I've tried other bedding products and I'm very pleased with this one. The white color makes it easy to spot clean, it is soft on his tender feet, and controls odor well. I was buying this in store from a major pet retailer but now buy in bulk from Pet Mountain because of the savings.

Brian, Boca Raton FL on 2016/02/12
Best litter ever!

I can't tell you what a difference this litter makes. There is absolutely no odor whatsoever. There is no dust. It is so much easier to clean than conventional litter. We will never go back!

Kelly, Philadelphia PA on 2014/03/11
Great product!

I had purchased this product before from my local pet store. My husband and I have several pets; mice, hamsters, etc but once we adopted our Guinea pig we realized we needed to look into buying in bulk. This product is a good price and arrived quickly. Not sure how long 6 bags will last us but we'll be ordering again from here. Super convenient!

Aly, Mission KS on 2014/01/12
Ok bedding

This seems to smell quickly but I am still experimenting with the perfect rat betting. The bedding is chunkier than the other paper beddings I have used. My rats do not enjoy it as much but it helps lessen spillage out of the cages.

Denise, Mesa AZ on 2013/04/02
Great price for high quality!

The price is awesome! This is the only bedding I can use for my pigs...I thought I was allergic to them but it turned out to be the bedding. The price is almost 1/2 off our local pet stores price!

Lynnette, Galesburg IL on 2013/01/17

This is the best bedding you can use if you have rats like we do or other small animals. It is practically dust free. When you were out of it I tried the natural bedding and at first I thought it was okay but when cleaning the cages I saw it was full of dust and now one of my rats is sick. I will never buy that one again. We sift the bedding through a screen and the ultra bedding is practically dust free. I highly recommend this bedding to anyone who wants to make sure their pets doesn't end up with a respiratory infection from dust. This is the only bedding I will use. Love it!

Skink, Cleburne TX on 2012/12/12
My bedding of choice!

I LOVE using this for reptiles! The white coloration makes spot cleaning easy, it holds burrows for my snakes and lizards, and it is completely safe! Not dehydrating like aspen, not uncomfortable like chips, poses no danger to clawed toes like reptile carpet, and it is far more attractive than the equally safe but completely unburrowable alternative: paper towels. Just be sure to shake it out first, it's dusty!

Lynnette, Galesburg IL on 2012/11/14
We love this bedding

We have tried several different care fresh bedding products for our pet rats and we have found that the care fresh ultra in the white is the best by far. It looks clean and you can easily tell when it is getting soiled and needs to be changed. It has a good odor control also. We have 9 pet rats and we use a lot of bedding so I feel I have a good idea of which ones are the best. We will always continue to buy this product.

Pf, Biddeford ME on 2012/08/04
Good stuff

Pricey, but worth the money. Works better than any other bedding I have used for guinea pigs.

Julie, Lake Park GA on 2012/06/28
Best bedding made

Care Fresh bedding is the only bedding I use for my ferrets. I prefer the white color because it is easy to see where it is soiled. Clean-up is quick and easy. The ferrets love to tunnel through it. There is no odor, no dust. I highly recommend this.

Gale , Hershey PA on 2011/02/16
Excellent product; I have used it for years.

Description of this product on the website is accurate.